ADSactly Short Stories - The Day After The Day

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Kenneth awoke with a start and jumped off the bed. He looked at the clock on the bedside cupboard, and it was 10 AM. His interview with the Investment Banking Group was supposed to hold at the same time. He must have woken earlier to shower and dress before he slept off again because he was fully dressed, wearing a necktie and shoes. He had no memory of having woken up to shower and dress, but that was not important. He had an interview to get to so he picked up his folder containing his credentials and investment portfolio at Abey Capitals and rushed to the door. His left hand was on the doorknob when he remembered Skippy.

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"Skippy! Hey Skippy, where are you hiding?" he asked as he looked around the living room. There was no sign of Skippy, his four-year-old Siamese cat. He was a gift from his girlfriend, Fiona. He is a constant reminder of his relationship with Fiona. He often forgot that she was now an ex and that this fact made Skippy a parting gift.

The whole building seemed more quiet than usual. He pulled out the cat's plate from under the sofa and placed it close to the window - Skippy's favourite spot, and poured some cat food in it.


He looked at his reflection at the broken mirror hanging on the door as he straightened the knot of his red and blue striped tie, and he was pleased with the young man in the black suit that stared back at him. He was late for the interview, but at least he looked good.

He opened the door and stepped into the passage. His neighbours seemed to have all gone out. The large apartment building was quiet - something he had always wished but had never experienced before. There were none of those biscuit wrappers littered along the passage. His footsteps made clicks on the polished concrete floor, and as he walked, the sound echoed. This is the way he had always wished to have things be, but the silence and the calmness of it all was a little disconcerting.

Iskaba Street was a busy, sprawling urban environment. The roads were usually crammed with traffic made up of mostly rickety tricyclists and taxi drivers. As he stepped out of the building, he was met by a cold gust of air. The weather was surprisingly cold for a June morning. On the street there was something noticeably different; the roads lacked heavy traffic. Here and there, you could see pedestrians walking fast to their business. He was about to hail a taxi when one pulled up in front of him.

Biswarup Ganguly [CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]Source

"Upper East Street?" he asked, smiling. Kenneth looked at him, mildly surprised but pleased that things were working out so well for him that morning. He was a chubby, almost hairless man with a very cheerful disposition. Kenneth opened the passenger door and sat in the vehicle.

"I wonder how you knew where I was going. Have we met before?" Kenneth asked.

"When you know, you know," the driver replied as he engaged the gears and drove down the street. There was none of the usual clutter of traffic caused by tricycles and other public transport vehicles. Usually, the journey to the Upper East Street took about thirty minutes due to heavy traffic by that time of the day, but it took a little less than ten minutes that morning because apart from the traffic being light, all the lights turned green for them at the appropriate time. Kenneth took no notice of this time difference because he was preoccupied with the interview he was about to take. Was he too late? Would he get the job? Would the pay be as good as he expected?

He had worked hard in preparation for the interview. He had done his due diligence on the company, and he even has a little bit of insider information from his friend Luis who told him about the opening in the first place. The taxi pulled up in front of the Investment Banking building and the driver smile knowingly. Kenneth paid him and stepped down from the car.

"Knock them dead, Tiger," the driver said as Kenneth walked away.

"What a strange one," he thought, concerning the driver. He reached the entrance of the building and stood very straight, looked at his image in the reflective glass and walked in. The doorman greeted him with a smile.

"Right this way, Mr Angi, the team is waiting for you," the man said. He was a tall fair-complexioned man, dressed in a navy blue shirt and trousers and wearing an equally dark tie. He motioned Kenneth in the direction of the conference room as he led the way. There did not seem to have been anything else going on in the offices because apart from the receptionist and the doorman, there was no other person in sight. The doorman led Kenneth through a door that led to another passage then they took a right and found themselves facing a big mahogany door which was in clear contrast with the white colour of almost everything else in the offices. The doorman motioned him to walk right in. He did.

The interview panel was a team of six. Four middle-aged men and two ladies that seemed in their early thirties. They each smiled when Kenneth walked in. One of them, a white-haired man, motioned Kenneth to sit in the empty chair left at the conference table. He was made welcome by the man who seemed to be the team lead. He introduced himself as Alf Ockendon. He also mentioned the names of the other members of the team.

The interview was casual and conversational. Kenneth was sure he had the job dead to rights until it was time to discuss remuneration. Kenneth's confidence, bolstered by his performance in the interview, he figured that he should ask for as much as was reasonable so he went for the highest amount he could imagine. None of the people in the room flinched. They all seemed to think that it was a reasonable sum. This made Kenneth uncomfortable because he was prepared for negotiation. Would they still offer him the job or would they let him go on account of him being pricy? He began to sense there was something wrong. He looked at the faces of all the team members, and suddenly they seemed familiar, but they could not be! This was the first time he was meeting them all. His rambling thoughts were dissipated when Alf asked him a question.

"When do you expect you would be available to begin?" he asked.

Kenneth thought about it for a moment. He had been out of work for six months, so he did not mind starting immediately if it was possible. It was the end of the month, so he figured he would ask if he could start the next day.

"Can I start tomorrow?" he asked.

The team members each shook their heads slowly, "No". Kenneth was confused. He searched their faces, and they all seemed sad all of a sudden. He could not understand it, and his heart was beating very fast.

"How about the day after tomorrow?"

The same response came from the six. Kenneth was at the point of panic, so he asked the only question that came to his mind:


"Because tomorrow does not exist here," Alf responded.

More confused than ever before, Kenneth asked, "So how do you differentiate one day from another?"

"We don't. We don't have to. We just have a day after a day," Alf responded as the other five nodded their agreement. Suddenly, Kenneth realised that he knew Alf except his name was not Alf. He was Ufere, his headmaster when he was in primary school. Mr Ufere had died about fifteen years ago. As soon as he was sure of this, Alf faded into the wallpaper of the conference room as if he was never there. He recognised the others too, and they faded away just like Alf until he was all alone in the room.

As he sat there, he tried to remember how he came to be in this room. He traced his thoughts to when he woke up just an hour ago, and he tried to remember how and when he slept the night before. He remembered going to study in an empty classroom in his old primary school block. He recalled the school being empty because they were on vacation. He remembered having an asthma attack and searching for his inhaler but could not find it. He clutched his chest as he experienced the pain and frustration of not being able to breathe.

The office walls and everything within it dissolved, and Kenneth found himself standing over his body still curled up in a fetal position on the floor of the classroom. Somehow, he could no longer associate himself with the mass that lay down there even though it was all so familiar. He was not sure of what else to do when he felt a tap on his right shoulder. It was the doorman again.

"I could see you needed to get that interview thing over and done. Are you ready now?" he asked.

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Kenneth nodded and followed him out of the classroom.

Authored by @greenrun

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Have you read anything by dean Moriarty? @wales has some really good seat hangers :)


I just read.what type author?


Hopefully, steemit will try to come forward with something good in the future


True. Keep it up mate.


Yes absolutely...

One thing is sure, kenneth having an amnesia 😅


You think? :)

strange post

Kenneth having cat named Skippy who was given to him as a gift from his ex-girlfriend was just getting ready for a job interview. But he notices Skippy missing, so he left some food for his cat and left for his interview. When he stepped out of his building he noticed the unusual emptiness on the streets, only few pedestrians and some cars on the road. It was also unusually cold. He took a ride with taxi to get him to his job interview for which he was very well prepared. When he entered the building, the doorman greeted him with a smile pointing him at direction of his job interview. The interview panel was a team of six. They introduced them-self and after the conversation of which Kenneth was certainly confident of, the money came as the next subject. He introduced his price and they surprisingly agreed. Suddenly, after these unusual answers they gave he noticed he knows all of those people. He realized they all are supposed to be deceased. Reading this short story I’m realizing Kenneth is deceased as well and this story is about Kenneth’s spirit, am I wrong? I think there is coming another interview, interview which make the biggest impact of his spiritual existence “The Judgement Day”.
Anyway, interesting story!


You are right. Thank you for the compliment.

I will be brief - this is an amazing story. I read it "in one go" and got pleasant emotions in the end. The end of the story is really unexpected. From this story, one could make a good film with an unexpected ending. This makes us think about our life. More recently, I wrote a message on the subject of the fact that the realization that sooner or later we die will make our life easier.
It was interesting to realize that the doorman was a "guide". Today's story is that rare occasion when, after reading it, I remained under a pleasant impression. There is something to think about.
Thank you


Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the story.


steemit will try to come forward with something good in the future

I believe this is a dream world kind of like the movie Inception only creepier.The concept of the day after 2mrw from this post in my opinion is not a pleasant one cause amnesia seems to be a constant in this reality.Great post @greenrun and @adsactly


Inception is a great movie, though I can't seem to recall a lot of it now.


Hopefully, steemit will try to come forward with something good in the future

Wow!!!! That was so much fun!!!! The foreshadowing through the story was nice. I think I had it figured out as he walked through the “all white” building. I love the use of descriptive language throughout the story. It’s something I spend a great deal of time working on with my students. I like the ending as well. The doorman was the gatekeeper to heaven? Fun story!!!


I wanted to change the colour of the building, but decided against it as white seem more realistic than other colours here. The doorman is more like a guide sort of. Thank you.

Nice story

Omg! This is creativity in massive display. So he died? OMG!

Meanwhile, I've learned. though it is fiction. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Let's be specific in mentioning days and dates.

Also.. Always give a parting gift to your ex (lolz) so you could be remembered for ever. I won't give a cat anyways.


Parting gifts are nice. Something to remember the other person by :)


Hopefully, steemit will try to come forward with something good in the future

Wow! That was not the ending that I expected but it was very good! I have found myself wondering lately what happens to us after we die and if we see our loved ones on the other side if we leave at a different time from them. It's interesting that your main character in your story had to finish the interview before he was able to leave. I wonder what my unfinished business would be if I were to leave soon. Great story, thanks for sharing!


I think you are not alone on that. A lot of people wonder too. Thank you.


You are most welcome =)


will try to come forward with something good in the future

wow what a story it is,I never expected this kind of story when I was starting to read.its a mind blowing incident.For a moment i thought its a usual story and Kenneth will be recruited by the company.But suddenly the whole story was changed ,great writing.BTW poor Skippy


I feel for Skippy too.


try to come forward with something good in the future

Good read! Also, that photo of people in same lane holds very deep meaning for me. It's so creepy good.

A really Nice story, Not very Short as title said but amazing readable once you start reading you can’t skip from it
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Nice story. The best part I have found of it is the ending where the detachment of the soul is pictured verbaly. Outsatnding.

creative writing skill. Good work. By reading your writing i feel to start writing my self. Its inspire me about writing story. Thanks @greenrun for writing and @adsactly for sharing.

great one post

Im resteem my freinds..

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time keeps turning

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Nice story good job!

like it

Wow, you could tell that something wss off from the start...
I think i still need closure.
Thank you for this story

Your writing is great. I enjoyed it.

Nice story. The best part I have found of it is the ending where the detachment of the soul is pictured verbaly. Outsatnding.images (6).jpeg


a very interesting story, able to get me into the plot of the story. best regards from Novel Ghost Sniper

Very nice.......

Nice !! But, can you imagine the life without competition ?

ah, the dreaded job interview

Ooo I loved that story made me think that it will be us waiting for us, it is well written good ersonajes I liked the end I did not think it would end like this .. success

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Really it is an awesome post. Right?

@adsactly awesome post amd i want to know how i give you witness vote?i voted for you i want to give you witness vote.thanks for sharing your nice story.

First I thought his cat might me the cabdriver, next he might be dreaming... a story full of surprises. I loved reading it.

I think this story is really great and i'm so excited

those memories must surely come back.
nice one there

Lol,wow,just wow,i think my heart skipped a bit,did he die?not the ending inwas expecting,will there be a second part to this story?.

very interesting I always ask myself that question if there will be life after death, if we will find the people we love in that place, very strong your story I have published a similar friend, thanks for sharing!

@adsactly (74), Excellent story. One of the best stories I have seen. How beautiful that comes to me, I was really overjoyed.

El mañana no existe porque no sabemos si morimos hoy. Por otra parte me parece que el subconsciente hizo su jugada.

Great piece of writing.

I enjoyed reading it.

sounds like he was in a dream

Great opening, you definitely grab the readers attention!

Really great story but I love the photography.

The story is cool and the writeup is educative.

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very interesting not suitable for cardiac has much suspense

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Well I don't think I would call that a short story but it was fascinating indeed. Creepy, exciting, touching. I loved that you described details so nicely and the ending was unexpected for sure


Yes, it is pretty awesome.

The story contain a lot of suspense . very strong content..

Mmm...@adsactly ..although it took me nearly 20 minutes to read such a long post from top to bottom...but at the end the story proved wonderful...thankyou for sharing..

A Good One!

What a thriller.. Totally enjoyed the story..

Great story. I was actually so hooked by it that i never realized i was reading the ending already coz i was really wanting to know what's next. lol. Made me think that if it's my time to die, will i ever have an unfinished business of my own too? And also, what could it be..

What a great story, you show the day to day and the everyday in an improbable way looking for expectations that the protagonist does not know.
. Congratulations.
I invite you to visit my latest publication and have your support. Thank you.

This story is "deep!" I never though it was going that way. Good stuff and thumbs up.

good post greetings from Venezuela

Follow you now, very similar to Dean Moriartys work

Well that took a turn not expected....... Good story

I am blown away by the talent of the author. And the ending was just so surprising yet powerful. Filled with so many emotions and strong feelings. This could be a great movie, it definitely holds the reader and keeps them captivated.

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me da mucha tristeza leer esto te sigo

Unpredictable story . keep making classy post


Hopefully, to come forward with something good in the future

Wow!!!! That was so much fun.The best part I have found of it is the ending where the detachment of the soul is pictured verbally.Outstanding.

NICE post

Kindly check out my piece:


This is the best story I read today. It reminds us that our life will soon end and because were too busy about our daily activity we forget about it. We should always tell our love ones how much we love them because we never know when is our last day.


Very strong content. Highly appreciate.

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It's a very suspicious story but didactic too.Moral of it is also good that "tommorow never comes"

Aww, that was a bit sad, though it's not told as one. It's nice, even though I'm not a fan of sombre stories. It had a little suspense and a cool transition into an afterlife type finish. Very telling and soft and enjoyable. Thank you for the experiance!

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The struggle of job seekers @adsactly

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@upvoted @resteem

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I'm new to Steemit, good to see you can even find short stories on here!

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