Leaving Our Mark In Lake Park #4 : Progress 3 FINISHED

in art •  7 months ago

The mural is complete! I hope you all enjoyed coming along the journey from start to finish. We fell short of our goal, but thanks to your help and the help of others contributions we were able to still pay all of our artists. What do you think? Let us know in your comments below. All upvotes will still be going directly to this project and supporting local artists.

(In full disclosure, I will be using upvote bots to increase donations)

To learn more on how to become a part of the project, visit KelseyCares.org. And don’t forget to check out all of the upcoming events at the Brewhouse and The Kelsey Theater. There’s something for everyone!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.09.43 PM.png


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This is a great art. One truly inspires predestrian passing by. You truly has giften hand to make this

Крутые работы! Здорово!

Wow 😮 looks amazing @abrockman thanks for sharing everything again in your posts! Very inspiring!


You are right


I love to draw. But such a big painting on the wall is really wonderful

Wall painting is better than wall vandalism but sad to say that after few days of that wonderful art, vandalism will take place - i hope it will not.

Great post
Your job will determine your site .. Work hard and do not wait for something from people
Thanks for sharing‏..

Interesting .. Damn corruption
And a beautiful from you, well done
Thanks for sharing this with us..

lovely pictures

Only now found about it, have to check it out for sure

nice post


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Wow that looks so cool . Its gigantic. Yeah well said in order to grow this platform we should post our original content. Ok upvoted and resteemed


Thank you! It was a great endeavor… Really appreciate your support!


It is true that this Madma will help us to become citizens.

This looks like a massive project! I always wondered how artists can afford the time and capital costs (paint isn’t cheap!) to develop their skills to this level... 🤔 Thank you for sharing the photos here on Steem @abrockman. I look forward to seeing what else your busy with in the future! 🙂

nice, got skills

God bless on your projects sir, I hope this post will succeed and BTW beautiful arts you've got sir...

Talk about some great artist, this work is amazing. It looks fabulous. Great job. 👍👍 Congratulations 👏


Success Means Nothing If It doesn't hard to get reach & you are an example of it
Congratulation & wish more success in your future

Its overwhelming seeing people like yourself impart and contribute to humanity in such magnitude. Your art is amazing from part 1 to the complete part. God bless and reward you

Unfortunately, the contribution of my country, Iran, to painting on the wall is the only writing of political slogans against the United States and other countries. I hope that one day there will be a place for the growth of artists in this field.
I hope...
Thank you for your great article
upvote you

that looks so cool

The wolfie one is my best part. Always wanted to do graffiti since I was a child but never realy learned how. Great job..
The warehouse Looks more alive...

Wall painting with a message is a very good concept if the whole world accepts this concept and start painting its building with message or some positive quotes than people moving around will atleast vies all positive around him this will bring lot of creativity and positivity in and around us

Vote you is the best

An artist once told me that " A creative adult is a child that survived"

How'd you do that? Like, everything is wonderful! 👏👏👏

Wow. Perfect . Cool . I hope I go there and see it personal . Gigantic. Astonishing . Well done.

Wowww how much money fild out for this event?

Wow, that looks so cool! I love street art!!

Wow - this is amazing! What a project; the scope of it makes it seem impossible to actually accomplish the results you achieved...

Muy Bien trabajo,La Verdad se nota el interés y el esfuerzo ! 👍

Hey @abrockman, this post definitely deserves an upvote! Amazing job, picture and overall I think that it is always such an inspiring thing to see how much effort many steemit users put into their articles which allow to this community to grow every day. I really hope to be able to see this huge art piece one day from reality, although the pictures give a quite good point of what it looks like. As I'm talking about art (which the mural is!) , I wanted to ask where for you the border of murals as art is. Is every king of mural an expression of thoughts and thus an art piece or would you distinguish them? let me know, cheers ;)

Cool 😮😮😮😮😮 work done by you.Great job & keep it up.

The looks great. Must have been fun to do it, and very satisfying to finish it.

This is awesome artwork! Very impressive. I love this new style graffiti. Check out this guy named Scribe that does similar work. May be you guys can collab. Here is some of his work. He's out of KC.

I do not know what to say other than wonderful words

The lady with the white eyes is still my favorite piece! I love it with a passion. This is an amazing community beautification project and I really wish someone would cone do stuff like this in the Fridley MN area for some of the big buildings like the cub foods and other large boring brick buildings... Thank you for posting these!

good painting i will love to know are your creativity comes into this painting nice one i look forward to see more of your painting

Very nice art! I appreciate that someone realy value art like this. In our city people are very old-fashioned and would dislike something like this. Me and my friends did also some painting but it was reported to the police and the city council has decided that has to bo repainted. Sadly. I hope you get just positive feedback on this one. Just continue like this, it’s awesome!

wow nice artwork nice to see color vibrant and exciting

amazing peace of art and nice photography done

My dear friend @abrockman,Looks like a huge project! I am always surprised that artists can afford the time and capital cost. Thank you for sharing pictures at Steam @ Breakman, to develop their skills at this level.

the post is really good

It's beautiful, and made me smile. I do hope it lasts for a long time and that even vandals find it appealing and beautiful enough to leave alone.

I love how the different styles merge together cohesively. I have resteemed this as it inspires me tremendously. Congratulations @abrockman!

Wall painting is better than wall vandalism but sad to say that after few days of that wonderful art, vandalism will take place - i hope it will not.

Looks amazing! This might just be the finest form of art. Great job!

Nice Project. The paintings are wonderful, Special..
Art Is Life..

Nice art keep you posted.

A very valuable project in art, you are a person who loves art and people who appreciate beauty, I really like the paintings you make, keep working and achieve your goals, we always support you. Nice to read your post. Thanks

Wow its really nice project

Hope your projects is successful all arts is amazing

Wow what a big project and great talent. Its really awesome!

Some great paintings there. Will need machines to go that high, so guess the cost was high. Will have to come around some day for pictures. Hope they will be preserved.

it looks so beautiful, I wish it was done like this everywhere.

That was amazing

That was amazing

God bless on your projects sir, I hope this post will succeed and SfS
Super fucking sexy

The artwork on wall is beautiful. You said it right the best way to help ourselves is to have good quality post. Thanks very much for the word of encouragement.

nice article dear @abrockman

Wall painting is better than wall vandalism but sad to say that after few days of that wonderful art, vandalism will take place - i hope it will not.

@brockman That is SUPER COOL!!!!!!!! Have been following the progress. Awesome to see it completed!! :) Congrats! So much passion put into that and a mark made in history!

wuao excelente grafitos muy buenos dibujos y muy buena las fotos.

woow the colors are beautifully coordinated
nice drawing

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The project you are doing is really awesome and inspired. Follow you and look forwards to more wonderful works.

Amazing. love to see them all. thanks for sharing these :)

Wooooooow this is so cool bro. I love it. Great job!!!

yes i will journey there...and i hope is it very good place for refreshment...
thanks for sharing

wow!! it's really a nice post for the traveler . i got lot of inspration from your helpful post. if any traveler see this photo he want to go there. i will try to posting this type of photography.

thank you for the nice insparing post.

omg what a nice drawing..that is just mind blowing drawing..
i will try and i will practise

Massive cool work. Love the colours and the expression in the faces. Digging the work, much love from Malaysia!

awesome , i like it

Wow it is beautiful! I just upvoted your post!!!

Impresionante, saludos desde Venezuela.

I love art, and this is wonderful, it's impressive. I can imagine how much it cost him to do it. Congratulations and we hope you keep improving!

@abrockman this is more than impressive! How many artist did you have working on this? It all flows so beautifully, very inspirational ♡

Especially envious of this handicraft, especially free and easy.

Muy buen mural.

Wow! Amazing paintings! I love it! Great artist you have @abrockman

The vibrancy is amazing, these are truly works of expression. Thanks for allowing a creative spot for these artists to share such breathtaking work @abrockman! Looking forward to more!

This is too great. I pay tribute to the efforts of you!!!

OMG lol i love you work men good post and job XDD

This is too great. I pay tribute to the efforts of you!

That's really cool and the architect is really i donot have word to explain him work

Great work! Glad to see that in some countries its allowed to produce great art, not worrying if it's made on a piece of paper or in a wall! Keep sharing!

nice because the art has less drama but needs more creativity about the concept..

nice because the art has less drama but needs more creativity about the concept..

go ahead, best of luck your journey. I hope you are the success of your hard working @abrockman

Awesome job, congrats! Id love to see a steem logo in there too somewhere :) xx

ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" WOW! It’s amazing job! 👏👏👏

you work is amazing and fabulous ...keep it up bro we will support you