New digital painting in photoshop cc 2018

in art •  8 months ago

i haven't been able to put any of my time into drawing or anything else that i actually like because of my exam. the exam started so suddenly and there's literary no gap between them. In here, tomorrow is friday, so i got a little bit extra time and i thought i would try do paint something.

whenever i see a nice drawing or painting on facebook or insta i take a screenshot of them, so that later on i can try to recreate those drawings in my own style.

Today's painting is one of those kind. i had a screenshot and it looked quite easy so i thought lets go with it.....

Here's the final painting:

screenshot painting.jpg

I realized that i need to learn how to draw eye brows and eye lashes.... i also need to learn about color. for some reason i think i could have made better choices while choosing colors.

i used a few layers and few different blending modes. i also used some texture brushes for the skin texture......
anyway, i took some process shots as usual:

Screenshot (39).png

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (41).png

Screenshot (42).png

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44).png

Screenshot (45).png

Screenshot (46).png

So this was it.
screenshot painting.jpg


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really fun and appreciable how you paint using photoshop tools. i love and enjoy to read your article from A to Z and learn alot from this i hope it will be helpful for newbies to learn how to paint in photoshop


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It's fun to see how you "paint" on your computor. I don't know if I could do that. But with pen and paper I can make it like a photo :) Good post


thank you.... i also think that i am good with pen and paper but i really really want to learn digital painting..... so i am practicing as much as i can.

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I think your work is amazing. I would like to learn to deal with programs like this, but I like more drawing with pencil and oil colors. :)

It gave me the greatest satisfaction to know that your art has reached someone deeply, and to witness that with my own eyes was an unexpected moment of enlightenment. Great work!!

how i envy artists like you...

Something special in her eyes

Thata pretty cool dude! How long did it take you to make it?

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Fantastic! I'm a beginner in Photoshop and still learning the tools and it's function though self study, well I must say I bought a lesson online. But, you're work is great! It motivates me. Thanks for sharing this.

how i wish that i can paint and how to edit as well.


interesting art! love it

The eyes-Sparkling !

Awesome work!

Good job.

Wow, i like the piece but next time try to blend more the black lines if you are going for semi-realism and add a couple more highlights! Keep the good work


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Nicely done. Pick up a drawing tab and a pen and viola, you will have us loving your work even more. A good one

Incredible, I liked the result of this art. I also do "digital art" in photoshop and it is something that totally envelops you and makes your imagination fly. Greetings.


dibujame a mi


question, did you ever had your picture painted by an instagram artist name bluesstan?

재미있군요 이것도 그려주세요...^^

wow! No kidding! Its really awesome

You really got skills! I envy people who have this kind of talent in arts. Kudos!

How creative! You've got the skills man!

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The realism of the piece is what prevails in the work. Good technique.

The quality of the detail is amazing, and the colors are fine, the blue contrasts very well

Hey buddy, what type of drawing tab did u used for the sketch.. I really love the perfection in this work mate


i used a wacom intous tablet..... thank you

Nice, looks like using a hand pencil to draw !! good

Good work dude! It's hard to paint on photoshop but you are talented enough to make this.

increíble, la verdad tienes mucha habilidad para manejar estos instrumentos digitales, yo apenas estoy aprendiendo y me cuesta mucho a aprender a usarlas con eficacia.