Inferno Poll: what will BTC price be at the end of the year?

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Back at the end of 2017, the predictions were outlandish. $50,000, $100,000, $1 million BTC by the end of 2018.

Even when the bear market was well under way, we still saw plenty of predictions for an ATH (all-time high) for bitcoin before the year was out, if not higher – though the six-figure forecasts started to disappear.

At the end of June, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes was still publicly standing by his $50,000 prediction for the end of the year. Around the same time Tom Lee, co-founder and head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors – someone with some track record of success in these matters – reiterated his earlier claim that bitcoin would end the year at $25,000. And in June Tim Draper, who famously purchased a large tranche of bitcoins from the FBI’s raid on the Silk Road during the last bear market in 2014, said he too expected $25,000 by the end of the year – and $250,000 by 2022.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about crypto, it’s that the picture can change in an instant. As the year wears on, however, those predictions of $25,000 are looking less and less likely. (Admittedly, some were predicated on the SEC approving one or more bitcoin ETFs in the near future, and America’s regulators haven’t exactly been racing to make that happen.) But the question remains: What will one bitcoin be worth when midnight on 31 December 2018 rolls around?

With a little over a hundred days to go, we thought we’d hold a poll of our own.

How much do you think BTC will be worth at the end of the year?

Above the ATH

To cast your vote, please use this Google Form. We’ll keep the poll open for a week, after which we will publish the results and the insights we gain from it. Thank you for your participation!


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12000 to 15000
Even when the beer market was going well, we had seen a lot of predictions for a bitcoin before (EAT) for the year (all-time high), if not higher, can not believe that the six images will disappear.
Even when the beer market was going well, we had seen a lot of predictions for a bitcoin before (EAT) for the year (all-time high), if not higher, can not believe that the six images will disappear.


Tell me more about this beer market!


I did not know what you wanted to do


6k-7k I think the global economy will start to slow down and this will affect bitcoin adversely. I'm not planning on a major fluctuation, but I do anticipate the bear market to continue. I believe that it won't be until Q2-Q3 next year before we start to see a considerable rise and a return to the bull market. Hope I'm wrong though and it comes sooner.

We have constant selling pressure from miners and a bear market. Optimistically, I'd say 10k by year's end, 7-8k is more likely.

maybe $8,000–$10,000
don't panic, hodl

5-6K. I suspect the next run up will be when they solve the problems that brought it down in the first place. Maybe by the end of 2020.


First, the market is doomed and this is clear. There is a class of senior officials who rule the electronic market and know very well what will happen at the end of 2018 and the entry of 2019. In my opinion, we will see a rise in the price of formation above the level of signatures, and in 2019 will be a decisive position. Because the current market is witnessing a decline in prices, because of the rulers of the leaders in the purchase and storage of all currencies that deteriorated its market, and then sell after a year .........
Thanks for giving us this valuable information, it's not easy to communicate information to the community, and it's not easy to access these ideas, thank you again for this noble effort, and I'm here with you to support you and do not forget your support for me.

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I think that the price at the end of the year is 20.000 $ ✊


I think these predictions are wishful thinking, i honestly don't think we'll see $20k in 2018 with the way things have went so far, possibly not even in 2019 either with the futures contracts being part of the Bitcoin landscape now. $15k at the most would be my realistic guess for 2018.


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8000-10000$. Don't think that anything like what happened last year will ever happen again to crypto.

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I am predicting $16,000.

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Creo que lo importante es que debemos de actualizarnos, aun mucha gente no tiene idea de lo que son las criptomonedas, ni las wallets, o en general el blokchain, todo apunta a que hoy por hoy la economía como la conocíamos esta cambiando y el que no este actualizado quedara en el rezago económico. Habrá que crearse una cuenta virtual, una wallet y comenzar a trabajar con las criptomonedas, investigar, ver cual es la que tiene mas probabilidades de competir en el mercado y crecer, etc.
Como dicen por ahí, renovarse o morir.
que opinan ustedes? en que es mejor invertir hoy? Litecoin, monero o dogecoin?

It will go above 25k but may come down to the 15-20k range by the end of the year. There has always been a cycle and I don't see that changing any time soon.

8-10k, 1st semester 2019 above this steem ;)

i cant be happy anymore if they hit 12k mark...

I think it increase to first and last time in years .

In my opinion it will go sideways till there will be an etf someday, a gamechanger could be when the Chinese government changed its politics regarding cryptotrading. I think 7k-8k

If we get Crypto ETFs this yeat I m sure we will go $20000+ but I think it is more likely that we will see ETFs at 2019.

I think there predictions are based on the technological changes that are happening in the market.. like facebook being interested in the crypto market might boost cryptos to ATH's

I would say that BTC will go up to it's ATH if not surpass it

I am predicting $13,000.

20k USD easy. Run-up coming when the stock market declines in December 2018.

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Above the ATH!


no way.


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realistically it will be 3k the way things are going.

BTC is a real warrior it will fall and rise again. We have seen such up and down with Bitcoin. Current market situation is not good, but never forget that in year may 2010 BTC value was $0.01 to all time high at the end of the year 2017.

Up and down is the part of cycle of any currency for it's healthy growth, it also happens with Fiat currency. Never forget that bear market condition is a correction time and BTC going through correction phase. Hold your Bitcoin and wait for right time, any price prediction at this stage is uncertain.

I think it will hit 20k or more.
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12k - 15k USD o/

I'd guess around ten thousand dollars, but nobody really knows for sure

This year has been bad for cryotos. They haven't rised since January. Steen specifically has been low.
I wish to see Steen back at $8 at least.

$6k. I don't think it will drop below the $100 billion market cap and I don't expect it to rise either. This will be great for all the people late to the party as it gives us time to accumulate.

Did you hear the news about kucoin's anniversary ?

They are giving some btc rewards since their anniversary have a bit of twist.

Will we see a bull run in this year? that's a problem i guess. @babara20

Difficult to say it depends on when the next bull run starts and that depends on when this bear market ends.

Could be anything from 4k to 75k in my opinion (I know super accurate guess). I can see the future guys, follow my newsletter for $50 a month :P

I think we will have a nice support around the 8500-9000 mark, we will need to hold this line for a while before starting our next run up.