The Butterfly Effect and the Turn of the Universe...Think About It!

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Hi Steemians! How are you all! I hope you all enjoy this post and think about it!

Everything matters. Even the tiniest particle of the minutest manifestation of existence is important in the chain of events that depict and define our universe.

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Imagine that you had a time travel machine. You travel to the past and arrive at the beginning of World War II. You think about the possibility of your unlikely visit. You cannot shake the temptation of killing Adolf Hitler and preventing the death of tens of millions of people. You decide that you will make this sacrifice and kill Hitler to create a better future for all mankind.

You succeed in this endeavor. The Fuhrer is dead and you have essentially prevented World War II from happening. You decide to go back to your own time to see this brave new future that you have created.

When you arrive at the modern-day Europe, you see everything in destruction and ruin. Nuclear weapons have laid devastation to almost every city and there aren’t a lot of human beings left. Those who are left are fighting amongst themselves for survival.

The Butterfly Effect is a theory which indicates that small things can have a non-linear and inexplicable effect on complex systems of cause and effect. Small events and changes serve as catalysts that can cause perplexing and significant changes to the bigger picture of existence.

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For instance, a leaf falls off a tree in front of your eyes. The idea that the leaf might have an impact on your world and its events might seem like a ridiculous idea to you at first, but when you really begin to contemplate the chain of events that have brought the world to this very point, you understand that even the smallest particles have a meaningful presence in existence.

Although that is not to say that we can bend and twist the Butterfly Effect to our advantage. That is a great misconception of the public mind towards this theory. What we CAN understand, is that the butterfly effect can effectively prove the meaningfulness of everything that you are and everything that happens in the world around you.

In the Good Omens, written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, it is said:

“It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.”

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Some of us come to the illusory misconception that our lives do not matter, or however hard we try, we cannot change the future of this world or its people. If applied to philosophy and the greater understanding of existence, you could argue that we have no knowledge of what the future is going to bring or what opportunities are going to come in our way.

If applied to the fundamental laws of nature and science, you could argue that even the tiniest atom in existence has an effect on the world.

The Butterfly Theory, in essence, proves that even the tiniest actions will have greater consequences that may be unimaginable to the limited outlook of the human mind. Starting today, try to realize your potential and the power of change that is stored within you.

So much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white

- William Carlos Williams



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Thank you so much - You can't imagine how much I appreciate finding something meaningful to read. Lately I feel that Steemit has become too much about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and it's all a bit to abstract and complex for me.
"The earth is reflective of the collective consciousness, it reacts to the frequencies and energies we submit. We already are determining the planet’s health but just a small percentage of the population are aware of it, but if we all heighten our consciousness we can make it a healthier planet."

Nothing will see us through the age we're entering but high consciousness, and that comes hard.

I appreciate your leading example regarding Hitler. All of my life I have struggled with the concept of how some people can be so evil as to try to destroy a whole people. Certainly, I would wish that time frame, and all that suffering, could be removed from history. I agree that the evil being erased could not fix society, and the fact that evil continues in the form of other rulers, case in point in Venezuela right now where people starve goes on this second. Evil leaders will continue to flourish, regardless of whether we get rid of one or not.

The butterfly effect is a fascinating Theory. I also watched the movie and looked into it. I don't presume to be able to change the past in anyway, but I hope to affect my future, and the future of them I encounter either in person or through my writing so that my butterfly effect is a positive force to reckon with even after I'm long gone. Thank you for the stimulating topic and I love the poem you selected to end it. Happy Weekend!

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i believe that what happen now will become a huge effect on society even after we death

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Yes! I will never forget the times I have been in darkness, and the smallest thing that someone said to me, the kindest little thing that made me feel like I mattered, pulled me out of it. There are times when all it takes is for someone to listen to save a persons life, little moments of positivity can change entire realities for the better.

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We can get all the kindess as long we give the kindness to other people without expecting anyting

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This reminds me of the movie the butterfly effect. Ashton kutcher plays the lead in it. It's about him going back in time and correcting the mistakes he's made in the past.

Reminds me of chaos theory as well- it goes " a small flutter of a butterfly's wing on one side of the world can lead to a storm on the other side"

Pretty cool article. Keep it up


While I was reading, I also remembered the butterfly effect a lot ... a very good film that explains the theory.


do you mind send me the link

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We all have a power within, a light, an essence capable of transforming the lives of others, the most insignificant thing for you, is the dream of another, the disposition of the heart is the most important, we never think that there is no value in what we do, "The beating of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane in another part of the world" ... With this simple sentence we can summarize what the butterfly effect consists of. Small actions capable of generating great changes, positive or not.
What we do, say or express has a direct impact on those around us, and as a consequence, also on ourselves. Therefore, there are aspects of our behavior that we should attend to and take care of. Only then will we generate positive influences and a harmonious balance where we all benefit.


dont forget , if we have the light in us , there is always devil also live in us

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I remember one time, as I was walking down the street, a lady dropped some papers. When I saw the desperate woman trying to grab all the papers, I stopped to help her. I remember many people passing by without stopping. In the end, she and I picked them all up. She smiled at me and thanked me. Years later, at the city hospital, I arrived with an emergency and there was not the medicine I needed. Out of nowhere a lady appeared and told me that she had two and that she was going to give me one. I thanked her surprised by her gesture and I was more surprised when she told me that she was the woman that I had once helped in the street. Apparently she hadn't forgotten my face! I believe that there are details, no matter how small, that can transform people and the world! Let's try it with the smiles we give, with the favors, with the words. Everything has the power to change! Thank you always for your reflections, @chbartist


Always amazing to see the unexpected effects even one's thoughts and desires seem to have, even a friendly nod passing on a sidewalk can come back with interest years later!


what you give , you ll get back ..

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A little act of kindness can change the wayward heart. A little act of dishonesty can breach the spirit.
Whether it be good or bad, our little actions can change the course of our lives.

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nothing true than the think we do and speak. as we growing old we realize that we can choose yo give good or bad to other people.

But always remember the words of karma. wht you givd you , you will recieve it in the future .

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Yes that's true. They call it the law of sowing and reaping.

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I will write in portuguese:
Favores em cadeia - é assim que chamamos a esse fenómeno. Uma energia que se propaga infinitamente em acções de sinal idêntico.
Como os efeitos se multiplicam, um pequeno gesto gera a reação em cadeia e o bem atinge uma magnitude impensável.
Dizem que 1% da população é quanto basta para estabelecer dado efeito energético nos restantes 90%.
Obrigada pela reflexão e já agora:

Include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!

@chbartist sir!
The droplets fill the pot from the drop. In the same way, every little thing is equally important in our life, as much of the big things. If the elephant is influential then the importance of ant also is not low. Rope rope also marks in stone. Iron rub also gets rubbed by hand. Touch of finger gets the mobile keypad wound up. If small things are not important, then why does this exist in this world? It is in the world that means it is worthwhile to have them. Nature has created every small thing in a meaningful form. Everyone has own importance in their place.

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I've often thought long and hard about time travel. The past would not be a better place I don't think. We tend to think that our current level of technology is always the way it was, but even if you went back 10 years everything would be really unrecognisable and I think you'd have trouble coping with it all, even if you've lived it before.

Imagine, the temptation to tell yourself the outcome of all of your mistakes back then? Or if you went back long enough to invest in Google / Facebook shares at the beginning. Wow.

But I also think it would be interesting to see how far back things like autism went. Has it always been with us and we've only just discovered it? What would people's attitudes be like towards certain things?

Interesting don't you think?


I have always agreed with this. Love the way you depicted it. Have you ever seen the movie?


When I saw the movie, I was speechless the entire day. Then I spent the week reading about Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory. 😁

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Your post is very appropriate to noble purpose you've layout to help give force and dynamic the community of steemit. Each of us is as butterfly flutters and can cause important changes anywhere. Congrats

That is the importance of giving the best of us in each goal we undertake, because if you can create great things with small events like butterfly wings, then we can imagine how many things could be caused by large and powerful events. All the details are important, even the smallest ones are important.

You are on point. When we have made up our minds that our lives dont matter much and that we have nothing to contribute to this world, our minds would ultimately program it and we would hardly have good thought concerning ourselves.

"the only limitations we have are the ones we set up by our minds"

I think qe should always think possitively irrespective of the situation we find ourselves.

Dearest @chbartist, my rep is to tiny, I do not know if I effectively exist!

I leave it to you and your followers to decide whether my recent posts could have any meaningful effect...with so many butterflies around, it must be really exceptional ones that result in storms!

Thanks for your positive attitude!

An act doesn't matter how small it is if it worth then there is no comparison of that act. How small are the things they have their own importance and place (Although killing Hitler is not a small thing LOL) . If we need a needle we can not use sward. So we have to keep this thing in our mind respect everything it doesn't matter if it is big or small.

Regards @ajks

Off course we need to find and grow the potential within us. our future is in our hand we can break or make it.
Keep on sharing kind words and inspirational content.

This is so relevant on our own journey through life as it is the small things we experience that influence our decisions in later years. I was the last born in my family and learned by watching my elder siblings make mistakes and have poor decisions which have influenced my own in life.

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@chbartist, Really important subject you've covered and that is because, many times people think that some aspects of Existence is just like that without any meaning, but in my opinion whatever is happening and whatever we see in this Existence is there with meaning and hold particular role in adding to the ultimate destination. Keep writing and keep spreading the knowledge.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chbartist

This topic is fascinating, many believe that "those little things" have no relevance and do not give the necessary importance. Humanity is accustomed to being carried away by those events that tend to manipulate the masses, leaving aside those little things that end up marking the world. Many want to twist the butterfly effect for their own benefit believing that with this they can change their reality by changing some decisions that were made in the past, without realizing that we ourselves are responsible for transforming our realities with each day that we live on this earthly plane.

I loved that you took the quote written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, both exemplary individuals

Everything has its reason for being in this life, you have the leaf of a tree that falls. and everything, however small, has its consequence. That is why we must ensure that our actions are positive contributions for the hidden effects in this world. Wherever we go, we leave traces, so let's try to make a positive impact in life.


You made a great point in this long write up. I understood that even mosquito in the world plays a part to complete our ecosystem. Even though the bite of this tiny insect can cause the death of people in some parts of Africa and Asia, it is still a part of our existence and ecology.

What a coincidence! Two weeks ago, I took part on a six-hours-long lecture about chaos theory and fractals. The most interesting thing was that that young man did not only spoke about physics and maths, but human aspects, the formation of social chaos We are currently experiencing the evolution of this. Chaos is always followed by a new equilibrium state. I can imagine parallel universes. The future is very plastic, it is up to us to shape it. We have the freedom to choose.

You got an upvote from me for this post.
This is just a small contribution, but I hope it will help you, and the steem community to grow further.

Very motivational!

It's really true that small actions can alter the future in very unexpected ways. That's the beauty of chaotic systems.

Moreover, even if you make small things thinking they don't affect the world, they do affect your perception and thus your reality.


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Worth blowing the mind... :) Loved the way you just elaborated so vast a theory... Hope you'd follow me too, for better communication.

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Greetings, everyone. You've quoted some of my favorite authors in this post. That's cool. I have read most of Gaiman's books and he has certainly crafted some crazy stories departing form the idea that little details can unchain cataclismic events.
Williams's poem is one of the most quoted and least understood pieces in American literature.
My students would complain about poems like those. What can be said/analized about something that simple?
The same can be said about an ant or a rock on the road. And yet, a rock on the road can make a car crash and end the life of valuable people.
Some people joke about the whole Venezuelan tragedy. They say everything could have been averted had some Major League team signed young left-handed pitcher Hugo Chavez when he tried to play pro baseball.

Really interesting concept, little wonder it has been embedded in phrases like:"little drops of water makes a mighty ocean", and " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step".
Its gives me so much satisfaction to know that applying this concept to steemit will make a huge difference in the long term.

Hello friends ,

I believe what happen today is a continues event that happen in our previous time of life. What happen before teach us to become matured and to be prepare for our future.

sometimes what happen to us is difficult and very hard , but trust me , that what happen is just to prepare you to something big. There are nothing in earth happen without a reason but sometimes we dont realise the reason and why it was happen. We even blaming for that happen than received what happen as a blessed .

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Every person have diffrent speciallity.every person(human being,species) are special.because small thing can change the world...

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Interesting theory...

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I have a feeling that chicken and the wheelbarrow will be occupying my mind for a good portion of today. Upvoted and resteemed!
@bitsy :)

I have always loved the butterfly effect only for the positive. I love how even a smile can change someone's day. Thanks for the article. I have come across an effect that I call the Mosquito Effect. Its when I saw a study of the mosquitos male and female. I have been into vibrations and how it can heal the body. The vibrations of both mosquitos are different because of their relative size, the female is heavier than the male because it is the one that bits and carriers blood and so its vibration is lower than the male. But when they come together they vibrate at the same frequency. If we correlate this to the human vibration of two individuals if one is vibrating at a higher level then the other they both with time come to the same vibration. But the dominate vibration is usually the lower vibration and can cause a drop in both their vibration. I don't know of any studies of this with humans but to me it makes sense that if we are not careful when helping someone who is feeling down we must be sure of our high vibration or we can end up in a sense catching what the lower vibration is throwing out to the world. That is why the internet can be very helpful in that if we are down and need encouragement we can tap into someones higher vibration (like a Tony Robins for example) to help raise our vibration and it does not hinder the one who is the higher vibration. I see Steemit as that type of encouragement and I am so glad to find it. Thank you for posting and merry well my friends! Peace, Jerry