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Have you thought of capitulation yet?

I think we may be going towards a capitulation phase.

There are several depiction of what this could look like:


I think the market is about to start capitulation. In many alts this has happened already, but not so for bitcoin.

Have you capitulated yet?

Are you going to?

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take a look at the past 36 hours in ETH. That is what a capitulation actually looks like and one of the first buying signals ETH has had in months. Looking at the chart you will notice that the seller pressed it below 300 and there was zero bounce meaning that it was not done yet. Then everyone who was buying 250+ trying to hold the line was force to puke it up around 165 and then you saw a 30% rip in 24 hours. That is what an intermediate bottom looks like. A long term bottom is formed over days and weeks but this is the best start we have had in the last 6 months

Capitulation is not a option to me. Well crypto market isn t doing that good but there is still a lot of hope. For example Crypto ETF s would add a lot of value to the market with big investors joining the crypto market.

Also think one year back, there have been a lot of successfull ICOs. Well some already failed but there are multiple companys that will take some time untill they get successfull and add value to crypto.

I think (or at least hope) that we are already beyond that point. I think we are in anger, close to depression already. That is the feeling I get from the charts and that is what I hear around me.

I will never capitulate :) I am just buying more in this dip.

I think the price will stay somewhat stable for a few months, and price rise may happen during december. However I think it won´t reach historical max at all, no more than 10 000 $ for Bitcoin and a similar proportional rise for most cryptocurrencies.

Steem may have a higher price increase when Smart Media Tokens star working.

no, no, pienso capitular, sere, paciente y esperare que mejore.

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Hi, it is very likely that the market will start to improve, there are historical facts and graphs that confirm it.
I think the best time to capitulate is this, also if we are patients we can enjoy a great profit for the end of the year.