CUBEGO - Its Time To Register For The Presale - Where, Why, How & More!

in gaming •  7 months ago

Here's an interesting concept: You get to build your own 3d crypto characters AND own the copyrights too!  That's right, you own the full copyrights for every 3d model you build in Cubego.  That's a new online 3d game where you can build any kind of character you want.  Make them fight with other characters to level up.  And even sell your characters for fun and profit!

We're all excitedly awaiting the Cubego Presale in a couple of weeks, on November 24 of this year (2018).  I've seen a lot of ICO's come and go in the past, but this is way more interactive and looks like a lot of fun!  Most ICO's are just whitepaper projects looking to get off the ground.  But Cubego has hit the ground running with its exclusive In-Browser game engine and model editor.

One of the most exciting features of Cubego is that you can make your characters fight other characters, that's how they level up and gain new abilities.  What's even more exciting is that you can sell your leveled-up creations for cryptocurrency (as good as cash).  The creatures you make don't need to look fancy, they can be anything as long as they're unique.  You can even take apart your creations and rebuild them anyway you want.

The best way to get started is to sign up for the Presale.  They'll let you know via email when the presale count-down reaches time for everything to go live so you can start playing.  Please click the link to find out more about Cubego see and how everything works.

And be sure to register for their presale (click the Sign Up / Sign In link on the Cubego website).  Only registered players can use the Cubego Presale.  Registering will give you the opportunity to collect the limited Legendary, Epic and Rare Cubegoes so you can get started building your own powerful characters and squads for combat!

Registering is quick and easy, there's no commitment and they'll even send you an email to let you know when their servers are ready for players to begin.  All you need is Metamask, it's a super-easy cryptocurrency interface for your web browser that you probably already have installed.  But if not then click here to get started with Metamask.  It's so easy you'll probably want to slap me for not telling you about this sooner, basically Metamask is a cryptocurrency tool for your web browser, it lets you use Ethereum-based Smart Apps...

I'll try not to get too technical here in this article, let's just say that Metamask is awesome and super easy to use, I'll leave it at that.  But if you have any questions about Metamask or how to use it, then please feel free to ask me in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you.  Honestly though, I always say that and nobody has ever asked for help with Metamask, that's how I know I'm not the only one who thinks it's incredibly easy to use.

Click here to sign up for the Cubego Presale so you can get notified and start building & playing when Cubego launches (Don't forget, it'll be very soon now).

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Seems interesting...

Game peth assan pixel ohutan ti trawan steemit

@anomaly are you going to turn off @infinitybot?
I saw you started to power down all 6k steem power.. :(


I'm sorry about that. it wasn't making as much as i was spending to keep it going. I really appreciate that you were using it. But it was losing money.


Oh ok, I understand. It's a shame to see you go but after all it's also a business.
Will you still be around or are you going to give away your accounts too?


oh, i'll still be on SteemIt. I'm not leaving, just powering down.

Minecraft super edition coming soon?


The trick is to give the pixels their own pixels.

Interesting Games !

Very cool idea! Games could be the main use case of STEEM tokens!

Thank you very much for sharing this innovative crypto!
Amazing development in this Blockchain world!
Resteemed for others too.


Minecraft started a revolution, is good to see the results.

CUBEGO - Thank you for informing us to register for Presale

lovely and knowledgeable post for the people of steemit community

I really liked the topic thank you friend

Looks like it's a minecraft !!

welcome back to my friend!

ah valla es muy interesante, me ha fascinado!


Gracias, avísame si tienes alguna pregunta al respecto.

Looks interesting, however since it's running on top of eth blockchain, it need gas for every transaction.

Posted using Partiko Android

I dont like minecracft, how ever this seems fun

Downvoted for looking like an advertisement. Still, not that bad.


Upvoted & Followed. Thanks for commenting so that I could discover you. Why not post more often? And, sorry if you didn't like my writing style, I guess I do have a tendency to sugar-coat things sometimes. I'll work on that.


That was a very grown up response to criticism. I wished all were this mature. Kudos!

I have a gaming project involving 3D printing but am waiting on a consumer grade Kickstarter printer called a Cubibot.

What type of 3D printer did you go with for this project and about how much did it run you?


Thank you very much, I find it's always better to treat folks with respect since I never really know if something might be causing an issue for them.
And the Cubibot looks like a really nice printer. This project didn't use a 3d printer, it's all virtual models online. But I do have a 3d printing pen though. It's a fun gadget, I remember the first time I tried it I was surprised at how useful it was.
What are you going to build when your Cubibot arrives?


Thank you very much, I find it's always better to treat folks with respect since I never really know if something might be causing an issue for them.

Absolutely, this.

Having compassion goes a LONG WAY interacting with people and also knowing that you simply "Can't win em all". Everybody is going to be pissed about something.

Anyways, yes, I am excited for the Cubibot and hope to have it soon. All I have currently are ideas but I do believe that the concepts in my noggin tend to be innovative so am looking forward to creating the vision.

I must have someone projected my idea when reading this. May be something to look into though. Specifically, providing your customers an opportunity to 3D print their models and mail it to them. I've played a game before that did this and it was pretty neat.

As for what I'm going to build, well I don't want to say too much but let's just say I have been envisioning a game with collectible figurines but with a few innovations that I don't believe have been done just yet.


That's great, good luck to you.

Debería correr sobre la red Steem que no hay comisiones, de todas formas, buena iniciativa 😉

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interesante proyecto

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