Introducing - A Decentralized Question and Answer Platform on Steem!

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We're excited to, at last, launch to everyone in the Steem community today. Musing is a question and answer platform, built on Steem's blockchain, that rewards you with tokens for answering peoples' questions! Imagine Quora, but with the crucial distinction of being able to properly incentivize content contributors.

Any user who would join has the power to ask questions and provide answers. Any upvotes you receive on your answers are rewarded in the form of Steem's cryptocurrency. By providing accurate and thoughtful answers, you'll be sure to earn some money (we take a 0% cut). 


Since the dawn of the internet, it's been our great advantage to be able to ask a question and have the answer provided to us instantaneously. This ability underlies a core faculty of the web, and because there will always be more things to know in the world, it will help to have a platform that can provide better answers and do so in a way that runs more efficiently.

Sites like Quora, StackOverflow and Yahoo! Answers are all incredibly useful, but they don't reward the people that create their content. This affects the following features:

Answer Quality - Without proper incentives, it doesn't benefit people to put that extra 20% into writing something truly great.

Response Time - People won't feel the need to respond quickly or at all if there's no reason to.

Truth - You'll be reading an answer and find that at the bottom, it's connected to some self-promotion or advertisement for their company, website, etc... which makes you second-guess their truthfulness.


We built Musing with decentralization as a central pillar to our technology stack. Great effort went into ensuring that all posts, comments, likes, etc... are recorded and used on Steem's blockchain, which makes the entire application almost entirely decentralized. The interactions should involve just your browser and the blockchain.

We plan to open-source the platform once there is clear developer interest. Open-source is the future of blockchain tech and is critical to true decentralization.

What's Next

Don't forget to check out our platform -

We will be adding new features, like IPFS image support, and a Smart Media Token (when they launch). These features will enable us to empower users both individually and as a community.

Additionally, we'll be writing more posts on Steemit about technical matters and how we built Musing, as well as updates on the progress of our platform.

It's our mission to expand the reach of human knowledge and to create a collective intelligence that runs faster and more efficiently than any before it.

We're looking for developers and designers! If you're interested in working together, send an email to [email protected]

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Hiya @musing - just a question, how safe is the system given we need to add our active keys here? Why is not doable with posting key only? Please elaborate if possible! Many people got scammed recently by giving out their active keys to certain DApps - also interested in the opinion of @jesta here! Thanks in advance!


Seems like they use to authenticate their users. I've recently created a discussion board integrated with steem and do also use SteemConnect. So basically you don't need to give away your keys and you can revoke access to certain apps. Still SteemConnect is a foreign provider with access to your keys, but as they are operated by Steemit and Busy, they have good reputation.

This is really an outstanding project. Soon I will ask my question here rather than Google. I am man who has many question even simple things I ask because I know someone know what I don't know or see. This is very exciting to hear, a very valuable project in the making. People with profession would definitely check this out, like physician, sportsman, doctor, gold miner, astronauts or even bank robber(lol) can answer some of the questions here.


Thanks for the kind words! It inspires us to work harder. I too think that one day this could be a better source for answers than anywhere else with the Steem community behind it. Just shows the power of proper incentives.


I love Quora for that reason! Because you hear true answers from different people and understand the way they think. It will be great to have the same on Steemit as well :)

Hi @musing!

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Ty! We'll meet you guys on discord.

Looks like an awesome project and I am excited to hear / see more about this!!

Definitely will check it out, we need this kind of web for Steem

Awesome idea, I just tried it out! But dang, I wish questions didn't show up as a post on my Steem blog. What solutions are there to prevent that? Does Steemit have to change the way they present content? Do we have to wait for communities?


this is an external issue with steemit as a platform. the growth of steem is going to come through better frontend UIs than steemit, which is just a mishmash of all kinds of stuff with no organization.


There is some kind of organization, at least with having top tags listed in the menu on the left, but otherwise you are right. Some of the steem based sites already have much better UI/UX.


Which ones? I like a bit, it's not bad.


I was thinking of as being the best one, too. The others like,, and need some improvements as well.


Thanks for your insight. It seems like people don't quite want to flood their blogs with q&a content, understandably. For answers, it's possible to keep them as replies or comments. However, for the questions, it's a bit more difficult. While it's definitely feasible with a centralized database, I'm not entirely sure there's an option for doing this on Steem without creating a blog post. Otherwise, how would people reply to your question?

It is something we'll have to think about. Thank you for bringing it up. To centralize or decentralize...


Lol i caught by surprise just like @shenanigator and have converted my post into a suggestion post :)


This was an issue with @whatapp already too, and also with Zappl and Steepshot. Many have started using alt accounts exactly for that reason.

I fully agree with everyone saying that answers should be posted as comments btw. I normally only use my alt account to post on micro-post platforms. To avoid noise on the usual feed, even if that means some may not see my question/zapp/steemhunt/...


I'm glad this is something you guys are trying to solve, because this is a huge barrier for most people. I would personally not ask a question on musing with my main account, just because it would be weird for my followers to see a random question in their feed, when they normally see my blog posts. I hope you are able to find a good solution to this, and in the meantime I will stick to using an alt account ;)


Thanks for your insight. I'm amazed at how helpful our community is.

We are thinking of creating a daily thread where people can ask questions as replies to this daily thread and answer to those questions as sub-threads like in a normal Steemit post/thread if that makes sense. This way, neither questions or answers could flood peoples' blogs. The daily post would capture all the questions along with their answers in one neat thread, preventing anyone from cluttering their blogs.


Definitely keep the community updated in this regard. I would love to participate, but would prefer less clogging as a result.


This is great, and I'm looking forward to when this change goes live. Once it does I will definitely ask questions and answer those I'm knowledgeabout about, but right now it would create way too much spam for my followers, so I have to wait :)


How about creating a parent post where questions will be posted as comments inside rather than individual blog posts that clutter follower feeds? The same rewarding mechanics are used with parent posts and comments.

Tested your app with mobile, looks nice and has a similar feeling to Quora, which of course is only a good thing! Keep up the good work.


Here is how I'd solve that problem. You could create an account like @musing-questions on which all the questions are posted (with the data required to link them to the user who asked them). Then, the answers would be posted as comments on the corresponding post. Then you could keep reference of these questions permlinks along with their subject in a database.


You can make them a parent of null


I also noticed a small bug. The moment I posted a question, it said I asked the question 5 hours ago.


That's a problem that we see on the other Steem dapps as well. It would be great to be able to ask questions on using, post a picture on Steepshot or post a "tweet" on Zappl without cluttering my Steemit blog roll. But this seem like something Steemit Inc. would need to change, because right now is selected to show every type of post.


Ahhh, this is gonna be a problem


Yeah, I'm done answering anymore questions until this is fixed. I don't really want to flood my followers with bunch of random answers.

This will be a great platform like quora

I love to answer questions too.

Finally, my name can be applied to something lol


thanks for the resteem haha

I haven't asked any questions, but can an answer be "Accepted" by the question asker? That would be nice (and may also serve as a good target for some sort of voting bot, though would still need policing).

Some other random thoughts/feedback for ya:

  • It's a little awkward that answers to questions aren't actually replies to posts, but instead posts of their own (which in turn show up in a user's blog feed). Answer themselves should probably be set to have the parent of the question post itself (making them not top level posts) to avoid this.
  • I'm not a fan of how it capitalizes usernames. Use how the user typed it, they are not proper names that need formatting.
  • The UX is weird for a Q&A site. I want the main display somewhere that I can browse questions that are being asked - I don't want to see "Hot Answers", followed by actual "Questions" then trailed by "New Answers". It should be a stream of one type of content, probably questions, since that's your primary form of content.
  • Resteeming answers honestly doesn't make a lot of sense. Questions? Yes, answers to questions... not really.
  • I really want to be able to press ⌘ + enter to submit posts. I try it on pretty much every site I use, and the more places it works the happier I am.

Interested in your thoughts on safety using this given people have to use their active key - why not posting key enough? Think you are a guru in that steemconnect space @jesta - feedback appreciated.


I have major concerns with the SteemConnect security model and requiring users to use their active key to grant posting authorities like this. I actually created a new account (@jesta-sc) to specifically use for SteemConnect sites to reduce security concerns for myself.

I've made my concerns knows a number of times - but the accessibility SteemConnect provides has been deemed by those in charge to be of more importance.


Yeah I agree - however so many use Steemconnect you hardly have other options - i de-installed Vessel as i had issues - might be more secure.


Thanks for the sincere feedback @jesta

You're definitely right about the answers to questions thing. It's something that a lot of people complained about and required a large amount of code changes but is now ready to go live. Our solution was to have a daily thread to hold all questions and answers. People will be free to ask and answer as much as they like without spamming their blogs.

As for the UX, yeah I agree it's not as readable as it needs to be. We did something similar to Quora, which I found to be decent in terms of a user experience. We'll continue to work on it of course. I will say though that there will be a tab for just questions for people to answer very soon.

For resteemed answers, the thinking is that there will be some posts that would have enough depth and insight for someone to want to share with their followers.

Any other advice you might have would of course be appreciated!

I personally have been up all night the past few nights coding and designing. I'm sure you too have had the same motivation as a result of the community's support :)


I personally have been up all night the past few nights coding and designing. I'm sure you too have had the same motivation as a result of the community's support :)

It's like rocket fuel for productivity :)

Keep up the good work!

Great project i hope to see more projects like this on steem platform.

and just to make sure and to be transparant.. what is @musing 's cut on the reward for this? aka how many percentage of benefecial rewards are you going to take? Just because with dsound and dtube people get t know what they put in using thing ;) thnx


it is mentioned in the 2nd paragraph! zero percent :)


you have my full support then


I just posted a question asking for the same thing, & I found the answer here.. Thanks..

Awesome. I've seen a couple of Q&A Steem apps but yours looks the most polished. Looking forward to trying it out.

Great !
So now we can ask our question !

This is truly something useful. I ask a lot of questions on google and sometimes the answer from quora or from yahoo is listed at the top of the search result. Finally is something that I can use - hopefully in the future, it will be as good or better than yahoo and the like.

Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

I really love this concept. Sounds like a valuable use of the steemit blockchain. Well thought out. Quite a bit of useful information can be received. Websites generally charge money to answer technical support questions. I think this can work well.

Wow, looks good - it'll be steem's very own quora looks like.

Nice. At last! I've been thinking about this use-case for Steem for a long time.

A quirk is that right now, it's easier to find Musing questions on (just go to created/musing-question) than on Might be worth making it possible to browse questions more easily. But nice work!

good explanation about by @musing.

interesting interface between web and Steem.

Trying Q&A showed that
The Q&A all go into comments under the periodic post of @musing-threads.

It takes time to see the main post since there are too many Q&A.

What is the benefits of Dapp instead of just a Steem tag ?

Really Interesting project, I will look into it!

Great idea!


Ty! We've been working hard and will continue to :)

Is there only one person who can answer each question? It looks like spanking brand new site. And I think it has a lot of potential.

Do you have a FAQ?


You can still answer a question with a (better) answer even if someone else has already written an answer to the question :)

i loved it ❤️❤️❤️

Cool implementation. A fine example of what can be done with the steem blockchain.

I know this has been said before. I don't really want to flood my feed with questions from @musing and also I noticed that even my answers are treated as posts and they also appear on my feed. Is there anything you can do to prevent my answers from displaying on my steemit /busy blog?


I just wanted to let you know that the have answered the same question you asked in another place, and they will make changes to prevent all the blogpost spam we are seeing right now.

Congratulations @musing!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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Its an amazing project nice to hear about. Now its will lot easy people can help to each other and also they can earn.. really motivating it is.

Cool, clean, and works as intended! I'm impressed :D

I've bookmarked and would start using it once you've resolved @beggars inquiry about the answers creating steemit posts. Other than that, fantastic work and platform!



Thanks for the feedback. Think we may have a good solution for it after thinking about the issue.


I've been waiting for someone to do a Q&A site on Steem. I'll be checking this out soon.

Did you really need to buy votes? Just talking to a few key people would have got this trending anyway


With regards to buying the promotions, no, we absolutely did not have to buy them aha. The Promoted tab did nothing.

To be honest, we weren't sure who we could contact and where. Steemit chat was what helped in the end.

If you know of anyone that might be interested with helping us get more exposure or have contacts and a way to reach them, it would be greatly appreciated.


Promoted is pointless since people have been buying votes, but I ignore trending as most stuff bought its way there. Utopian is one place to promote new apps, but just look for people with high reputation who talk about the platform.

I checked out the platform but why are all the $ amounts 0 even though there are multiple votes on the answers?


sorry about that - there was a fix for this bug on the front-end that didn't deploy to all our servers. It should be active for everyone now.


I just checked it out and it still doesn't show the amount.

One other suggestion: UI is really clean but logout button is kind of hidden. Its not very obvious.


Little more detail: issue is fixed on the tiles but if u go to page, amount is still 0:

Basically Quora that pays. I love it.

This sound like a great project, and it seems like a natural fit here on the Steem blockchain! I hope this can potentially be something that even attracts new users to sign up to the blockchain, because who would not want to get some dollars for answering questions about stuff they are knowledgeable about?

I will definitely try out the platform today, but I don't have any other key than the Posting one attached to this computer, so it will have to be later.

Best regards from @valth

Answers are posted as new blogs? Me no like.

Excellent idea, I joined in as soon as I read the post. Looking forward to watching the community grow!

I’ve always thought that Steem was the perfect location, system to host a solid QA platform. This is a gorgeous first release.

Keep up the good work, I truly believe that somebody will nail this niche rather soon. Ship often, ship fast. Keep improving the platform. There’s lots of awesome feedback in the comments already.

As additional suggestion I would bring it up that it’s worth considering capping the rewards on the question itself. This to keep things interesting and stimulate conversation in the replies.

I know this won’t be a popular view but does a question really deserve more than say STU 5? 2? While most people who answer are left with probably less than STU 1 for their answer.

This will also prevent that musing will be abused by bid bot users who just are interested in upvoting their question to the hilt. Whether for visibility or for profit.

There should be other ways than highest rewarded question to be trending. But they may require to also mirror everything. This may seem lots of work but it will allow you to easily show most replied, fresh and not replied, no answers within 24 hours, etc. etc.

Highest rewarded answers yesterday, last week is also something you could extract without that much effort if every x hours you pull the rewards for all comments.


Haha actually we do that already! I think maybe the UI wasn't clear enough on that. The upvotes are all for the answers. The questions can't be upvoted unless you went to it on Steemit and voted there. It was something we definitely had to think about a lot in the beginning and I'm glad we both agree :)

All the trending/hot/new stuff is based on the answer and not the question. A good amount of work was devoted to ensuring that we didn't base our content suggestion on questions but on answers instead.


Excellent work. Now I also understand why the answers post as posts as well. That makes sense (at least for an initial not-so MVP apparently release).

Now I’m not sure what should be the main curation focus (highlighting): the question or the answer? I think it needs to be a mix. Obviously questions drive the platform. Quality of answer keeps people asking. Popular questions may be the ones most want to see (until the rest ends up in Google - but that may require canonical links first before you can benefit from the SEO as a site).

Personally, considering this is Steem I wouldn’t totally limit rewards on questions. People like to (self) incentivize on this platform. You could make use of max_accepted_payout to cap the rewards on the question (during submission to the steem blockchain).

Especially those who have long and hard worked to gain some autovoter following may see it as an additional to ask questions. But personally I would keep it low tho, all focus indeed has to be on the answers. A platform like Parley IMHO does it wrong, especially since they have creating conversation in their banner.

Anyway, I like what I’m seeing. I was a little sad to notice that whatapp had become pretty much wasteland but will gladly check musing regularly now. Initially from my alt due to the answers as stand-alone posts tho.

steemit never fails to excite people.
Go steemit go , steemit will soon be number 1 platform for various things.

seems a great project.but now we have to see how its perform.

Excellent, this is what I like about Steemit that gives many other platforms the opportunity to grow, I really hope I can learn a lot from you and I am already using your network, an ambitious project that will benefit both parties, congratulations and good luck!

Count me in. Always great to help, and be rewarded. Let's see if this can stop me from using quora

Very cool. Do you have a plan for preventing/discouraging duplicate questions?

nice project

This really seems like the Q&A steem app that might make it “big”. I look forward to seeing more from you guys. 👏👏👏

I am interested. Awesome.

wow, Thank you so much. Such a great idea, and. I love to be part of musing, and love to QA. thanks again.

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You have a website, so I can join?

Hello, musing! Best wishes for the best journey here in this very cool community with many nice people :) Best Regards

How @musing!

This is fantastic service, I bet this could help me in all me exams whilst earning token. Which would mean that I don't even have to get a job after I graduate hah!

so nice post.i like it.good .thank you.

this seems interesting . You got my vote ;)

it looks like a very nice project , and I really wish you success.

Would be a great tool. At least, my data won't be taken like using Google search.


why muSING? Not muASK or something like that?

Great project!

This is interesting. I will join it

Wholy crap, this is actually 10 kinds of cool.

I honestly forgot about Quora until I read this but to have a bolddecentralized versionbold of the site is pretty freaking huge.

I just hope it does not get too taken advantage of eith regards to truth vs fiction.

Nice! this is interesting.

I think the time is not getting captured correctly. Please see the screenshot below:

This sounds like an awesome project! Will you host any blockchain innovators and developers that we can listen to?

This seems to be a very exciting project, however would be keen to know what is the current traction that you are getting. How do you currently plan to go ahead and build it post acquiring users. Good luck and look forward to contribute to this.

Actually there is a community named Zhihu in China, who has already used motivation strategies to encourage people to answer more responsively and truthfully. though it's not decentralized yet...

it seems that is a great project. eagerly waiting for see more about this


oh fantastic! :) i've got a question i need to ask actually today so this is perfect! :)

I think it's an interesting and beautifully made site. However, I also think it's too broad in the subjects. I know Quora is broad as well, but I am not sure about the quality of questions and answers there.

However, somewhere like stack overflow caters to a very specific type of user, and coders, for example know to always go there for clean content. Being a question/ answer site with broad categories reduces quality, I think.

Another option would be to make it more reddit-like, for short-form posts/ discussions? That would improve the quality of content there. (Just my thoughts :-p)

This is a new innovation in the crypto industry. More of it is welcome.

I am at Quora, but I am ready to try Musing. Is there a FAQ about it?

wow !! please check our news !! upvote :)

I`m already in! I love this platform! I think this fills the gap in a lot of Steemit posts since Questions -> Answers never get any response!

That is a nice post

this really good project for us..and this best platform..
I know someone know what I don't know or see. This is very exciting to hear, a very valuable project in the making. People with profession would definitely chec

Well, looks like this is something I'm going to be using.

I think it's a great idea. I'm excited to ask and answer questions, and I wish you the best in this project!

i'like information..

i'like information..

Excellent!, just there many people for whom it is really important to question about the world around us, it is impressive how much we growth through our own concerns. Welcome all the tools that contribute to greater growth and empowerment of all the wonderful talents that lie here , were all opinions can be valued in their full context. I can say only: Thanks a lot!.. I intent to share this platform with you as I become familiar with all this which is totally new to me. Congratulations on that decision guys!

I've been testing the platform and it's really good.

The only detail I found inconvenient was that both questions and answers are automatically posted on my Steemit profile.

I would like you to fix this problem, I imagine it is possible, so that you can enjoy the Musing platform in a more comfortable way.

I think that for people who don't want all this interaction to be published in their Steemit profile, they will have to independently delete the questions and answers in their profile in Steemit de Musing.

For the rest, I think the concept is fantastic, all that remains is to fix those details.

@musing testing it out, really excited that all famous Website alternative are ported to decentralized network.

Awesome job ....!

Testing it out , will definitely write a review soon in my #Steemit blog. :)

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Nice to meet you, @musing! Welcome to Steemit!

TRUE but NOT all questions are answered in the internet and sometimes leads us to wrong information that's why we need to be more careful in gathering information in internet..that's all ..kachaw!

TRUE but NOT all questions are answered in the internet and sometimes leads us to wrong information that's why we need to be more careful in gathering information in internet..that's all ..kachaw!

Really It good for us. Here We can get our best Q&A.

Awesome project. I love Quora and it is amazing to see something on a decentralized basis. @musing What technology do you use? Is everything based on IPFS?

Interesting.... will have a look at it ;-)

Feedback coming soon.............

WoW a new area of discovering my talents and also to explore many aspects of living., Amazing Project!

sounds like an interesting project.

Similar to in concept, but with actual value attached to the token rewarded (and a much greater scope, delegatecall being only for ethereum-related questions).

it's very similar to in idea, though cent seems to be rather low in terms of popularity, given the one who asks needs to provide the funds X/

If I remember correctly, Cent was where I got my very first Ethereum "dust"

Exactly what I needed since birth @musing..

This is really a nice project... Nice one

This reminds me of ChaCha back in my university days.

This is an amazing project, you have done a great job so far. Am going to try it out

There are some interesting comments under the steemit section which are worth a read to see things that are / aren't working and ensure the same problems can be avoided with what looks like a very promising project.

Really nice project, I won't be using it if answering to questions creates a post though. I like to keep my profile page clean and quite frankly thought it would comment on the post, not create a new one just for an answer. The way you handled answers is really awkward.