Booster for Investors - Sharing 100% Liquid income with Delegators!

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For the first time in our history, we decided to take on investors in the form of steempower delegation. Booster is as most of you know the very first accurate auction based promotion bot on the Steem and Golos blockchains, we pioneered this path and now into the second year of Boosters existence, we have really been battle-tested in all kinds of ways which has been important in order to get rid of bugs and exploitable features suitable to present to all of you without shame.

The Best Deal on this Blockchain is here, and we do not want you to miss out!

You can earn a passive income from our service by delegating your stake in SteemPower to @booster. We'll be sharing 100% Liquid tokens automatically between all our delegators every time a wallet has accumulated 1K STEEM or SBD, all transparent on the blockchain of course.


Make a Quick Delegation to @Booster here right now by Using SteemConnect on one of the following amounts of SteemPower: 100| 1K | 10K | 100K | 500K | 1M | or use tools like the Vessel Wallet or similar.

Get in touch with us if you have questions. The right people and places to find us are:
24/7 Support: Discord
Operator: @TheDegenSloth
Owner: @Fyrstikken Inc.

Welcome to @Booster

The Original Bidbot!

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@booster you missed my upvote please refund healthexpert transfer 3 STEEM to booster

I sent 7.4 SBD a couple weeks ago (you can still see it in my wallet)
I didn't get anything in return and this is actually a lot for me so is it possible to get a refund? Thanks in advance :)
(upvoting my own post for awareness)

In which ..pls explain ,,how i can join ,, how i can booster my posts

@booster, do you have a discord channel or how do i communicate with you about a technical error where place a bid but did not receive a vote or a refund?


Yes. general chat and/or voice

I’m interested.

Do you have any sort of calculator like that available on that gives an approximation of returns? Or have any sort of updates on estimated figures?



At the moment, no. @thedegensloth is building us a website were more stats, buttons, info and dashboards for that as we speak. In the meanwhile you can see delegators here:
and just watch my wallet when we do payouts. Everything is transparent as it should be.

Hello, I have sent you 1SBD in round ended on 56% and got vote 1,25SBD still to that I am not on the list. It it very chaotic. Can you explain that? Thank you. I do not know, if I shoud bid with you again...... an hour ago 1 SBD sent to @booster


Please join discord if you have questions.

Investment is the game of gambling. And it is only done by the risklovesrs

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praise-eu sent a 1steem bid to you in error. Please sent it back to me. Thank you for being fair.

Ooh My Company Name Is wenamebooster booster We Just booster

Hello @booster. Would you mind take a look at your bot? Because 2 post got no vote from your bot, and now it's to late to get a vote. So could i get my steem dollars back? It's 5 steem dollars! Just check the bidding round on your bot. Thank you!

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