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Greetings friends of steemit

When we set out to meet a goal, we often do not know what the obstacles we will get along the way, however, they will always appear, to a greater or lesser extent, but always to reach a goal, there will be obstacles.

The difference is made by the way we face the obstacles ... there are people who see it as a failure and others who, on the contrary, see it as the engine that pushes them to fight more to reach their goal, and will do everything possible and impossible to knock down all the obstacles that are presented to him in order to reach his goal.

In Steemit, one of the objectives is to be a whale ... who does not have that goal here?


It is one of the most common objectives, I think ... but not many stay to achieve it and experience it. only a few of us are left, and let's not say that the road is easy, there are many obstacles that arise, from the day that this journey begins in steemit ... the main obstacle is the demotivation ... when you see that you publish and your publication is not taken into account ... this is the biggest obstacle and many retire in this first obstacle...

Those of us who continue our journey, we are testing, rehearsing, investigating, what is the best way to promote our publications, we interact ... in short, we do everything in our power to advance on this platform ...

There are people who manage to be a whale but they are people who only think about their well-being, however, there are people who leave traces on their way to reach the goal, exceptional people, who do not think only about their well-being in this way, but that they are willing to help others, people who give advice at the best moments, people who are not selfish and who are always willing to contribute something positive in the community. And this is the case of a person to whom I have great appreciation, because he has shown that he does not think only about his well-being but that throughout his trip he has left traces ...

He is a person who has shown perseverance and who has overcome the obstacles that have been presented to him in life and on this platform, a person who from every negative experience he has had has known how to take advantage and has taught us that in those moments we should only see the learning that each experience leaves us ... And that's what it's about, to learn not to make the same mistakes again ... it's a person who gives us advice in each publication or simply leaves us a positive message that helps us see different things .... And it is precisely with these people that we must relate, people who inspire us and guide us without asking for anything in return ....

This person is

Always willing to share his experiences and give advice in each publication and that responds to every comment he receives ... but also in a particular way, he has been a person who has helped me to see different things and has advised me a lot, despite being a dolphin ... and now ... an Orca ... He has never been selfish, but on the contrary he worries about educating so that we can learn to fish.

I'm really grateful for your advice and your help at a critical moment in my life. Thanks friend. I thank God for having put you in our way.

Thank you for being that person that is willing to contribute very valuable publications and that we should value as a community ... the community that you want to build, teaching us in the first place the support between each one of the members and not being selfish, thus promoting the unity ... to create a united community ... these are the strongest communities ...

Congratulations, continue like this, friend... Now like Orca... much more, do not change your essence ... keep contributing more. God bless you!

This should be an example for all of us in Steemit, first to overcome the obstacles that come our way and then ... when we are already growing and passing level, never forget where we came from, and therefore help the next beginners on the platform. Advise and help others, as they have done with us, people like @chbartist.

Success for everyone!

Before saying goodbye I want to give you these biblical verses:

Proverbs 11:25

He who is generous prospers;
the one who revives will be revived.

1 Peter 3: 8

In short, live in harmony with one another; share sorrows and joys, practice brotherly love, be compassionate and humble.

And a great hug for you @chbartist.

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Yes, you are one million % correct. I joined just a few days ago. The moment I start reading his blogs, the area of my mind got widened and the magnitude of inspiration I have drawn from his blogs is beyond the scope of description. On seeing the ID, I thought it perfectly matches with @chbartist Sir. "The one who defeated the CHALLENGES that came BEFORE an ARTIST is this MAN.....who "defeated" the defeats and is ready to extend his helping hand to those in need!" A memorable hug for you @chbartist.

As the community continues to come together to ensure its success through collective support, you will see more users join the movement create bybour friend! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

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This is practical Christianity at work, you have multiplied your talent and you are currently helping others to multiply theirs. I am humbled to be a disciple of such good works .
By his grace, we will all leave our footprints in the sands of steemit.
Regards friend

Very well written
@chbartist is inspiring and his posts are thought provoking and he is a person who thrives for betterment of the community.
God bless him

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Thank you so much for your kind words. Success!!!!Always!!! @chbartist


Thanks to you for your advice ... and for appreciating this publication, I really appreciate that! I hope you get to the next level soon.


I resteem your post! Saludos...LOL

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