The Greatest Parasite in the History of Civilization......

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What hath man, but the pale and fleeting shelter of selfishness against the burdens of a world that is drowning in the flood of the victimized society?

The problem of this modern society is that we have forgotten the way of the pioneers. Now we are merely followers, even of those who would use our will as a means to their wicked ends. People want change, but they are not willing to be the change that they want to see in their community.

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The greatest parasite on the face of this good Earth, and the one that has crippled all of civilization and history, is the human tendency to blame others for the troubles and the challenges they face in their life. Often enough, they go so far as to suggest that these are not challenges, but inflictions and misconducts of a world that is out to get them.

In response and retaliation to that, people forget the concept of ‘responsibility’ altogether and see life as a battle and the world as a battlefield of everybody and everything else versus them!
But have you ever considered the extent of your responsibilities to yourself and the world you inhabit? These responsibilities range from the status of our marriage and family to failure or success at our career.

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The question I have is: How much responsibility do successful people take on in their lives? Regardless of the answer you might have, successful people claim that they are fully and 100% responsible for everything, good or bad, that happens to their life.
It is true; some things are arbitrary. We do not have a say in them. But from a certain point in our life, we are the writers of our own fate. We decide what we do with the time that is given to us everyday and we decide with whom we interact.

We don’t usually fail by the grace of this world’s fictitious cruelties or the wrongdoings of the people around us, we fail because we are predisposed to fail as a result of the choices that we have made from a certain point forward.

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This life is a life of abundance, and as we have our troubles, we also have our blessings that can help us light the way in the darkness of the roads we walk. But never feed this foul parasite that is looking to blame everyone and everything else except the faults that lies within ourselves. We all have our faults and our flaws, and the moment we come to terms with them is the moment that we are set free from our own ego.

The world does not owe us anything. We should not fall into the trap of entitlement; of feeling like this life owes us anything or we are a victim in any kind of way. We decide how to think, how to feel, and how to react to different situations that come up in our life. Indeed, we are the writers of our own future and society.

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For us it is easy, to look for guilty, governments, presidents, leaders and leaders, but in reality in each of us is the change that requires a community, a country, we are transformers of environments, the light of the world, we are able to illuminate the life of someone through our actions, very good reflection, today is a good day to think: what am I doing?.
Thanks for sharing @chbartist
Bring your light and enlighten the world.

I completely agree from your perspective that if we claim that its our life then we should be responsible about everything we have in it. its all up to us how to make it or brake it. moreover a person only matures up when he learns to take responsibility. Keeping ourself aware of this fact will only help us lead a satisfactory life.
I am happy that you bought such subject into limelight. keep flourishing.

The law of sowing and reaping says that whatever we sow that's what we're going to reap. If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. This law teaches us that what a little wrong we do, it will come back to us with a devastating effect. We have to be responsible for our choices and actions. Yes, we can control our actions, but not it's consequences. Therefore, we should not blame others for our failures and troubles, but be willing and courageous enough to face the result of your choices. Our destiny is the result of our choices.

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Those who do not take responsibility for their actions lose the opportunity to learn from their experiences and this will never have the grit to succeed in any pursuits that a ethical or morally sound. Being accountable is the best method to learn and build your human capital which may be the most valuable asset of each individual.

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Responsibility, no doubt, is a vital element in people's success in life. Lack of it may translate into failure or projection towards others.
The attitute, though is a learned one. Or should we say one that must be re-learned?
From the moment we are born, we are bombarded with a series of messages, codes, mores and cultural bagage that can be easily absorbed and very difficult to get rid of or unlearn.
From not recognizing our potential do achieve things, to blaming others for our failures, it is very easy to fall prey of that heavy burden. As I do my own self-exploration, I see myself doing a lot of that lately.
it is a very hard realization to look at yourself in that mirror that tells you "others had it as bad as you and got out of it!" So, what stops me? How come I have not been able to find my road to success?
I have noone else to blame but myself. Lack of proactivity, lack of self-respect, excess of self-pity, inability to forgive ourselves for past mistakes. All of that can contribute to getting us stuck in failure and inaction.

Excellent @chbartist, each person is responsible for their destiny, each one must carve his way to where he wants to go, draw a north, there is a very successful book in this the fault is the cow, guao that life lessons we find there, for that we must learn to discern, that everything that happens to us in the realacion, in the work, with the children, is our and only responsibility, it is very easy to say that it is bad for me because another person has my eyes on me, not Do not give power to the same one that controls you, and follow your objectives.
Blessed day for all!

Our actions are those that trace our path, therefore, when it comes to decisions and actions, we must make the best decisions and act as best as possible to have good results, otherwise, taking bad decisions and bad actions will lead us to situations negative, which are the fault of us and not of other people ... Some people live their lives blaming everyone for everything that happens to them and do not sit down to analyze their lives and what they do about it so that their situation is different ... it is easier for them to blame others than to admit their own mistakes...

@chbartist Your blog give me a lots of inspiration. I am a daily reader of your post. Rally nowadays people wants to change but they don't need changement in yourself. They think that they are perpect and main problem is here. We are too dependent on other although we know that it is wrong but we don't try to fix that problem. We must take responsibility for our work for our society. A team work always become successful and our work should be on right track.

Individual responsibility for me is the purest form of service to oneself and humanity at large, there a lot of whales in this steemit community, but you have taken it upon yourself to take responsibility for a community of positive minded individuals and in turn transmitting these thought to many,.
We all know our shortcomings and it is tempting to blame it on someone else, community, government or the wickedness of the world.
Here, we in this community have been transformed because , most of us have taken it upon ourselves to transform our mindset irrespective of the resources at our disposal.
" I believe we can, and yes we can"
Regards friend, keep up the good work

Hi @chbartist, Awesome thoughts. I myself was like that. Blaming and ungrateful. But as I discovered my purpose in life, all these nativities seem to vanish off. We have a similar taste. I went through your posts and am already your fan. Please see my posts here @questionthetrend and follow me. Am following you now. Thanks!

The world does not owe us anything. We should not fall into the trap of entitlement

then the monetization of life and nature MUST stop first (my favorite topic)

"Life is battle world is battleground" for me this is the best line in this indicate many things.grete blogg @chbartist bro👍

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We got a remember one thing, life is not a bed of rose.


Really cool slogan...

When we born , we cry while people rejoice but when we die people cry and the question is are we die rejoice our life or die regret our life ?

I believe that human being is the same . we born naked , we grow up and the environment teach us to become ourselves , and later we die naked .

There always a question , what make us different ? today topic answer everything , its how we take responsibility to our life . Responsibility to what happen in our life . thanks for the answer

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Chain down the selfish motives built into our genetic makeup, and unchain our spiritual ability to work toward the same goal in loving harmony - that is the great leap we CAN take toward eternal happiness.

My first thought was politicians.

Keep up with such good content.

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Good contant. It is interesting..........

I think you need to optimize the effort in my view. I also would like to spend all my time watching and learning about "every post" I see... not that all matter, but you always learn something. Shaping the reality at least you do...

Have fun... and nice to have you around.

Real article... 100% agree👍

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We should learn to restrict ourselves from complaining, blaming,gossiping,betraying,taking revenge, instead focus on bringing change in oneself and also others through positive deeds and actions. If unable to do better be silent rather than a scapegoat.

I have always thought of my life as a vehicle, I am the only one that controls the steering wheel, so when I hit I do not complain or blame others. I really liked this article.
(I use Google translator. I only speak Spanish)