There is Always a Price to Pay – Are You Willing to Pay That Price?

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Hello again, dear Steemians… In my experience I have found that sometimes success arrives at the most unlikely hour, and there is a fundamental reason underlying constant defeat in spite of our endeavors. In the face of perseverance, incessant struggle, incredible motivation, and beyond hope, witness, and desire, we find failure at the end of the road over and over again.

Hope and perseverance may be the foundations of success and our inevitable triumph, but when it comes to the laws of the universe and cause and effect, there is another factor that you might have overlooked this whole time. I want to tell you a story.

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In a time that is not long past, a man woke up one day and realized that he is leading an empty life. He took a look at his daily routine, his relationships, his goals and motivations, and ultimately, his purpose for existence; for what is purpose but a reason to exist?
The man was clever. For instead of shutting himself away from society in a journey of insincere self-reflection and awakening, he sought the advice of men who were wiser and more experienced than him. Eventually, he found a guru of sorts.

‘I have been trying for a long time to be a successful man in life. To write the story of my life in an exciting and blissful way. Regardless of what I do, failure is what always awaits me in every deed and every corner of my life.’ He told the guru.
They spoke and spoke, until eventually, the guru realized the problem of the man.

‘I know what keeps you from achieving the things you want. Find me in the beach by dawn. I will be waiting for you.’ He told the man.

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Despite his reluctance, the man decided to go to the beach, where he found the guru already waiting for him. The guru instructed the man to take off his shirt and go straight into the sea. Against his doubts and fears, the man did what he asked.

‘Go on.’ He heard the guru say every time he looked back to ensure that he was doing the right thing.
The water rose to his waist now. He was starting to feel stupid for this whole enterprise. ‘Go on.’ The guru encouraged again.

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The man had had enough, not of the guru and his strange instructions, but of the empty and barren life that he had been living for a long time. So, he continued and continued until the water reached just below his mouth. He turned around to see the guru standing right behind him, and there they were together in the water.

The guru took hold of his neck and forcefully pushed him in the water. The man started struggling, to no avail. He was under the water for a long time, not in the real time, but in his mind. For now, he was engulfed with the most indispensable of his instincts and fears. For now, he had seen the face of death and realized the value of life.

The guru did not waver, but the man came through. He used this newfound strength and state of awakening to push back against the powerful grip of death.
‘If you want success in life,’ The guru said with a hint of a smile on his face. ‘And if you want to realize your dreams, you have to want and need them as much as you want and need to breathe.’

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What you need to ask yourself is: are you willing to pay the price that is necessary to achieve the goals that you want in life? Do you think you need that success as bad as you need to breathe? Do you think you desire it so desperately as to forsake comfort, temporary pleasures, sleep, and the most fundamental elements of what makes us human?

Everything has a price, and the world needs to extract that price before you are granted the things that you desire. So, ask yourself, are you willing to pay that price?

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We must consider reaching the goals as if it were a matter of life or death. Until something serious and delicate happens to us, we do not react by doing what we know we have to do.


I can see in all posts that you are the number 1 in generosity! Because I see that you vote in almost comments! You have my support because your atitude deserve this....Thank you!

If you want to realize your dreams, you have to want and need them as much as you want and need to breathe.’

This is it. Thanks you so much for the story and lesson. For years I have been refusing to do exactly what those who have left had to do. Because I found it offensive/insulting/time-consuming/expensive, all the paperwork our government made purposefuly complicated to avoid massive migration, I procrastinated on getting them. That's one of the reasons I am still bitching and moaning in Venezuela while my friends are rebuilding their lives in different countries.
What I considered humilation was the price to pay. They were willing to pay it, I was not. They also paid the price of detachment/uprootedness and got rid of everything that kept them in place. For them it was a matter of life or death. Deep down I am wishing for a different outcome, deep down I still feel i can live without leaving.
It's a hard realization, but one I needed to confront.
Thanks again.


Puedes creer que el pasaporte de mi hija lo tengo en trámite desde febrero!!!! y esa gene no hace nada... es como que quieren tenernos presos acá mientras ellos se dan la gran vida y van a donde quieren cuando quieren... a los venenzolanos les ponen todas las trabas del mundo para poder irse del país... el status del pasaporte de mi niña siempre está en recoleccion dactiloscopica y de allí nunca ha cambiado!!!

pero bueno.... pensemos que no es el momento que nos toca viajar y que cuando todo salga es porque realmente llegó el momento!!! Dios sabe todas las cosas y por qué ocurren...


Hola, @blessed-girl. Así estamos nosotros. Nadie da respuestas, ni en Cumaná, ni en Caracas.
La saña con la que esta gente tortura física y psicológicamente es demencial. Es una cosa que sólo los Nazi superaron. Por lo menos los grupos africanos en pugna se caen a plomo o se cortan en pedazos con machetes. Eso termina siendo más honesto, al menos.
Creo que ellos ya sacaron su cuenta y sienten que se libraron de los sifrinos que les fastidiaban. Necesitan obligar a este remanente a que se quede para poder mantener las formas.

Sometimes we're afraid to die, and sometimes we're afraid to live. And in that condition, we live in mediocrity. We become fighters in the wind, we don't know what are we fighting for and to whom should we fight.
Whether in death or life, there's a price to pay. Others paid the price of our freedom with their lives that we might live. And others choose to live so that others might also live. To dream a dream is easy, but to realize that dream is not cheap. You have to pay your way to success.

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Success is not a brand or just a word. It is something that we gain through hard work and effort. We may fail and fail, but sure enough if we keep working hard we will be successful. Thanks for a nice encouragement.

There are prices that cannot be paid because there are things that do not have a price. No matter how much you want something, giving your life in return is a great price. Or, for example, suddenly you want to have a lot of money and fame but that means not having a clean conscience and not sleeping peacefully. The price is very high. Well, it's my thinking. Thank you always for bringing these thought-provoking messages, @chbartist.

There is no reward without risk so I always welcome the price to be paid. If needed, it would be a new learning to the journey that is life!

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Thank you @newageinv for you important presence here! Regards

Too often we have to make sacrifices to get what we want and need ... we sacrifice ourselves in our relationship .... we sacrifice time for our work ... etc .... life is full of sacrifices ... the difference is some people sacrifice more than others !


Exactly! Great words! Success...

Heart-touching and inspiring blogg!!!yeah bro @chbartist for everything we have to pay something.if we want gain something we have to loss anything...

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Today's story was very heartbreaking. We are very impressed with this story and we feel that if we are ready to pay for whatever we have to achieve in life then we will definitely get it

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This article makes sense to me. If a person wants to achieve a goal or dream, then the person must want something with every fiber of his/her being. It's either all in or it doesn't happen. Obstacles to your dream or goal is meant to test your determination.

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Exactly! Thank you for your words!

'Meaning', my friend, that's what I've been searching for a long time...but that search once lead me to such a moment when I realized I've forgotten how to I know not everything has to have a meaning...some things are better left like they i just see myself and a long road ahead of me....I've finally learning to form my dreams piece by piece.....And yes my friend..I do have dreams to remember...


Thank you for your great comment! Regards

Once I was about to drown, it was only seconds and it's a horrible and very exasperating feeling ... I was just a girl and I remember it as if it were yesterday ... Wanting something like needing to breathe is really something you really crave .. and of course ... one may want to pay the price ... but there are times that the price is also unattainable ... But working according to what you want is the main thing ... not stop fighting for what really you want... and well ... the miracle will come at some point .. perseverance and more perseverance.


Good see you blessed! You always contribute fir this community. Regards

Well said that there is a price for everything in life. To get something in life we have to give something and that doesn't mean money only. Like to achieve a dream we have to give our time, hardwork, dedication and continuous efforts. If we are not ready for to pay these then there is no way to achieve and it's reality of life. Have a great day dear @chbartist

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Thank you friend!

Try to be successful in order to continue.
We have achieved success through hard work and effort. Thanks for a great encouragement.
good job!


Thank you @nosibe! Regards

Being passionate about your goals will only lead to success. I really loved that guru and disciple's story. damn inspiring.
keep up with such amazing content.


Thank you friend!

Perhaps i may have not been reading your posts well enough but I am highly motivated today by this @chbartist.


But this is very good! Success and enjoy your motivation to grow!

Hello Master, I have been working on this platform, but in the end I have not got some praise, so I am very depressed, what should I do? I am paying attention to you


Thank you!

Yaaa ....Through every dark night, there is a bright day after that. No matter how hard it gets, stick ur chest out, keep ur head up, and handle it with a smile ☺☺☺☺☺


Exactly! Success!

Very true, life is full of tough lessons!

The essential requirement to become success is to breath . why? all the dream will never come true when we die.

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No friend! Mutual Upvotes are just for meaningful comments and demonstrate generosity and respect to time effort all of us!

In my real world I have to fight for every single little thing. It depressed me. But your optimistic behavior and those motivational words give my soul peace. Thanks for that.

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And this thought will be with me in my way to career on steemit. Amen.

"In the face of perseverance, incessant struggle, incredible motivation, and beyond hope, witness, and desire, we find failure at the end of the road over and over again."

This is my present position @chbartist Sir. Even though i landed in a land of failures, i am determined to move on, very strongly, to achieve my goal. i just want to tell my goal here and it is "to move the world with my words just for a MOMENT". I know it is a herculean task, but i will try hard, hard, really very hard to achieve it.

i am really very fortunate to have come to this website because each and every word i read here increases my self confidence, mental strength and to top it, "courage" to face any problem and this story came as a "LIFEBOAT" when i was at the peak of adversity. @chbartist Sir, your words really poured that necessary dose of "life" into my mind at a time when my mind needed it most. Take a bow @chbartist Sir.

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When there is a good reason yes, we are ready to pay the price for that

We must consider reaching the goals as if it were a matter of life or death. Until something serious and delicate happens to us, we do not react by doing what we know we have to do

Belo texto achei muito motivacional

are you willing to pay the price that is necessary to achieve the goals that you want in life?

I believe the biggest price paid comes in trying to achieve goals that God did not ordain. Things that are of God have a quiet nod/peace about them...even the difficult places...

Years ago, I learned that striving to have things that were not of God may yield the result...but ALWAYS....with unfruitful results long term.

There's a saying: Flow in the Spirit...You know when something is of God...and you know when you're gonna' pay a price greater than you're willing to pay. When things are of God...He pays the price for you, every step of the way, according to Him in obedience.


And why I am still paying the higher price? Why I need to let things go until there is only hate and rage at life at myself which drives me? Why do I need to drown before I live?