Being Constantly on the Watch as a Means for Success...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Achieving success in life is like playing a complicated game of mental chess on a daily basis; both with yourself and the world.

There will be opportunities in your life and you have to be prepared for those opportunities. That means you need to hone your skills and talents, work hard, and be determined to achieve your goals.

By experimenting with different mindsets, productivity methods, and etc. you can reach that level of preparedness, but today I want to tell you that you are going to need more than that to achieve success!

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A lot of entrepreneurs and successful people say that if you want success, you need to unleash the beast within.

While most people think that this idea is about peak productivity, I have another interpretation that I would like to share with you all.

Staying alert to the circumstances in your life and the opportunities that show their face is just as important as being productive.

A lot of people lose their chance at breakthrough because they are not paying enough attention to their surrounding world. Some of them even fail to see the many opportunities for progress and achievement.

Being on the watch is just as essential as staying positive and hopeful about the future.

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If you want to be offered chances, you need to be on the watch.

You need to look at every corner and be cautious and conscious in every waking moment.

There are innumerable opportunities in the world for those who know how to look for them or grasp them before they get out of reach.

People who do not exercise their mindset fail to see these opportunities or procrastinate in taking their chance when the times comes.

A friend of mine struggled with getting a job and settling down.

The reason was that he would keep missing opportunities. ‘You don’t want this enough!’ I used to tell him.

A person who is not wary of the things that happen in society is someone who is doomed to fail.

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So, regardless of your productivity and enviable mindset, you have to be careful about wariness. You need to be on the watch for every opportunity that might show its face to you.

You need to grab that opportunity by the neck and ride life straight to achievement and success. If you are not properly on the watch, you will keep missing opportunities and chances at a supposed breakthrough.

Despite your best efforts, if you are not willing to use your opportunities with care, you will not realize your dreams or achieve success in any manner.

Be on the watch!





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Some people think that a lot of other peoples success is down to luck alone which is why they are stuck in the hole they are in. From my experience the only ingredients you need are self belief, determination and perseverance. The rest of it will take care of itself after that.

yes, it's like in sports life, if someone wants success there, it needs a lot of training (hard work), enthusiasm and a good knowledge about his sport, the rules and technical.
Even a not so much talented athlete can have success through these skills.
And a healthy mind needs a healthy body as well as healthy body requires a healthy mind.
Have a wonderful weekend

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Not only seeking opportunities but also need to be ready to take the plung at them as often many let them go by as they are afraid of pursuing them and leaving their comfort zones. If we cannot seize opportunity, we cannot grow to achieve great things!

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excellent dear @chbartist this is good advice with good points

Greetings @chbartist

Excellent publication

It is important to maintain a good physical and mental state to take advantage of any opportunity for entrepreneurship

The study, the training, the practice of recreational activities, the successful social relations, all this will keep us at the necessary level to face any opportunity with high levels of success.

Great points and great advice. I think noticing the opportunities that present themselves is the key to making things happen and the key to success. Nice post!

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@chbartist do you know on the every foot step of the life that there a repeatedly turning point same as chess and only those avail it who have a lot of life's practice and it's amaizing. But I think it does't matter you failed or successded in this temprory life because after some time you will must die

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Las oportunidades pueden estar en cualquier lado, aparecen muchas y otras se van, esta bien... Pero debemos estar muy pero muy atentos a cada una para saber elegir... Siempre son excelentes consejos @Chbartist, Gracias

Success is not available easily in the world.
I think don't miss opportunity and chance continue watching how can possibly and scope for success with will sure successful achieve goals.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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The most valuable thing in human life is time. And with that time the opportunity should be utilized. And if you do not take the opportunity to work then people will fail. Therefore, I am telling the leading people to use opportunity with time... i like your post..thank you💜

That's true, being aware in every moment is very important, meditation is an exercise to help of being in the present "now" and be aware in everything.

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Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, we all need to use our capabilities. When we go to our goal, we can always see opportunities for achievements and it will depend only on us how we use the opportunity and realize our dreams!

Lets be watchful all the time, not only in opportunities but also in temptation.

I think that the reason they miss opportunities is because they often do not recognise an opportunity is staring them in the face, until it is too late, so maybe they need to hone their observation skills. Start paying attention to different angles of reality so that new facets are made visible and then possibly the opportunities will become more obvious earlier. Just a thought 🙏

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Hola @chbartist es simple pero requiere de trabajo duro y disciplina…


Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities at the right time is the basis of success. For that you must have wisdom to not get carried away by emotionalism.

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The opportunity only comes with those who are diligently seeking it. If a person just sits one seat and resigns the failures. I am sure there will never be a good thing coming to him. Most people are always doomed to fate, so the proportion of poor people is always higher than the rich.

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