Five Reasons You Should Be A Fearless Dreamer...

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Hi Steemians!

Those who are too afraid to dream, never change anything. Those who have the courage to dream are outcasts of society, responsible for the progress of mankind and civilization, operating from under the shadows of distrust and disrespect.

Dreamers see the world in a different light. They have seen the truth of light, and the ultimate reality of our universe, and in time have become candles that imitate the true light of existence. These candles have always been the brightness in the darkest days of our history on this planet. They dream, they work, they inspire.

But their lives are always tragic in a sense; for these people who are the embodiment of everything great about our species are always looked down upon by the people who are afraid of change and progress.

Some would suggest that being a dreamer is living a wearisome and struggling life. What I am here to essentially tell you today is that being a dreamer is worth the trouble!

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You Become as You Think
When you are constantly thinking about dreams that are unimaginable or almost impossible to realize, your mind is drawing up roads and lanes you can walk to become the person that you need to be to arrive at the place you want to be.

There are billion strands of data that goes through our brain every day. The more you concentrate on a specific set of these strands, the more you change in accordance to what those thoughts are. Indeed, it is true that we become as we think.

A Meaningful Life
When you are playing a video game, you interact with the imaginary world in a profound and deep sense. What makes video games interesting is the goal that you will achieve if you move past a set of designed obstacles. That is a reflection of life.

Dreamers are incessantly thinking about goals that they want to achieve. They are not merely living, but they are living with purpose and desire. When you are a dreamer, your life is blessed with meaningfulness in every step of the journey.

Failure as Experience
It is easy to give in upon facing failure and defeat. People often lose themselves in an inner world of madness and despair if they come up against an obstacle that compels them to fail. That is not the case with dreamers.

For dreamers, the goals and wishes and ideals that they dream about are so real and vivid. It is always in front of their eyes. Failure cannot bring down dreamers.

They pay little heed to the obstacles that are standing in their way, and they see failure as an experience in the path of arriving at the place that they have envisioned in their minds.

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Obligation Towards the World

One of the most inspirational things about dreamers is that they have a greater outlook of life as opposed to ordinary folk. They notice things that others often fail to see. As I said at the beginning of the blog post, fearless dreamers are the ones that push mankind forward in directions that would be best for them.

Often enough, they see the folly of man and try to bring about a positive change to society. Dreamers are not just people who envision a future for themselves and work towards it, they envision a future for all mankind and put their best efforts into making that future a reality. For dreamers are truly neglected heroes of this world.

Freedom to Fly
Dreams set their dreamers free. Those who live an ordinary life with all of its casual and insignificant characteristics often feel like that they are in a cage of their own making.

The limits of society and human interaction reduces their creativity and livelihood to a shadow of the true human greatness.

The dreamers are birds who learn to fly in the infinity of the horizons that this universe has to offer them. For in their minds, every dream is a reality of its own.

They are not in a world of restrictions and boundaries, but a world where the only limit is the edge of your imagination.

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Be not afraid of dreaming, but of sleeping a sleep without dreams. Care little for what other people have to say. The only impossible goals are the shackles that this monotonous human society forces on us.

Shatter those shackles and learn how to fly!



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We don't know how big is universe but know how big is our planet. We learn all the things from this planet, and about limitation, sky is the limit, born, grown up, funeral all these are part of society that's why we say human is the social being, we can't make anything can change the shape only, practice makes a man perfect, it depends on ones choice what he wants to be, we can't force them, what we can do we can suggest them as you do. Have a nice time.

I currently am not a fearless dreamer, but I am a dreamer. I'm inspired to take on this challenge of being a fearless dreamer. Even if my dreams never become reality, I would rather have dreamed and tried my best to bring them to fruition than waste my dreams and dwell in regret.

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Thank you for this inspiration..... Sometimes we need something to remind us of our goal... People will be reminded of each goal to achieve with this blog... Thank you so much...

It's hard to follow the 'be yourself' rules every time, though people may understand the value of it. In a low developed country like mine, I see hundreds of people everyday to neglect their dream for the family responsibilities. They don't have the freedom to fly if they wanted to.
On the other side, there are so many new 'startup' going around me that also inspires me. I always amused by their idea and dream to fly.
People around may not always be supportive for our dream to achieve but we really have to try hard what we believe.
Thanks for your inspiration.

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@chbartist sir!
If all of us are not fearless about dreams. Either there is not enough information about him or is afraid to tell about his dreams. First of all, I have to think about this, but what is our dream, what do we want in the future? And try to fulfill your dreams with complete mind and heart. Avoid people's reactions on the day your dreams will be fulfilled, people's reactions will change automatically.

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I have always been a dreamer myself. While dreaming is important, so is action. I went in to law to make a difference for my community and ultimately my country. I have been fighting for people's rights for 38 years. I switched from criminal defense to personal injury law back in 1991. I was able to marry my ideology to an income stream. Dreaming with no regard to putting something into practice is merely idleness. I like how you mentioned the dreamer has to have goals that they achieve, not unlike video games that capture that same meme. Keep dreaming of a better world and act to make the difference when you can. Thanks, @chbartist for the inspiration.

I have had dreams, but i have not had the courage to act upon my dream, I have been limited by my imaginations of lack and challenges, and have never concentrated much on how to summount it.
But all these things are nodes in my complex reality that has kept me to dwell in linear world(Cause and effect, thinking ). but of late, i have realized i can design my life and my future, it only takes a concerted effort at a deeper level.
Thanks for bringing this topic up

@chbartist once again your blog make me inspired . If we want live happily then we have to be fearless dreamer and it must to take few risk in our life . Dreams doesn't mean nightmares ,dreams what we see with open eyes .we forget all things to complete that dreams ,that dreams matter for us. You can't do anything untill you won't dreaming for that .
Indian former president sir APJ Abdul Kalam said "see the dreams is not bad but having small dreams is a crime ".

This is one of the topics that I am most passionate about, that of dreams, there was a man named Jose, who was a dreamer, was sold as a slave, then went to jail, and in the end I ended up being the governor of Egypt. God is the giver of dreams, and we are not the builders of them, I remember when I was little, I dreamed, and when the time came to that dream come true, when I discovered the purpose that I have on earth I understood that I am part of the divine dream of God, Once I left my family land, like anybody else, I took my pen and started to write my own story, I got intimidating at the border to reach the dream, I went through the arid land called deserts, the valley of the giants It has been a war to defeat them, and I am still on my journey, I have met other dreamers like @sirknight, who have been part of this story and source of inspiration. Each one of us has a dream in his heart, and there is still time to fulfill it.

Thanks @chbartist

But their lives are always tragic in a sense; for these people who are the embodiment of everything great about our species are always looked down upon by the people who are afraid of change and progress.

That's probably the reason most people prefer to coform, to follow, to avoid trouble. It feels more confortable to be in the majority. Nobody wants to be the weirdo who sees the impossible.
Some societies are more conducive to form dreamers. There is something paralizing about unisonous negation of the possibility of changing even the most inisgnificant things.
Imagine you are a teacher and come a classroom and find it dirty. desks, floor, tables scratched, wrappers spread all over, and the board encripted with the previous class's material. And you tell your students, let's do some cleaning before we start. And they say, no, because they did not dirty the classroom. And they think it is impossible to think that you can convince faculty and students that having a clean campus is possible. And you have seen it done somewhere else, and you know it's easy, and you just can't understand how come the rest of the people around you can't see it that way.
So, of course you can either teach in the filth, turn around and cancell the class or do the cleaning yourself.
I did that several times and I was always mesmerized at how easily that action can trigger a change of mind in more than one person around. Once the first one starts picking papers up the floor, one or two more follows, precisely because nobody wants to be in the minority and all of a sudden, doing the wrong thing isolates you.
We can keep dreaming, but it takes some risks, actions and persistence.

Thank you, sir, for this post. It inspires me to realize my dreams. Dreams that have been fulfilled satisfies the heart. It gives value to your life and the essence of your existence.

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Imagine how the world would look if dreamers like Thomas Edison would have given up anytime during his supposed 99 failures of the light bulb before succeeding on the 100th attempt! Dreamers push our boundaries and wake up the grit inside of us to go beyond mental limits and do great things for society and oneself!

Reading the quote "You become as you think" just made my day!

Although sometimes wake up and get out of bed like a dreamer can seem crazy and something meaningless for the day, I have not stopped being a dreamer, because I still see the possibilities of realizing those dreams that hope to be taken by me. What we have to be very clear about is that to become a dreamer we must be willing to receive many hits on the road, and to fall into all the holes that appear, and then get up and move forward.

Well said sir @chbartist

According to me dreaming is the key of success. Behind every great and big invention there is a to tiney dream. When Right brothers decided to build a airplane there was a dream to fly. When Thomas Edison decided to build a electric bulb there was a dream. So we have to be dreamer if we want to be successful in our life
Lastly I would like to say only two words




Its not people stop dreaming , but they aim lower dream and reach it. Some afraid put higher dream because they afraid they cant reach them. In the same times , they afraid to be different with other people because has that dream. because you are different and unique , people afraid to be with you and worst thing is they curse you down.

If this happen , keep you dream, dream high and learn from you mistake while reaching your dream. If these people say that thing to you, just ignore them because you the only one who know the detail of your dream.some how , while chasing your dream , you ll meet more people who has same dear that ll cheer you to reach to your dear

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Dreams are what motivate us to do different things, a person without dreams is as if he were not alive ... how sad it must be to live without dreams ... I have always been very dreamy and that helps me see different things in certain situations.
Never let your dreams go out ... never stop dreaming !!!

i dream that i want to fly but cant cause i'm surrounded by turkeys:)


Do not let the turkeys distract you and fly ... :)

Great friend, @chbartist

If at any stage of life have determined that your dreams will come true in the coming tomorrow, then some things should start thinking and thinking from the very beginning. To make the dreams come true, it is necessary to dream that dreams should be seen.

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Wonderful post, thank you for sharing. This has motivated me to consider sharing my ebook for free on this platform and on amazon. Cheers.

Dreams are necessary but it can only happen when you dream big with your whole heart. Only then will you be able to achieve big dreams. As students' dream is to get good marks, to make good friends, get support from family and make some big in life.

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always keep dreaming, love this post, love the @daio mentioned ...she is really good and like that you like her too

I am a fearless dreamer now i will follow all those things what you gives us in this bologg✋

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Imagination is one of the greatest power which makes us true human being. Every inventor, every artists and every thinker used this power to create something that ultimately changed the shape of our society. Hence, dreaming is necessary. We have to imagine a situation or thing. It helps us to see the glimpses of the thing which we want to have. This is the first step to set a goal and without setting goals we efforts become fruitless.
A great scholar once said,"Dreams are not that we see while sleeping, dreams are those which don't let us sleeping."

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I've just upvoted your post!
just a micro support for a fellow steemian, I hope you'll appreciate it ;)

Haha if you're a dreamer of the night then it makes no sense. The ones who make it are the dreamers of the day. The ones who dream at night wake up in the morning and forget about their dream like it was something funny or have that attitude "it was just a dream dude". It's the dreamers of the day who you should take seriously. Just saying..

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why do we need reasons to do something or achieve something or follow something?

Somehow this does not match with your post the butterfly theory... no matter if you are a dreamer or not ... everybody can change the world, there is no need for all of us to change the world, our lives or..

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I doubt I ever had dreams or goals I was busy to stay alive. To be honest I have big doubts if it is worth it to set goals, to change the/my world. Sooner or later we all end up the same way and the questions left over before we die are completely different from what we did, want or fought for our entire live.

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remind me of the quote "everything start from a thought" courage to put that thoughts into actions with resourcefulness and perseverance will definitely turn it into reality one day.

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In short, I want to say that all the standard and achievement inspiration may not be the same for all because biochemistry is different and unique for every creature. As a science is hidden in every event. Just behind Love, Beauty, Emotion and many more things also a science; without knowing these every human exposed his/her imagination and experiences but suppressed others one.

i think too much

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