How Should You Decide on the Things You Need to Do in Order to Achieve Success?

in mindset •  2 months ago

Hi, dear friends!

It is fair to suggest that we are all living busy and crowded lives which hardly leave any room for creativity, improvisation, or taking risks.

This might have been a question of yours at some point in your life: How do I manage everything that I am simultaneously doing?

How do I decide on the things that I need to do in order to achieve success?

Well, today, I have a simple formula that you can follow in this regard.

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Phil Daniels once theorized that a useful and effective way of approaching the things on our list is dividing them into three categories: Stop – Keep Doing – Start

Let us start with the simplest one: Stopping.

There are many habits and tendencies in our life that are detrimental to the general state of our mental and physical well-being, and that is why we should seek to immediately put a stop to them.

This is the first category, so you will need to think of everything that is harming you or is not suitable for your ultimate vision.

Stop that activity or habit immediately and seek to put something else in its place.

That brings us to the second one: Starting.

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There are many things that you feel like doing… things that you need to do in order to accomplish a particular thing or expand your area of expertise and improve your skills.

These are the things that you will have to start doing.

Many of these new things are really difficult to start doing.

We all have our comfort zone and we will go through any length to protect it at all costs. Have the courage to leave your comfort zone and try new things on a daily basis.

Ultimately, a part of your daily schedule should be dedicated to doing new things that will steadily improve your life.

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Last but not least come the activities that you need to Keep Doing.

There are many things that we are already doing in order to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. These are the things that need to remain in our life.

If you ask me, when you reach the conclusion that you should keep doing something in your life and that thing is actually helping you, then it is best if you dedicate your focus and even try to DO IT BETTER than before!

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If you are the sort of person who gets easily confused by the sheer number of things that they have to do on a daily basis, then use these simple parameters to determine the importance of everything in your life.

There are things that you should start doing.

There are things that you should stop doing. And there are things that you should keep doing.

This is a practice that should be done day to day.

Dedicate a small portion of your day and think about everything that you can start doing, everything that you should keep doing, and everything that you should stop doing.

At the end of this exercise this you will have reached peak productivity!

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This is definitely something that has helped me on my journey in the past. The problem is I only did it a couple of times and as mentioned in the article, it should be done more often, preferably daily. It definitely helps you see your tasks and your future better if you evaluate your tasks and work from there. This exercise also helps you get to know yourself better, which is really important in my opinion. Only if you know yourself well and if you know how you want to change and what you want to become, can you take necessary steps to change. Thank you @chbartist for reminding me to evaluate stuff I do on a daily basis more often!


Hello @chbartist I am happy to see that few Steemians like you are trying to build a community who believes in adding some value on this platform.

I don't upvote or comment which I don't like to get upvotes in return. I believe in valuesand in building a community or true connections who believes to uplift each other in their lives.

I just land here last month and I'm spreading some positive vibes or awareness through my posts. And I'll be glad if get surrounded or be in a circle with that kind of mindsets here.

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Great post ... simple but not easy, like all things worth pursuing
Thanks 🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

@chbartist I have readen almost your every article dear and I think you should be declared as the best motivation writter on the steemit platform.... Keep it up...they are just fab.... I gurranty after reading your articles anyone can get pumped... Great =)

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chbartist bro You say right that In our daily busy routine we should set A goal in our daily routine life and stop thinking what should we do. Instead thinking of this type we should struggle to achive the sucess thats the way we can follow and achieve the sucess.

very necessary, it is a requirement to determine the importance of the moments or simply everything will be chaos and errors.

Great farmula for success Any thing. every thing done properly.
Great systematic you are explained here.

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First of all. If you are good motivation, you should decide what you do.

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Dear @chbartist,
Our mind needs to assimilate and organize new information. So, we need to stop (relax) for several minutes between tasks to achieve a peak productivity.

@chbartist I agree with all your wording as briefing about selling ideas to achieve the success is a big deal for a loser. But the thing which matters a lot to understand our mindset and psychology to move in care fully in our surroubdings then we will find out our ways if success

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Wow. This is great. I always beleve that a thousand miles start with a step. Likewise also, a path to success begins with starting like you have said

Excellent motivation @chbartist and you are absolutely right, we need to determine the importance of moments. We are all moving towards our goal and how we can set our priorities will determine the achievement of our dreams!

Wow wow wow. This will absolutely guide me and so many people through putting ourselves together in doing the right thing. Great motivational words!

I often feel sad on now a days on daily basis for producing a non productive day! I should try your mantra- Start, stop and keep doing stuff.
Hopefully that turns out to be a success.
Keep inspiring.

Love the simplicity of the stop-keep doing-start plan.

Curious to see how it applies to my apprenticeship, my life.

Gratitude shining in all directions for the light your words bring.

Inspiring stuff. Thanks for posting. New to the platform here and really enjoying reading the blogs of the other users. We would like to be in the tag if at all possible.

Maybe mine I improve my trading strategy in stock market I want to out my comfort soon

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@chbartist This is great. I can many benefitting from your post :)

Greetings @chbartist

Life is complicated if we do not carry it correctly. The availability of tools to validate and correct our actions is an important aspect to guarantee success.

These three tools that you lend today have a lot of power.

First, stop or stop doing what no longer has value, we will gain time and energy;

Second, to continue doing what is generating results, will keep us on track to meet the objectives

Third, starting new goals will keep us on track to success

We use this concept at strategic initiatives at work and while it helps to organize, the best thing it offers is a way to clearly prioritize and execute on the key tasks set to achieve the objectives of the group. I have taken this approach on my personal tasks as well although not as organized or documented.

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To get success in life, it requires lot of efforts passion and dedication. We are so busy in our life but we should get some time for ourselves daily. This little time is important because in this time we can think about ourself and prioritise the things.

This small practice will make a big difference which will be helpful for us in life.

Thanks @chbartist for nice post.

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Keep Doing:

Great theory. I hope to aware and follow these things to get success.

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Nice post, have a good day

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chbartist we can get sucess to follow the rulles who you discuss in the post. you are chose the right way to get sucess

WEll written and thank you.

Nice pic 👍👌

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activities that generate/possibility create the results you want. Plus take notice of the 80/20 rule.

🚀 🌕

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Truly we need motivation from people like you. Your work has motivated me a lot. =)

If you do things right, everything will be fine, nice post bro <3

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motivational nice post

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Another motivational post for us thank you chbartist .

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I think one bad habit I need to stop doing is procrastinating, and just starting, even if it's the smallest thing.

I tend to get over-whelmed by the amount of work I have to do on a project, and not start. Perhaps, I should break done my projects into smaller chunks, and start doing something, anything.

Thanks for the informative post!