If You Don’t Have 10 Minutes in a Day, You Don’t Have a Life...

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Hi, Steemians!

There are a lot of small things we can do to improve our lives on a daily basis and most of them won’t even take much time.
Creating small habits are like ripples that start a tsunami in the sea. In time, each and every one of these habits will come to affect your life in small or significant ways.
A person who consciously tries to create small habits and cement them in his daily life is at least ten steps ahead of everybody else.

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When I tell my friends about the golden method of dedicating a couple half -hours each day to doing something new and creating a beneficial habit for themselves, they always talk about their lack of time.
And you know what? I always laugh at that answer. This is even worse than coming up with an excuse when you have done something wrong.
So, I am going to say it with the utmost simplicity and honesty:
A person who doesn’t have 10 minutes of a day to themselves doesn’t have a life; a person like that isn’t actually living, because if your problems and shenanigans are disallowing you to dedicate a couple of minutes to yourself on a daily basis, then you are in need of great change.

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There are many things you can do on a daily basis that will improve the general state of your life. Medication, for instance, takes only 10 to 15 minutes but it can greatly improve your mood and peacefulness.
I knew a guy who would unconditionally dedicate 30 minutes of everyday to learning a new language. Another one read books on a subject that intrigued him. One of my friends actually does exercise late at night and he has been at it for more than three years.
But here’s where most people think mistakenly: What would be the point of spending little time on things? How can they prove beneficial to us?
To answer this question, you need to see things from the long perspective. If you study another language for 10 minutes every day, chances are, you are not going to learn anything in a matter of months.
But that is still better than doing nothing! In normal circumstances, you wouldn’t even try to learn another language, so what is the waste of dedicating 10 minutes of your every day to something beneficial?
You may not know anything significant in 4 or 5 months, but after a year, you can find your way around that language.

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This is also the case with most of our endeavors. You need to be able to see the long game at stake here; how old are you now?
Imagine if you started doing something small four years ago. What difference would it make in how you have spent your time in the past four years? Absolutely nothing. What difference does it make now? All the difference in the world. Because you have spent the last 4 years doing or learning something new.
Try to bring new and small habits to your life that benefit you in the long run!





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yes, I'm busy, I have no time and, and...
Only excuses... we have to make time and we can if we only want..
It's a question of the priorities we have!
We, ourselves, our kids and our life partner should be our highest priorities we have.
No more excuses, start making time!
Have a wonderful day

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Everyone needs a break once in a while.Honestly, 10 minutes is a bit short though.


Ya it should be a couple hours a day to reflect and do something ..we are not meant to be this busy doing mindless things ..busy is fine but standing in lines to fill out a piece of paper to get permission to do something .. seems to take longer to get permission to do something these days than it does to do it ..😨

This is exactly how I started on Steem as I used amsome spare time every day! Now I have learned how great engagement could help grow our accounts and the opportunity that exists here so I have continued to extend the amount of time spent here with the community. The benefits will continue to grow over time!

Posted using Partiko iOS

We are slaves to our habits. You need to change your habits, and your life will change. Physical exercises, if you do them properly, help a person to become healthier, and mental exercises - richer. Laziness deprives a person of both health and wealth. So I completely agree with you that you need to find time for self-improvement

wäre schon mit 5 min zufrieden

Greetings @chbartist

Excellent advice, dedicating a little time of the day to learn something new is a good strategy

All learning generates skills in the person who learns. The one who practices martial arts develops discipline. Whoever does book reading develops knowledge. The one who exercises is physically strengthened. whoever learns another language will have access to a greater amount of content.

In order to obtain the necessary time to invest in new routines, we must evaluate what we are doing now, restructure our objectives, allow us to eliminate minor tasks.

What a fantastic post, which is full of positive thoughts and feelings.
I totally agree with you when you talk about giving ourselves time.
I changed the way I thought about time and how best to use it shortly after Christmas.
I was in a dark depression coupled with anxiety and had to do something radical and different to get myself out of that hole.
I started running a few times a week, and soon found the benefits to be incredibly cathartic and healing.
I'm a busy father of 2, a musician and songwriter and also work at a Special Educational Needs school Monday - Friday here in the UK.
I also use mindfulness as a way of unwinding and de-stressing and find that there are plenty of great resources on YouTube and the app stores.
Thanks again for this post, its a poignant reminder for us all to take some time to rest, rejuvenate and reflect on our daily lives.
Have a great weekend.

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There are a lot of small things we can do to improve our lives on a daily basis and most of them won’t even take much time.

I started praying when I was small.
Until now I still pray.
If I die and enter the other dimension, I guess I would still pray.
Its a never ending prayer.

That's true we should indulge into some new activity and that's great. anyways I was wondering when are you bringing on new content on your youtube channel?

Don’t make people feel bad cuz they’re too busy!

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One can never be too busy for to make a little time, that's only an excuse..
If so, time to change your life.
Have a nice day

Posted using Partiko Android

I totally second your opinion you describe here. Personally i also try to follow this method. I use a to-do list app in my mobile phone. When i do the particular task and put a tick as done in that list it feel really good then. And as you've said @chbartist every task didn't take me more than 10 minutes.

Posted using Partiko Android

You are right, we always can find time during the day to improve ourselves. I would like to be in the list to not miss your posts. It's really great that you'r supporting so many people. I'm also doing so with @dcooperation , I'm the founder. Great to know more community builders on steem.

Very good strategy, from drop to drop a glass is filled. It is better little by little instead of doing nothing.

True indeed, we must practice this as suggested by you, we should dedicate a bit of time in learning new things, introspect ourself what we need to improve ourselves as we know
Life doesn’t stop us to teach“ no matter the quantity but quality of time & consistency matters according to me.
Thanks @chbartist for continuously motivating us through your blog!

io sono riuscito a trovare 10 minuti per leggere e rispondere. sono d'accordo anche se sono del parere che una giornata dovrebbe essere di 48 ore e non 24. ahahaha. grazie and good luck

Hi @chbartist I am seeing here your great advice for improvement of life how can I spend some time for self improve I am liking great advice and great job.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.👍👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to see that someone is also speaking about life on Steemit. @chbartist I completely agree and believe that life is meant to be lived not to just spend on things. That's why I'm sharing some good vibes here.
By the way you meant to say meditation instead of medication I guess. 🙂


Posted using Partiko Android

Great post @chbartist and thank you to tell us important of little habit and how they can give us benefits in long run because First we develop shits and then our habits devlop our future.

Posted using Partiko Android

Everyone has their minutes, but they daily to find on what to prioritize them.
Organised and prioritized Day yields one a lot of such 10 minutes.

Posted using Partiko Android

Tienes mucha razon todo cambio es difícil ,pero se puede hacer dedicando unos minutos al día, ir aumentando diariamente y con constancia y este se convertirá en un hábito, que al no practicarlo debe hacerte falta.

I think this is great advice, every journey starts with the first step after all. I wish I had realised this earlier in my life because I might have made important changes that did not come until much later. This technique is a great way to shift old or bad habits one step at a time. I hope readers take heed. ( By the way I think you meant to say ‘meditate’ not ‘medicate’, I know the spell checker thingy is annoying and causes our discourses to change meaning. I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out. )🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

yeah ! just do it and start small. the daily effort can compound

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@chbartist Truely appreciate your thoughts!! Instead of running for things which we dont have or we believe they have some value is not a better option if we compare it with things which have satisfaction,peace, happiness is something must people should have instead of 8 digit bank balance... In end we will be the only person to be with us so its mandatory to spend time with ourselves try to know ourselves... Such a nice topic sorry for speaking out my mind in a long comment... So peace out keep it up!!! Keep posting such thoughts!!! And I suppose you have special attachments to such topics right???

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nice post

Yes. The compound effect 👍

That first image of the sea is really beautiful.

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Time is important in every human life. There is no life in 10 minutes or so, and there is no life in it. And there are some small things that become habit and it takes more time to do those small things. I am saying that people should work more importantly...............Nice Such a wonderful photography and very nice article . Really your photography is Beautifull. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us..
Have a Great Day.💜💜💜

Working is important in life to survive and even to have a better and financial sound life but we should keep it balanced. Because of the hectic work schedule its natural to be so busy but we must take out sometime for ourself and it could be 10 minutes or more.
But it has to be for you and only you. Thank you @chbartist

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If You Don’t Have 10 Minutes in a Day, You Don’t Have a Life

Great words. But it is not easy to get new good habit for long time. I can stay 2-3 weeks till give it up.


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Very right my friend. 10minute with good habits daily can lead to a great lifetime blessing.

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I try to use the 10 minutes a day rule for meditation. When I do I notice major changes in my mindset and mood for the better. I've been slacking on it lately though. Thanks for the reminder to get back into it.

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