Love and Compassion Are Ladders to a Higher Existential State...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Love is an interesting concept, but if you really pay attention, we don’t talk about it as much as we should.

It is almost as if we see ‘love’ as just another social taboo that should be repressed and ignored whenever possible.

But our love and compassion for people or things, persons of interest or higher causes, defines who we are as a human being and charts a path for our life to unfold over time.

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In the Symposium, written by the great philosopher Plato, Socrates describes love as a ladder that can be climbed to yet greater states of sensational existence.

If we are talking about romantic love with a person, the feelings may first arise from appearance.

You may fancy the way someone looks. This sexual desire is the first of the many steps that one will have to take in order to reach the top of the ladder.

Your feelings will not step there. After craving the apparel of someone will come the phase of knowing them and their wisdom.

Their characteristics, beliefs, tendencies, and etc. are all aspects that will make you fall for them with much more ferocity and energy.

Socrates describes the whole process of climbing the ladder as starting from instinct and the mundane needs of human nature and ascending to ‘wisdom’ and ‘understanding’ through an unexpected journey.

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The same could be said about anything that we might be passionate about. When you are passionate about something, you begin a journey of understanding and realization to the heart of that thing.

You understand their nature and by doing that become one with them so far as empathy is concerned.

Being compassionate about something is a journey of self-discovery and ascendance to something greater than you were before.

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A lot of the things that happen in the modern society disturb me. In the books written by the American author, George R. R. Martin, there is a quote that has always made me think about the human nature.

‘Chaos is a ladder.’ Goes the quote. Many people fall into a pit of despair and start taking advantage of those around them to meet their ends.

In truth, the only thing that will ever truly make us better and higher than who we were before is ‘love’ and ‘passion’, but these people see chaos as an opportunity that they could exploit.

For such people who have no moral compass to guide their intentions and thoughts, every wrongdoing and mistake in the world is an opportunity.

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Do not feel guilty about love. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to love.

When you are compassionate about something, that makes you better than most people who strip themselves of the bliss of falling for something and adoring it more than they adore and love themselves.

In the long run, passion always wins!





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Love drives the passion and reason to get things done! I often find that I am working hard for my family and the love Ibhave for then and that drives me to do more than if it was only for me.

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Very good communication. I also think that love and compassion is the main and perhaps the only law of being of all mankind.

In the Symposium, written by the great philosopher Plato, Socrates describes love as a ladder that can be climbed to yet greater states of sensational existence.

8 Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks:
Agape — Unconditional Love. First, we have agape love. ...
Eros — Romanic Love. Eros is named after the Greek god of love and fertility. ...
Philia — Affectionate Love. ...
Philautia — Self-love. ...
Storge — Familiar Love. ...
Pragma — Enduring Love. ...
Ludus — Playful Love. ...
Mania — Obsessive Love.

The first one Agape — Unconditional Love, is the most ultimate and maybe difficult to achieve.
If you have unconditional love, you can love your enemy.
If somebody slaps you on your left cheek, you can offer the right cheek to be slapped as well.
If somebody throws you stone, you can throw him bread in return.

It is very nice. Because love is a fun thing in every human life. People can not live without love now.........i like your post..thank you for sharing with us.


well done.

thank you for saying it.

I hope everyone reads it.

they say We are only separated by 4 degrees now.

i see the world is flat.

find the curve.

lies are lies.

truth is truth.

this is truth.

thanks for sharing.

add me to the list.

please ; )

😳Wow it looks great!

Greetings @chbartist

Feelings can cloud our vision of things

Also each person has a way of seeing and feeling

The feelings of passion, admiration and respect towards someone, can generate changes in us, it is important to check that this is our feelings and where we are directing our future.

So cool you chose a Light Painting for this topic. Love it!

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Magical composition

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La vida es un continuo aprendizaje @chbartist y lo más difícil del amor y la compasión es lo nos hace mejor…

Enjoyed your article.

Great pitures !!

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I agree totally. If we accept everything and everyone that comes to our life with love we grow as people and help those around grow too. Love is contagious and affects everyone around. Thanks for the lovely post :)

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Your post is very important because love is a fun thing in people's life. There is no value in life without good wishes. Thank you for a nice post.

A big hug back to you! You opened my eyes for the love a bit more, thank you :-)

Es posible que a todos nos suceda igual; algo nos llama la atención a primera vista y luego de interactuar nos gusta algo más del ser, además de atracción sexual. Todo por estadios o etapas al subir cada peldaño. El amor nos hace subir la escalera más larga pero la desilusión acaba con todo el trabajo alcanzado y nos hace caer para recibir un duro golpe. Sin embargo, debemos aprender de los errores y seguir amando.

Ya ya you are saying right that's great felling better mutual understanding and supportive for growth and increased.

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a good reminder to express it to loves one around us !

🚀 🌕

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Hello friend, very good post I think that if we have to talk more about it and stop seeing it as a taboo and take it to practice completely and sincerely few people in the world come to love really we have to start loving ourselves first truly greetings congratulations

Nice reading article. Thanks!

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The true drivers that make us human are not money and acquisition of wealth, they are love and compassion.

Love is the greatest, due to too much distractions, we tend to not really pay attention.
Great to see a community who is aware and willing to promote love.
Hope to be included in the list of contributors.

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Do not feel guilty about love. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to love.
Love should not embarrass anyone, it is a pure feeling and that we should all have in our lives, for people who do not want to feel love, if it should be shameful and very sad, to have a life without love ..

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Love is definitely the best and the worst thing that could happen to human, Every emotion is in it's higher form weather it is happiness or sadness or anger. One should experience it in the lifetime.