The Circumstances That Surround Your Success and Lack of Knowledge...

in mindset •  3 months ago

Hi, Steemians!

This is not another one of those blog posts through which I urge you to keep learning and extend your knowledge to increase your odds of success in life.

Instead, I am going to talk about the circumstances that surround the idea of success and how lack of knowledge directly plays into our deceptive mind, eventually compelling us to forsake our pursuit and settle for something other than our original dream.

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You may have understood through the course of coming along with the blog posts here that I do not want to give you positive lies that can help you with your outlook.

We are here to find genuine and logical answers to our problems and dilemmas.
An important element of that effectiveness is always our honesty.

We need to communicate with honesty and that is what I have been trying to do here. So, even in this case, I will say it plainly:

When it comes to working for your goals, there is just so much that you cannot possibly be sure about.

For instance, you might send out a resume, but you have no idea what sort of a person is going to read that resume.

You have no idea what their preferences are or what their mood is at the time of reading your resume.

So much is at stake, and not only do you lack control over all these aspects, you simply cannot be aware of them.

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Many of us become afraid of this and forsake the pursuit altogether. But here is the thing: You may never know what is going on behind the curtains, but that shouldn’t bother you.

What you ultimately need is for everything to come together once and then… you will experience the breakthrough and the success that you have been waiting for.

Who can talk about the odds of that? It might be difficult.

It might be nearly impossible, but I’ll be damned if it is not worth the struggle! At the end of the day, doing something is better than doing nothing. (I am going to talk about this in another post.)

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Our knowledge is limited when it comes to the circumstances surrounding our success, but we have a responsibility both to ourselves and the opportunities given to us: We have to try.

It only has to work once. And it will, despite all the negativity and every tide that might be against you in the current of life.

Give yourself the opportunity to constantly try and fail.

Eventually, everything comes together and you will be delivered from your struggle!





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So true...
I had just a small discussion about my new plan to attract big news players like CNN or BBC to Steemit, with the background RT joined Steemit last week, all the negativity about this plan in his answers cannot stop me from trying it.
When we have an idea we should only listen to constructive conversations, he could have a bad day or don't understand the importance of the whole plan.
So follow your ideas (dreams), change them into plans and start.
Just Do It !!
Have a great day

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi dear @chbartist.

It seems to me that if I need to focus so much of my vital energy on thinking who or whom I should like, or whom or who I should impress to achieve the success of a goal, then I must analyze myself and rethink the bases that led me to propose that goal.

The true goals are those that satisfy your own demands. Then we must maintain the dynamics and constantly change the angle of vision. This way we will obtain the full spectrum, including ourselves within that panorama.

I congratulate you for the power you have to provoke deep reflections in us.

All best, Piotr.

I agree that we don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes, and that is not a reason to stop trying. However, it's also important to be sure that our strategies are effective ones and that we are not wasting our efforts on something that doesn't work.

One thing that helps is communicating with others, both those who are in your position and have met with success, and those who are typically acting in your "zone of uncertainty." That way, you may not know exactly what is happening once actions are out of your sight, but it does help you "aim better" before taking that shot in the dark.

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Regardless of whatever, life goes on. Whatsoever thing we want is at the other side of fear. We fear so many things in life that those things tends to cripple our efforts countless times. However, we should know that success can't and will never reduce its standards to meet or reach us, rather, we have the sole responsibility of increasing our standards to reach success (Any unforeseen situation has no negative control over this). Regards @chbartist. I have learnt a lot and i am still learning a great deal through your amazing blog posts.

@chbartist surroundings and circumstances only depend upon your level of concistency with regularities and important conditions of that sysytem in which yiu are relying. All these direct your mind to those habits who have 💯 % way of success survivals. For example why you join steemit, accirding to my knowledge this plateform have all ways of to be a successful life but terms and conditions only obeys a proper procedure and working with concustency. Tgats it...

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We can't have control over every external thing that has a part in our success someway or other but what we can do, try fail, rise, try again until we achieve our goal. We can't sort everything so better to leave it, play our role best.
Thanks for another motivational post!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill

hello @chbartist.... i always like your articles n appreciate for words too.... it is also true u r really working hard in your each n every post....
In general, people accumulate knowledge gradually over a long period of time. However, there are extraordinary people all around us, who are capable of accumulating impressive amounts of knowledge within a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, even the greatest genius possesses only a small fraction of all knowledge known by mankind. Finally, the following question arises: how large is all the existing knowledge in comparison to the space of ignorance?

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Following right people is the way to being with #success.

This is a powerful teaching. Usually my dreams have been hindered at some moments but let me hope once again:)) Thanks

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You really think people who like to write back off, quit writing or even do not start with it because they are afraid of what others say?

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That's true, one should constantly try and never give up!
Keep inspiring.

It is important to do what is best in everything. We know we're doing are best when after every work are mind and heart is at peace. We may not know all the circumtances or bigger picture, it doesn't mean that we maintain or improve in every work. The important is, in our heart and conscience we did are best.

Everything is an opportunity. Either you grow or give up. The choice is yours.

I remember how you started and it looks like you're growing with every day! Congrats!

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Our environments are a key factor when determining our path towards setting and achieving goals. As they change often, we must always be aware of them so that we can adjust accordingly as challenges often delay the process but can also provide opportunities. We must be prepared by knowing well our surroundings.

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Perfect achieve success without doing anything proper not possible something do in right way with sufficient knowledge you are right my friend great suggestions.


@shashiprabha thanks for your appreciation. @chbartist always doing things good to better.

When we have an idea we should only listen to constructive conversations, he could have a bad day or don't understand the importance of the whole plan.
So follow your ideas (dreams), change them into plans and start.

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Yes @chbartist . Only knowledge that makes us human otherwise there is no difference between human and animal. That's why we can think, talk and execute any works and succeed.

Right! Some dreams are filled up and some dreams are not fulfilled, to be full of dreams, the dream will be within the means. Thank you

Every day I give myself an opportunity to try harder. I try to work harder, I try to learn more, I try to care about my loved ones. When I spend time and care about the important things I feel this life is extremely meaningful and worth living.

Congratulations @chbartist!
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Life is an accumulation of events that occur in each stage, if we stop to think about everything that can happen, surely we will never move forward, we must act no matter what may happen, in this way we do not stagnate and we will be closer to what we want that when we do absolutely nothing.

Great post, and so true. None of us were able to walk the first time we tried it, we fell over and failed trying a thousand times over, but persisted and succeeded eventually. Failure is part of the journey to success.

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