The Fear Of Loss Can’t Be Greater Than The Desire To Win. Free Yourself From That Mentality As Soon as Possible.

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Hello Steemians how are you all?

Before beginning I would like to remind all of you what we are doing here. We are building a community with respect, reprogramming our minds with positivity, with the idea of helping one another.

I was aware of this and a few blogs ago we started doing a great initiative with each other, upvoting each others comments, and many new people joined because of the great attitude displayed.

However lately I’ve seen people have stopped doing this. I remember seeing 9,10,11 upvotes on comments (of course, not on the spam ones like: amazing, wow, i like, etc)

Because of this I ask you if you leave a comment, come back in a day and support others and you will see your kindness returned. On top of that for me that is an indication that people are understanding the message of helping each other, without worrying much about the SP. I’ve been upvoting very generously to everyone who puts effort, but I ask that you all do the same, ok?

So let’s continue..

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On this post I would like to talk about a subject that I’ve had to discuss with thousands of people that I’ve trained and in 90% of the cases it never stops being a paradigm that people have and need to get rid of urgently.

The majority of the people who don’t progress in their life projects get stuck because of thinks they learned growing up, or a collective idea. This makes them not believe in themselves, makes them listen to the thieves of dreams, and what is the result of this:


Please, remove this from your life as soon as possible and reprogram your mindset.

I can talk about a few examples of this:

1- Many times employees work completely unsatisfied, but they have really good ideas for the lives, they would like to grow, but the paradigm that they have in their head says: “If I leave this job, and I lose my salary, What will I do?” Believe me that those who have vision and courage end up making three or four times more once they pursue their goals, but they have that false sense of security.

2 - Another example: One time I was hired by a company in the area of sales as a trainer. The company had about 500 people on the payrolls, and the company that hired me wanted me to make it seem as if people were at risk of losing their jobs, and that made production increase by 30%, but why? Because they loved the company but not their bosses, and they feared losing the secure jobs.

3 - When we are raise in poor households our families tend to say things like: Are you sure you can start your own business? If it doesn’t work out? You are leaving your job? What do you do if it fails?

Plenty of times we listen to this, from friends even: If it doesn’t work? Or worse: You will not make it. In this case it’s because they have that fear themselves, or don’t want their friend to succeed. Sadly plenty of people are afraid of success and don’t want people within their circle to succeed either, which is pure ego.

Ahh! I forgot a common phrase: You are taking a leap, too big for your legs.

The problem is that we hear this from people who don’t understand the project or how much you’ve researched about it.

Because of this I want to leave you with a message and its the following:


Don’t worry about making mistakes, that is part of life, believe me.

“Its better to make mistakes with your own head, that to make them because of someone else’s opinion” @chbartist

If you are mistaken, it will be because of you and you will learn, but if you follow someone else you are likely to feel a lot more regret in the future.

Making a mistake is not a problem, the problem is to quit trying and to stop improving, so you have to let go that fear and embrace the possibilities.

Do not forget what I wrote in the previous posts. Know that you have to listen to people who have lived the experiences you want to follow, even if they’ve made mistakes and failed at lets say opening a restaurant, this does not mean that you will fail. Take advantage and try to learn from their mistakes too, you have parameters you can analyze and on top of that all of us have a different capacity to learn.



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Resteemed. I totally agree with you. I love this platform and find lots of positivity and always pour out upvotes and positive comments on a daily basis. I too have noticed less comments since the hardfork and feel it is very much connected. Low rep accounts use up their strength too quickly, and new account holders of whom I have spoken on discord re this very thing are finding it extremely difficult to put themselves about without any sp behind them. I feel all newbies need an amount of delegated so to free them up to get themselves going a little. It seems to be a real issue, do not related to fear but just logistics. Thanks for a great post btw - keep sharing the love and positivity 😉🦋🌈💛🌴🍀


Hi @sallybeth23! Thanks for your comment, I don't know if you read many of my posts because in them I am explaining how we can within that blog make the wheel spin. About HF I'm still going to write about it very sincerely for everyone who's connected with me. I can assure you what experience I have to make it work here on this blog, we just need more users logged in here because as soon as I write about my upvotes I know it's possible we have more users here doing what I'm directing them to do and this is very important because it creates a generous community. It's very simple, imagine if you make an excellent comment like what you just did and receive 50, 60 upvotes only from people who are here with us. Have an excellent day! We need grow the community in this blog and you see what can we do. Resteem if is possible. Regards


Thanks for your reply. I have resteemed yes with pleasure. I shall continue to do all I can to help grow this wonderful community, you have an excellent day too xx❤️🌈🍀🦋🌴🌅

Dear @chbartist sir!
The negative mentality never lets us move forward. I can do this, ideology should be in the mind.Failure is a part of life, but is not permanent. As a result, we have the ability to learn from mistakes.Even today, the percentage of such people is higher, who work in a traditional way while staying in punctuality. Such people need to break this paradigms.That day is not far when government jobs are in the purview of privatization. Then we will have no choice but to regret. There must be commitment to learn more than losing in us, because failure teaches us that efforts to success were not done wholeheartedly.People working in the private sector are more successful than the people employed in government jobs. The reason is obvious that they have achieved this time by struggling with life and circumstances. He has broken the paradigms of punctuality, learned from the failures, and never let the fear of failure dominate him. Now a days ,we are seeing some disturbance in this community. it means our effort is on the right way.


Exactly @certain, it's all about breaking paradigms and reprogramming the Mindset, but we need to increase the number of people on this blog because I'm sure we'll still see many of them with 20.30.40 upvotes in their comments for understanding that we are facing a concentration of people who have already understood this. Regards - Have a good week


@chbartist sir! Yes, we can do this. People connected with the community have started to understand this mindset. The change comes gradually. The new partners associated with the community will understand this concept very soon. Your efforts will definitely be successful.regards

Your post is very beautiful All your words look good, especially if two things that people make mistakes, then someone can get opinions from another person. Making a mistake is not a problem but do not try it is the biggest problem thanks to sharing such a post.


Thank you friend! I'm glad for...resteem and share because I believe that we can building a community in this blog. Imagine! All (thousand) friends upvote each others. My dream is see all you with 50, 60 upvotes. Of corse I can't response for thousand peoples...LOL - Have a great Week!

I relate this to what I am trying to build here on STEEM as I am investing time and money but I am not concern of losing the financial capital as the only capital I would actually lose is opportunity cost of doing something else. However, I like what I am doing here so I remain determined to enjoy the journey while it lasts.


Waiting friend! Everything will be right if we move forward together! Regards

It would be interesting to see your dTube contribution. The content is purely inspiring and you are genuine enough to take care of your readers. I like everything about your article. Respect!


Thank you for your kind words. About Dtube I don't have experience with. Maybe soon... Regards

@chbartist! actually we have to overcome from the fear of loss by doing our regular activities with the community. Lets change and move forward together.
We can win. peoples remember winner like you not the losser.

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Yes friend! Move forward together. We can be the best community is we want! Move on!!!

People fear loss because they are not equipped to face another challenge of their lives. They are afraid to launch into the deep because of believing they're not qualified. Continuing education is necessary, whether self-help or formal training. Keep focused, your horse is coming, you don't want to lose it.
Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God. -William Carey


True it could also be general concern for unknown outcomes that spur fear of failiure

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Great words! Regards

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I strive to follow the peace, but don't back away from struggles. I had a lot of good teachers and mentors. My latest resurrected pursuit is to reinvent myself in my music! If anything it'll be fun! I'm having Dtube trouble uploading my first personal music contribution, but it'll happen. Blessings to you!!


Music is the elixir of life! I became an entrepreneur along my journey but it was the music that gave me everything in life! Regards


I sure hope you're uploading to YouTube in conjunction with Dtube! That beautiful snow backdrop would make people hang around for the full upload...;+)


Thanks @chbartist for this very inspiring message. You know what I love the most- the part wherein we do not want people to succeed in our circles. It reminded me of the popular mentality-crab mentality. basically, they are crabs in a pail that pulls whoever is at the top so no one escapes the pail.


Thank you for your words! Have a great week!


@nurseanne84, Believe me! I'm doing my best to build on this blog the most generous steemit community. I have been trying to convey my humble experience with hope of building a team with such a strong Mindset and I know where we can go. Let's go together! Regards

Well said!

People fear from the unknown and they tend to resist change. Once you start listing all the potential outcomes that an action can lead to, you can study the risks/benefits, create plan B's and so on. Having a clear vision makes everything easier.

I think it's a matter of embracing things how they are and trusting yourself. I totally don't see a point on staying at a job you hate for instance.

At the same time it's always frightening to do something new. That's when I recommend to take someone with you as a companion in that journey. Psychologists have researched the impact of social support to achieve challenging actions and it has been shown that when you have someone with you, the task doesn't seem as challenging as if you did it alone.

All best.

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I'm here with all of you! Regards!

Mistakes are the part of life and it is possible to do a mistake but we should avoid to repeat mistakes. Thank you sir for helping people through your experience.i Resteemed this post


Thank you friend for you comment and a copy/paste a response that I give to other comment. Regards - "I don't know if you read many of my posts because in them I am explaining how we can within that blog make the wheel spin. About HF I'm still going to write about it very sincerely for everyone who's connected with me. I can assure you what experience I have to make it work here on this blog, we just need more users logged in here because as soon as I write about my upvotes I know it's possible we have more users here doing what I'm directing them to do and this is very important because it creates a generous community. It's very simple, imagine if you make an excellent comment like what you just did and receive 50, 60 upvotes only from people who are here with us. Have an excellent day! We need grow the community in this blog and you see what can we do.

Many times we are surrounded by people who transmit fear ... and it is not that they are ill-intentioned, but that it is their nature, they see everything bad or difficult, I have run into people like that and sometimes they have transmitted these fears to me , and I got to lose opportunities for that.

What you mention is very true:

“Its better to make mistakes with your own head, that to make them because of someone else’s opinion”

because only then will you know if it turns out or if it really is not worth it ... if you let yourself be carried away by others, you will always have the doubt ... would it have turned out well?


Perfect @blessed-girl.Have a great week!

This is great line/ sentence @chbartist and is very true.
Very inspiring for the community
Very much appreciate your thoughts and work


Good see you @moghul and your comment. Great Week

Fear in a nutshell retrogress man's growth. To be successful, it becomes necessary to conquer your fear. I love this quote which says that if you're afraid to fall, you can never fly. Be strong in any decision you make. Success lies ahead


Yes...Thank you. Success for all us! Have a great week!


Have a wonderful one in return

We are all gonna win so much that we'll be tired of winning!

Wel said friend @chbartist that if we will fear about loss then we can't move ahead and will not be able to face challenges and take new initiative. Instead of thinking about we must think only about the creative ways to start the work. Profit and loss there are only two thing and nobody can predict it prior to result outcome. Whatever would be the result is the outcome of the work you contributed and worrying about loss in case you get, will make you mentally disturbed. By the way its a nice post from you. Have a great day.

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Yes friend, It's just a question of how we deal with problems and solutions. Regards

Yet another powerful insight. This particular point has a twist to it. What I mean for example the fear of poorverty and suffereling...i have noticed in some cases it's a stronger driver for success than the desire for wealth...its good to understand how fear can be used to empower as well

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Thank you! Have a good week

The fear of failure make one to be over careful, not just because of the failure but also what people around us would say, and how they would see us if we fail causes us to be too cautious to want to try out things, forggeting that we wont succeed if we dont try.


Exactly friend!

False scene of security keeps us in our comfort zone, the difference between those that are living there dreams and those that are not lies in their mindset.
The successful ones tend to have "make it or break it attitude while the fearful once will say i dont want to fail"
Keep the fire burning



"Sadly plenty of people are afraid of success and don’t want people within their circle to succeed either, which is pure ego." It isn't that they are afraid of success, but that they are likely afraid of failure, which is a much stronger motivator. Of course, the latter portion of this section, detailing how fearful individuals don't want others to succeed in their stead, is accurate.

Great talk, well said. This is not just a great write up but a life Changging article. If this is the only thing i learn today on steemit, I'm ok.


Thank you friend!

Fear from losing 1 thing will cause you to lose everything
Then simply
Cut your losses short



Thank you @red-rose - Beautiful nick name!

yes if you want someting should have the fear of loosing another


But we must always face fear with courage. Have a great week!

Yes,posivity always open the door towards success.

Yes,I can and I will .....

Daily listening of positive affirmation while sleeping may be really helpful to overcome any irrational fears of mind. It will work as self hypnosis. To change our paradigm , we should take some steps that is slow but effective. I personally do these-

  1. Listening positive affirmation while sleeping ( YouTube)
  2. Watching motivational video after waking
  3. Running for a while to chemical balance in body and brain
  4. Do my job at the scheduled time not doing procastination
    I think these few steps will change your life

I think that this had to be said. I mean, isn't that the goal of community? To help each other grow and develop. Instead, people expect and expect and give nothing anymore and it is interfering with the balance. There always needs to be balance in order to live a fulfilling life. I have just invested in some steem power as I am new and now have more resources and can actually comment. Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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A man can do many things in life if he can overcome the fear of the brave man, overcome fear

yes yes i will

Great post, I love focusing on the positive side of things. As humans, we need to let go of the already programmed negative mentality in us.

Que excelente idea, el mundo seria mejor si todos nos apoyaramos y trabajaramos mutuamente, ayudando unos a otros, me gusta mucho esta clase de articulos que de verdad son de mucha ayuda para cambiar nuestra manera de pensar y de hacer las cosas, a mi en lo personal me gusta escribir sobre este tema porque me parece que es de gran importancia, de hecho hace poco escribi un blog sobre el poder de la mente, aunque soy nueva en steemit espero poder llegar a mucha gente, y ser de mucha ayuda para otros e igual manera encontrar ayuda para mi. Felicidades por este gran blog.

Fear of loss is the worst poison and desire to win is the best Tonic!

Very good!!

This is a great post. I almost wrote that I could understand your frustration at people not upvoting and commenting; but, at day 4 it seems as if this post is proving quite lucrative.

Regarding people working and 'hating' their jobs, in this age of the internet and YouTube, people should make it their business to have a 'sideline' gig as an online entrepreneur; even on the smallest scale for starters. I have observed people with zero degrees go on to make six figures with social-media platforms.

Best regards.


The feeling can definitely hold us back but it can also keep us grounded and safe. I'm more of a simple person so I tend to hold back but I can say I'm happy knowing I can control what I do and what I plan to do.

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