The Golden Rule: If You’re Good at Something, Never Do it For Free...

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Hi, Steemians!

Chance plays a huge part in our position in the social hierarchy. As talented and diligent as you might be, you still need some other elements of causality in your favor to achieve something.

That is why many people get stuck with things that are lesser than what they actually deserve.

Christopher Nolan once wrote this dialogue for one of his films:

‘If you are good at something, never do it for free.’

And it is a meaningful sentence for those who know how to interpret it properly.

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Our society is a great one, because people get rewarded for their competence and not other non-important factors, so far as professional work is concerned.

But here is the problem: the mentioned argument is not entirely true. Sometimes, people are not rewarded because of their competence, but for simply being in the right place at the right time.

Even worse is that sometimes people are rewarded because they have certain connections.

It is fair to claim that a lot of people are not well respected and paid back for their competence.

Your skills and talents may be put to use, but ask yourself this question: Are you being rewarded for what you are bringing to the table?

A person may be awarded ten-fold for doing something with mediocrity, and a person may be awarded with less than what they deserve for doing something utterly amazing.

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In such scenarios, I have only one thing to say to the person whose right is getting trampled on:

Be brave enough to free yourself from the restrains that disrespect you and your dignity!

If you are good at something, you should never do it for free. If you are good at something, you should never do it for less than what you actually deserve!

A lot of people get stuck with a job because they are afraid when it comes to handling their expenses and earning their living costs.

But imagine the waste of potential and time when you actually settle for something lesser when you could aspire for something much greater!

What would your future-self tell you?

How would you look upon these days in the future, where the troubles and worries of expenses and things like that are not important anymore?

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The world may not have treated you well, but you can treat yourself well. Remember, if you cannot have respect for your own craft and work, the world will have an even more difficult time accepting it!
Trust in your own potential and skill and push for greater boundaries each and every day! Remember how the saying goes? It is not over until it’s over! So, make a note to constantly push yourself for something better.
If no one has told you this recently, then let me be frank and clear: Provided the fact that you have really worked for it, you only deserve the very best from this world!





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Hello and good morning,
yes, the drama with the connections...
In our business or political world one need connections to be successful or you have the golden idea and you're lucky the right people noticed it.
So what's most important, if you start a business is building connections, sometimes more important as your idea itself.
Take a look at most of the famous painters in our past, they had no connections, lived a poor life and died poor.
The most successful people and politicians and their families have very good connections since centuries, whether they do a good job or not, they are successful.
Here on Steemit for example, it's the same, without building connections or communities the success will not be as much or one invest money in Steem.
My advice :
Do everything to make connections here, make useful comments, resteem good posts and help new users to understand Steemit better.
In the long term, the success will be yours.
Have a wonderful week

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I agree.

Sometimes, people are not rewarded because of their competence, but for simply being in the right place at the right time.

That's why I quit my job. At some point it was rewarding and offered great possibilities of social mobility, but politics and mediocracy ruined our institutions and I felt I was working for free (not sure how many countries in the world pay $12 a month to college professors).

I liked this line

The world may not have treated you well, but you can treat yourself well.

I am working on it


That's why I quit my job. At some point it was rewarding and offered great possibilities of social mobility, but politics and mediocracy ruined our institutions and I felt I was working for free.

Exactly happened to me. Regrettably here in Venezuela the salary does not reach at all.


We have a lot in common, then.
No amount of money we can make here is enough. The sad thing is that at this rate, it will be impossible for friends and relatives to help from abroad.
Two years ago, any venezuelan working in Perú or Chile could send 5 or 10% of their salary to a relative and provide them with the equivalent of months of salaries here. Now they struggle to sedn 20% or more and those amounts mean nothing with our inflation.
We have become the most expensive country in america, probably in the world (when it comes to the relation income-expenses)

Absolutely accurate. Your time and talents are finite, scarce resources. If they are worth other people benefitting from them, they are worth paying a fair value. Thanks for this!

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Greetings @chbartist

Working in a company and fulfilling a schedule allows you to develop discipline, experience and contacts.

While working in the company, it can be generated in parallel economic activities that can generate additional income.

But to be able to do the above, we must be confident in what we do, be sure that we provide the best service, therefore we will stop seeing each other as an employee, to begin to see ourselves as a company, we must visualize ourselves as a brand.

We should work hard to het our true worth for what we do however it is a two way street very often! We must strive to add value and demand our value back as we grow and climb the ladder. In being professionals we are often able to gauge our worth these days with technology and the way we can share information online.

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Hola @chbartist buen consejo, me he fijado que en muchos casos nos es difícil tomar esa decisión, es decir, para cumplir con esta regla debemos estar seguros de nosotros mismos…

I am absolutely agree with you !!!
and by the way would you be so kind and add me to the list of of contributors, please

The fear of rejection is as bad as the fear of failure.

An alcove writer, a poet of closed notebooks, a lone painter in the attic, can build wonderful dreams, is able to draw a rainbow in the darkest gray mind. But the ghosts are his own fears that will prevent him from showing that talent. He will prefer to stay broken, he will accept a yoke that he does not deserve. Only because of the fear of being rejected.

This state of conformism is lethal for any human being. But to get there many times the road has been plagued by immature rejections by parents, an education with abuse a continuous mental work that has only managed to place that person in a subsoil of which he does not allow himself to emerge.

Again you surprised me with your right thoughts.

All best, Piotr.

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Love it, very timely for me, probably been selling my self short for a while now, bless you x

Of course I too firmly believe Talents should get recognized and rewarded.
Keep inspiring us.

Saludos @chbartist bueno si eres una persona que te gusta ayudar a los demás, puedes dedicar algunas horas con algunas personas que también lo requieran, y hacerlo como trabajo comunitario, así ganas y estas bien con tigo mismo…

That's why last year I made the decision to quit my job. There the salaries were not enough to buy food and what I did was a good job, I felt that they did not give him the value he really deserved and I resigned ..

This is a very useful post and it has certainly got me thinking about my own life and work. There are certain situations that I do work for nothing because I either think the person needs the favour or I see thejob as service for my community. However I am also guilty of under appreciating my own skills and I know I need to address that so thank you for this wake up call🙏

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Yes. Right if I good at something then its because of the hardwork and time invested by me. Now is the the time to get benefits of it..if I do it for free then people will not value me. Thanks @chbartist for nice topic..

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Thanks for the advice!
So many people under value our own skills and don’t fight hard enough for what they really deserve.
Hopefully we can all take your advice and get what we deserve for our skills and effort!

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Muy buen trabajo,eso pasa en venezuela,somos dspado a los trabajos,profesionales con post grado ,especializacion y nos pagan 13& mensuales,muchos emigraron por eso

I love this, strong motivation for me, to quit job and start my long plan business.. 😎

I needed this 7 years ago when I started consulting in the oilfield and too many handshake deals I ended up losing my ass and still recovering ..... I am learning to be brave my Steem friend ... keep posting great advice for me😂😂😂

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Yes, let me trust in my own potential before the whole world believes in me and my work:)) Thanks @chbartist

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If it's free, you're the product.

I agree with the fact that one should respect and value their talents, it is the matter of time sooner or later person with talent & hard work will achieve success. There is saying "If the horse becomes friends with the grass, what will it eat?" . We should respect our time and efforts in order to achieve something special. There are some scenarios in which persons having great capabilities have to settle for less but they have to come out of this scenario as early as possible.
Thanks @chbartist

Thanks for this nice post...As you mentioned Time and place is very important for success, sometime less talented people earn more in corporate organization than talented people.

I am a under pay mechanical engineer,corporate life is unfair to me but it can not stop me, I have infinite potential to learn the new things and earn the money to fulfill my and my family requirement.

Only thing which is matter is experience, may be one day I can charge billion dollar for my single idea..Your post headline remind the all dialogue of Joker from Movie Dark Knight. Whatever joker told in movie is 100% true and we must implement in our life.

And what if you're good at nothing 🤣🤣🤣 who's gonna pay me for that 😝

Yes, your writing is correct.💜

The Golden Rule: If You’re Good at Something, Never Do it For Free...

This might be a golden rule but its not the general rule.

Ah, these are the wise words!

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Amen brother! I have written about this before myself [not on Steemit] and believe this 100%. I am in a fight with certain crypto people because I believe they should not be demanding volunteerism, but paying people a sustainable wage. In general, meritocracy is not rewarded, and we, especially artists, must draw the line, and hold the line of what value we bring. I could carry on about it but feel you nailed it.

Please exploit your ability thoroughly. Use talent to create value for the community. In return you will get the corresponding results. Never waste your talent.

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Yes friend you are right capabilities is use right a direction for achieving success.

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Golden words! 👍

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@chbartist One of the best quotes I ever heard !