The Importance of Making Your Mind Up on Important Issues...

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Hello, dear friends!

One of the faults that we humans have and grow up with is the fact that we do not dedicate the time and the energy that is necessary for making our minds up on important issues of life and existence.

A person who is in his twenties or thirties and hasn’t made up his mind on important subjects is always struggling with himself.

Making decisions is doubly hard in a situation like this.

So, what should we do about that?

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This is not just about your philosophical standpoint when it comes to matters of life and its meaningfulness.

For instance, a person might have an existential crisis and think about the reason for which he is living this life.

But that is perhaps beside the point that I am trying to make here.

When you are undecided about certain things in life, you will have a difficult time coping with every situation that arises.

This will specifically make decision-making a hell for a person who is undecided when it comes to certain aspects of their life.

I am going to number a few of these aspects and bring them to your attention.

You have always had these issues in a corner of your mind, but perhaps you were never brave enough to thoroughly think about them.

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What do you want from your family?

Have you ever thought about the expectations that you have from your family?

How do they treat you?

How do you want them to treat you?

What do you want from your friends?

How do you look at your friendships and what do you want out of them?

What is the beneficial result of these friendships?

How are you going to improve your skills and learn new things?

What are your productivity methods and how do you want to live each day of your life?

Are you living up to your ideal standards?

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Where do you see in yourself in 5 years?
Have you ever tried to incorporate such perspective to your daily life and adjust your plans in accordance to that higher vision?

How are you going to deal with some temptations that are harmful to you and your progress in the long run?

What is your defining and unshakable perspective on smoking, alcohol consumptions, or drugs?

What do you want out of your romantic relationships?

What are the merits that define the ‘right person’ for you?

How are you going to handle the time that you need to spend with your significant other?

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Deciding on these matters is the most important thing you can do today.

And when I say today, I don’t necessarily mean the day that you are currently experiencing. Dedicate time to deal with these matters, even if it takes a few months.

Otherwise, you will be always at the mercy of what society determines for you.

Do not limp your way through life. Try to find the answer and the solution to the questions that I asked above. Try to find the ‘truth’ of your life, if you will.

Without this sense of determination, you will never feel whole.

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Thanks All of You!!!!

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This is what we have to learn, if we have to make a next investment that is in our time and help what surrounds us!.

Thanks @chbartist for sharing some insights on how to keep away of the crowd. To invest less energy, I practically use 30 seconds to decide to do or not a daily basis task. Consequently, I have more time for deep thinking on important matters.

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Your timing is epic yet again and explains the daily journey I am on. My like has never been more truly enjoyable as it has as I know exactly where I’m going .... though I stumble through this constantly evolving adventure, I work the toxic people out and stop trying to save them. My family is ridiculous and I have daily mantras as not to enable them ... I take walks and I open myself to life’s adventures. Thanks again my Steem friend for your due diligence and great article puts into words the push we need to make our lives better.... I am happy to have your words on the journey ❤️❤️❤️🍸

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Greetings @chbartist.

Excellent outline of questions. It is a standard checklist to validate the objectives set

You can make a list of 20 objectives, and of those that take the 5 most important to make a main list to ensure compliance with the short and medium term goals. After the other 15 objectives, the main list will be fed, kept north and not losing the objective. With this we have almost assured success, the rest is discipline and perseverance

muchas veces dejamos llevarnos por tantas cosas ano son importantes y nuestra mente nos debilita en cosas que al final no nos traen nada de ir horas muchas veces en cosas que fuerzan nuestro cerebro nos producen hasta cansancio y fatigas debes situarnos con los pies en la tierra para ver q hemos hecho que hemos dejado pasar y pudimos realizarlo y por no estar seguro de lo que somos y nuestra capacidad se nos pasara una vida entera para hacerlo que paso pude haberlo hecho y no lo intente que paso ahí y ya tal vez sea tarde veamos el tiempo que tenemos a favor y aprovechemos al máximo tu puedes librar muchas batallas y ganar la mayoría todo esta en ti amigo amiga ya es hora el éxito y los logros están esperando que tu los llames y ellos te responderán suerte.

This is great, a couples of time,i find myself uneasy to made up my mind on some key issue, sometime it take days or weeks. But I think I am improving right now.

right question ch bartit we shou l make right decision on right time bu t we lose enegy aot make right decision good post for

Interesting observations @chbartist, thanks!

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I had to stop reading because I was overwhelmed by the questions to ask myself. I guess it would work if it was in a checklist type format, and reduced into a few words. I can't think of an example right now, though

In our life we face many deficulties in our life sometime we lose our courage. That's the thing we decided that wha t should we do that's the time we should make a right decion. An some time in public decin or relation ship decision we think about him self thats wrong thing we make right decision on right time make a right decision.

Thanks for Sharing @Chbartist
one thing that make us alive in any worst condition is Hope! We are alive just because of our future plan, people take help of Smoking, Alcohol or drug to handle the tough situation.

I see Hope as most helpful and powerful drug, My many plan got failed in life most of my family member and friends consider me loser but I am injecting hope in my blood and still experimenting new things...when I feel depressed, I watch the movie dialogue of The Shawshank Redemption.
Shashwank reumption dialogue.PNG

Apart from hope we have to try to improve our personality and behavior on daily basis, and pray to God for providing strength the way David defeated Goliath and Arjun defeated Kaurava in Kurukshetra.

That truth is what we make of it if we are able to commit to its consistent pursuit. We we can adjust and adapt, how we approach and remain persistent is important so that we do not stray from our goals.

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Awesome post! Your questions were very motivating to me and hopefully as I reflect on my answers to them, I will find the courage to change some things, that are in need of adjustment.

It's biggest fault for ours that we never dedicates the energy to our children for grow up him. They never grow up and remain the same thought (confused).

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Good evening appreciated friend, I think one of the great faults of human beings is not to take time to cultivate spiritually, for example with the habit of reading we can learn to contemplate and determine the most important things in life, acquiring wisdom to discern that it must be in the first place, things for which we must fight, since our existence and happiness depend on them, it is never too late to set ourselves the goal of learning and sharing the essentials of life.

These truly are important questions to ask yourself! I think in life, there should be a balance between having light hearted fun, and thinking deeply about your life.

But, thinking is not enough, we have to think, then form a plan of action, and then execute!

Great post, very inspiring..

Nic... Thiss photo

very good question we are not take right decision on right time

very admire ur post, tanks for such amazing articles bro ❤️

Right decision on right time only ;) , nice post

@chbartist I think many of us think that we have alot of time in life due to which our actions and energy gets different and at that time we may feel that we are comfortable but thats not long term... Anyways I could keep on writing in appreciation for you but it would be so long..... Anyways keep it up great work dear.... =)

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One of the things always bothering people mind is when it comes to taking decision. And a bit of decision can either change ones life negatively or positively


I read this topic like that the other. Thanks for sharing. People should be more time for them. Can be plan for your life,family.

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think about it

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good community

nice post on important issue

Great article, great read. Don't know if I can call it "Existential crisis" or how to name it, but, I think, that time is the key to find out what to do, where to go. For that reason I've just resigned in my full time job and start selling everything I own (not much) and I am living on a journey with my bike in a month in a search for answers. I think all we need sometimes 8s time for ourselves. Time to think without clocks ticking. Anyway, let's see what this will bring. Thanks for the article, I've wanted reading.

My goal is earn $1million dollar online I want become true before 5 years arrive

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Well it's true that decision-making in the golden age(between 20-30), often neglect the relationship with family and friends.

Especially, when focusing on our works or job, we spend lots of time to accomplish fragmented goals(maybe we could call these kind of meanings short goals for life).It's true in the society, we have to notice what is really important in our long-term life goals.

By the way, I really agree your article.

As the saying goes "time is money". So indecision could cost us dearly. Swift yet precise decision making is still the best.

Nice one brother but now a days the main problem is persistence.
I've seen people who are fully dedicated for work.
But only for shorter time.
And that's a bad problem

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