The Only Thing You Should Concern Yourself with Are Results!

in mindset •  2 months ago

Hello, dear Steemians!

People can get worked up about so many things that are not important in perspective.

When your mind is predisposed to waste time on unimportant issues, you will have no room for progress or creativity.

Ultimately, to have an outlook on what you should actually trouble yourself with is just as important as making the effort to realize your dreams.

But what are these insignificant things that we should avoid and what are the things that we should actually bother with?

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The great philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once said something profoundly thought-provoking, and I wish to start writing this blog post by quoting that:

‘Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.’

A lot of people are wound up on stuff that are not relevantly important when you take a look at the immediate physical result that their words have on the real world.

For instance, a person can claim to love you every day of the week, but at the end, what distinguishes someone who truly loves you and someone who can just say the words are actions.

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You should not concern yourself with the words that come out of other people’s mouths.

They are not important. Words will be carried by the wind, and in time, effectively forgotten.

A lot of people are in the habit of arguing about how people should carry themselves in society.

They preach about the right thing to do and the decent attitude with which you should live.

But these are all words, and ultimately, meaningless. When I want to persuade someone to take steps for their lives, I do not preach to them.

I show them the results of the paths that I have taken to achieve the success that I have today.

Even in your own personal space and mind, you should always think about actions and their effectiveness.

You might have brilliant ideas and revolutionary notions about success and achievement, but you are never going to amount to anything if you cannot take steps and actually do something that shows itself in the real world.

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The world inside your mind is precious and you should take care of it, whatever the cost.

But ultimately, what distinguishes someone from the rest of the seven billion people that inhabit this world is their actions! Everyone can speak.

Everyone can preach. But what is important? Results!

Results are the ultimate mark that you are going to leave on this world. When you change someone’s life, that is a result.

When you do a work, that is a result. Build your mindset on results, and not just empty and weightless words.

Results are the only thing that you should concern yourself with!

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Exactly, many words without actions say nothing. The best way to demonstrate something is to act, to make it happen. The words are carried by the wind but the actions are left.


Excellent @chbartist, this is a very interesting post that inspires many to take the important actions that really work in their lives. As human beings we have infinite ideas of how to change the destiny, perspective and the way we think and think others, our ideas could even "change the world". In summary, we should not allow other people who do not carry our same philosophy to restrain us with their opinions on what really matters to us and what it means.

The problem with results is that it takes a lot of work to get them and a lot of work is not the type of result you want on a relaxing day sipping mojitos...


Muchos caemos en eso. Creemos saberlo "todo" pero cambiamos muy pocas cosas para bien.

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Excellent motivation @chbartist and you are absolutely right, the result is what determines our efforts and faith! We all try to go towards our goal and achieve victory, and only the result will show us how much we wanted to achieve the goal and the realization of our dream!

Thanks for Sharing @chbartist
You have mentioned some very good point to control and take care of your internal staus of your mind. As far as result is concerned it is state of mind..What if someone put tremendous effort to achieve result but got failed..the one thing that can provide satifaction of win/result is ability to try.

I request you to please add me to the list.


Tienes razón. Pero pienso que ya el hecho de esforzarnos para intentar ése cambio va generando resultados

Actions speak louder that words and when they deliver results, it attracts further opportunities which could lead to more success. The ability to deliver positive results could set you apart from other that can fake success.

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Very accurate. I'd add that, often, the only thing that others see are the results. The hard work and the process it takes a person to achieve results is frequently invisible to everyone who did not have a hand in making something happen, so that is why the follow-through is even more essential.

Good intentions and doing things halfway can often have the same response as if you had done nothing at all. If you start something, finish it!

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yes sir, very true. Remember if we will do something we always excited for the results. Yes, sometimes words or others can affects you, but actually what affects you most is the result. You are always what will happen.

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Every moments of our life is important to change the world and self progress by working hard. So wasting time is not the part of successful human being. Dear @chbartist you also get my respect for your good work here. Good luck.

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Yeah, its needs a lot of work. Make it happen, rather than watching or wandering how things unfold in this world


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Results! Results! Results!

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Results are the ultimate mark that you are going to leave on this world. When you change someone’s life, that is a result.

Hi @chbartist I completely agree with you on this. Thanks for sharing a nice post with us.

Thanks for sharing sir, important subject involved with some things or worried about some things concerns your self results is main thing.
Great thought 👍

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Reading this at the end of a day spent reflecting on just that... Results! Our homestead is wrapping up its fourth year. I am writing a short series of posts about the story of our journey so far. I am excited to be returning to steemit as we embark on our new and exciting year five!

Thank you for your dedication to regularly writing thought evoking content. You are a routine read in my week. Huge hugs of gratitude.

We should be Doers not talkers, after all actions speaks louder than words no matter what you have in your mind, if we want to make our goals, plans into reality only we have to take actions, it is very easy to preach but to take actions.
If we want to motivate someone,best way to show them results which will impact him more than if you only talk.
Thanks @chbartist