The Real Power of Distractions Compared to Your Will...

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Hi, Steemians!

Some people beat themselves up over their productivity, thinking that the reason they are not giving their goals the best they have to offer is because they simply lack the will.

You should know that usually it's not a matter of will, but much more the distractions that inhabit the world surrounding us.

In more ways than you can begin to imagine, today's world seeks to distract us from our purpose or divide our focus until we are nothing more than the shadow of our former selves.

Your will has nothing to do with it and I am going to prove it to you.

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You have a clear goal in your mind and you know what steps you will have to take in order to achieve that goal.

But you are also in the habit of procrastinating everything.

There are two possible interpretations of your situation; you are either a procrastinator for a number of reasons or you simply lack the will to get on with what you have to do.

I want to propose a different reason behind your lack of willingness to do the things that you have to do.

Or even the things that you want to do, but you simply never get around to doing them.

It is not that we don’t want to do something, it’s just that we are so distracted by everything that is going on in the world around us.

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This is one firm criticism that I have always had about the way we live our lives in the 21st century. Let us do a quick experiment and realize just how many distractions are lined up and waiting for us.

Take a look at the place you are sitting in. Is it your office?

Is it your home?

Take a look around and see just how many things may steal your attention away from what you are doing.

Is the TV on in the background? Is your smartphone close and you constantly feel the urge to reach for it and check your social media?

What about your computer?

How many applications are simultaneously running at the moment?

How many of them do you actually need?

What about that clip you wanted to check out on YouTube?

What about that person whose tweet you were going to read on Twitter?

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You see, the modern world has tried to distract us from what we want to do all our lives.

Because the modern world, with all its glorifying facades, jumbles up your priorities and make you forget why you are living your life.

When you really think about it, every time you want to do something, a distraction comes along and takes your attention away.

So, it has nothing to do with your will or resolve. This is all about the distractions that inhabit the world surrounding us.

Be conscious of the distractions that are ruining your life on a daily basis.

Try to eliminate their chance of ever stealing your attention away.

Only then will you see that you have always had the will and the strength to do what must be done!





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it's the problem that many of us aren't able to focus on one thing what's really important.
But we can learn it and teach it ourselves and our subconscious.
A good way is to create a picture of what we really want, paint or print it out, hang it to several places we look many times during the day.
Focus on it short before we fall asleep and immediately after we wake up.
Our subconscious is still awake in these moments, the best way to communicate with it, it will understand and work for us.
Have a great day

Really this great and awesome post. It helps me to reminder one more time " when we do one proper things,there are many distractions are present there."

There are such types of distractions like our self thought, social media, Telivision, friends many more . But now the question is how to overcome it or how to reduce it's bad effects.According to me the simple answer is when you do something, aware against distractions and day by day increases your practice.

Thank you for sharing this post @chbartist.

I should must be part of this valuable community.

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Now a days we are surrounded by many things which distract us from the tasks we are in could be mobile phone, internet, social media, television etc and our will power becomes a bit week as compared to these instruments of distraction. Thanks @chbartist for nice post.

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the phone has become the biggest source so far , i see people with loved ones on a dining table and they are on there phones and you wonder what wrong with you,

I think if you constantly control yourself in something small: monitor your posture, squeeze out a wrist exerciser every day, cut back on sweets, monitor spending, you can strengthen your will power as a whole. And although these small self-control exercises seem insignificant, they will support us in those tests of willpower that are especially important for us, including self-discipline at work, health care, the ability to resist temptation and cope with our emotions.


very true, it starts with the small thing and then we grow from that, start taking of the small things that distract us and we can control the big things

You are absolutely right, It's true there are numerous distraction.

Saludos @chbartist.

Estamos viviendo la revolución de la informacion, generada por los múltiples canales que se han creado y que permiten mostrar contenido de muchas formas, generando mas carga informativa, situación que requiere mucha atención de nuestra parte.

Para poder ser eficientes con el tiempo que dedicamos al consumo de conocimiento, se debe tener objetivos claros y así identificar los canales de informacion que aportaran al logro de nuestros objetivos.

El conocimiento es un recurso muy valioso, pero el exceso de recursos mal administrado también es perjudicial

Distractions have become more difficult to avoid given the intrusiveness of technology. In addition, the same technology has been key to our productivity which makes it important to separate the for our daily tasks. If we keep goals short and simple with milestones, we can avoid being delayed from distractions.

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Your are friend this mostly attention stolen elements have every person but who can right manege planning work and done that's subjectev matter.

You are Perfect suggest here sir I think your thoughts right and valuable.

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I come out to my home to find my amigo
I just walked only some step ....

Then i saw my .....
Friends ...
What i bring in my pocket...
It is a...
He call me ...
After sometime ....
Now we were playing 😀

That is THE LIFE which sucked by 21st techy world
Is that way we living life?

Oooo yaaaa
Dame sad truth
And finally we become smart???

until we master the will and be disciplined then we will never be productive, this is a great over view that can help a lot of people

La tecnología es muy buena pero ha resultado ser un gran agente distractor para todo el mundo, especialmente para niños y jóvenes.

your absolutely right....I was writing another distracted came here and commented, and the original post was a distraction from another task...

and here's my new banner:
(a work in progress still refining my self portrait!)


hehehehe you should stop here and go back to writing that article cause you are distracting us too

@chbartist every time or when ever a man face failure in his life, he thinks he has been leting down by the life for a while but it does't mean it is the end of every thing. Wise people collects their will power, reshape their plans, motivate themselves to move in a right direction that only leads them to their destination and this process is being named as success.

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Technology has many positive things and great benefits but without using it excessively. everything in excess is bad, in all things

True, there are many distractions all around us which can derail our success path, it can be even worse when distractions becomes addiction, no doubt social media help us in many ways but spending a lot of time there without any goal.Everything in excess is not good.


Indeed, my 24hrs not enough to really do what i needed to do.....i'm constantly distracted by everything going on especially the internet .... My problem also is that i'm interested in everything ......@chbartist please include me to the list of contributors.....i wanted to be part of this community ..... Thanks .....@krispycryptjef

Thanks for using @edensgarden!

Nice post

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True though
Thanks for sharing

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Comparto totalmente el contenido de esta publicaciòn. Es cierto, se puede tener la voluntad de alcanzar un objetivo pero si los instrumentos que causan distracciones estàn activados, por màs que se tenga volundad del logro del objetivo, no lo podrà alcanzar porque la distracciòn impera, porque es la preferencia que se tiene en el momento. Por tanto si quieres dedicarte al logro de un objetivo con la eficiencia deseada tendrà que ser màs comedido y concentrarte en lo que verdaderamente es interesante!

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Well said. I need to train myself to cut the distractions and get things done. One thing at a time.

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My phone is many apps an online game I plan I delete it and partiko remain

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