The Three Great Foundations of Life to Build Upon and Grow...

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Hi, Steemians!

I don’t whether it has been a work of chance or fate that I have come across many people throughout my life who felt, for lack of a better word, lost.

Feeling lost is easy, everyone thinks to themselves. ‘You just need to find a purpose!’ and then you will not feel as lost as you felt before.

Then, you will have a reason to live and continue your life.

But in my experience, I have found that this is not enough.

Life is complicated and there is more to it than we care to admit, so our identity and existence should be bound by more than just ‘purpose’!

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I have come to believe that life should be built upon three great foundations.

These three foundations can help you grow in every aspect and find happiness and contentment through the bumpy journey of life.

These three foundations are: Purpose, Work, and Gratitude.

Understanding the importance of each and every one of these concepts and bringing them to your daily life with consciousness is the greatest step you can take to feel happiness and tranquility with the life that you are given.

Let us start with the simplest one: Purpose.

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We all need a purpose in life. A goal that gets us out of our beds in the morning.

The thing that we want to do with our life. The mark that we want to leave on this world.

A purpose can be anything. Someone wishes to earn wealth and riches. Someone wishes to be first in the Olympics.

Perhaps a person wishes to change the lives of the people he knows. These are all admirable purposes.

This is your sole goal in life. Without it, it is easy to feel lost and without hope.

Because, what is the point of living if you have no purpose in your life?

Which brings us to the next concept: Work.

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We as people need work to stay refreshed and alive.

Without work, we sink into depression and come to deplore the meaninglessness of the life that we are living.

Sometimes, your work is not ideal. Sometimes, you are forced to do things that you don’t like. But even in times like that, you can still enjoy the work, because without it, you are vacant and hopeless.

All of us must try to do work that is in alignment with our higher vision and ‘purpose’ but even if that is not the case, the fact that we are contributing to this world, one way or another, is enough to fill us with hope and determination to move forward and progress.

Last but not least is: Gratitude.

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If you truly want to feel happy, then you need to practice the art of gratitude.

You need to be grateful of the things you have in life; your talents and skills, your possessions, your family, your friends, and every possible blissful opportunity that shows its face to you in life.

Have gratitude for even the smallest of things. Be grateful about the idea that you have woken up today and are able to live yet another day.

Think about the opportunities that this new day has for you.

Think about the endless possibilities that are awaiting you in the infinite maze of life.

Be grateful for the opportunity that is given to you to experience it all.

Gratefulness is a mental state that stimulates your happiness and contentment.

Without gratitude, the grandest purpose and the most beneficial work cannot bring you happiness and joy.

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Build your life on these three concepts and make sure that you are consciously aware of each and every one of them.

We are not talking about hypocrisy here, so when I say gratitude, you need to genuinely understand the value and the worth of everything you have in life, as opposed to concentrating on things you don’t have.

Have purpose, work hard, and be grateful of everything you have. That is the greatest life you can hope to live.





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My purpose is to publish more in steemit.
So I've been looking for a motivation.

I think I need a strong motivation.

It motivates me a lot to support others.

I have found good Steemians.

What motivates me to join steemit; When I can.
I read your publications, I comment, sometimes I give reesteem; or I share on twitter.

I think that's what the community is about.

If someone votes, I will immediately look for him, read his publication, vote for him.
And if you comment, I'll become your follower, share twitter, etc.

For my motivation and purpose go hand in hand. That impels me to work and be grateful.

At this time, my main goal is for my children to join steemit. So I have a great motivation.

Amanecera and ... we'll see.
(I use a translator)

Greetings @ chbartist

Working for a company allows you to gain experience, in addition to the payment received.

The ideal, as proposed by Robert Kiyosaki, is to have employment and business. These two purposes are more than enough to keep a person motivated.

In the sense of gratitude, this is a quality that we must constantly develop, we must be balanced with what we receive and with what we give, for which it is important to constantly evaluate the environment, since if we are in an environment where we just give in, arriving the moment to decay, situation that we should avoid.

Those are all great foundations for a good life. They all mesh together like gears to make you life move forward in a healthly manner. I'd add love to that mix though as well. Both loving yourself and caring about someone else are a big part of life. Even if you don't have a soul mate in your life you should have family that you love, friends that you care about. Some people may only have a pet in their life. But the undemanding love of a pet can be a great addition to a person's life and give them something to care about as well.

Excellent motivation @chbartist and the basics you listed are completely correct. Only by clearly understanding our goal, by attaching to this persistent work and having gratitude for what we have achieved, we will achieve our dreams!

So very true @chbartist being grateful for what you have is something that gets over looked by many people.
IMG_1142 2.PNG

Gratitude is surely an important as one can easily forget our journey and get sidetracked which could result in serious issues even after you achieve goals and objectives. Foundations are critical as we can build upon them!

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@chbartist I think the main agenda of life is chasing the big goals, it does't matter for how long, far and unpaved paths, you have to walk. May you feets does not allow you to bear more but you does't giveup

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A purpose can be anything. Someone wishes to earn wealth and riches. Someone wishes to be first in the Olympics.

For me the ultimate purpose of man is to get to heaven, to reach eternity.
Anything, wealth, riches, health, resources, sports will pass away.

Caramba que texto tan motivador a darle valor a la vida,esos tres elementos son escenciales en un ser humano para vivir la vida que queremos,saludos desde venezuela,feliz tarde.

Great points all around. I'm currently reading "Life on Purpose," which describes how Abraham Maslow, late in his career, after all his influence on self actualization, decided that self-transcendence was actually more important. The author suggests that self-transcendence is more about being "outside" oneself with purpose. I think your focus on work and gratitude along with purpose captures that idea brilliantly.

One additional thought, aligning purpose with your most important values gives it more direction and meaning as well. Check out the World Values Survey ( also referenced in "Life on Purpose."

Can't wait to read more of your motivational content.

Yes! Purpose , Work and Gratitude are foundations of SUCCESS @chbartist.

But there is another PILLAR , differ from the aboves in pursuit of Success.
What is it ?? It is "SERVICE"!! I mean giving your abilities, endownmens , possessions away , Voluntarily to the benefit of another party without wishing for a bountiful reward!!

Could @whyaskwhy be out of tune here???

So true, very inspiring.. 😃

Nice pictures

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Yes purpose is what gives meaning to what we do. Thanks for sharing

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Struggle with will surely success comes.

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Well said Sir!
Hi, Steemians!

"I don’t whether it has been a work of chance or fate that I have come across many people throughout my life who felt, for lack of a better word, lost.

Feeling lost is easy, everyone thinks to themselves. ‘You just need to find a purpose!’ and then you will not feel as lost as you felt before.'according to you

Then, you will have a reason to live and continue your life.

But in my experience, I have found that this is not enough.

Life is complicated and there is more to it than we care to admit, so our identity and existence should be bound by more than just ‘purpose’

Copied and paste here credit for you. It really happened to my life and your words touched my innermost feeling. Failure leads me to find a purpose and l absolutely found it. Your post is a must to read. It is a good recipe for life that all people should apply every day.

Hola, @chbartist. Es un buen punto y creo que engloba de una manera mu especial, el conjunto de cosas que nos permitiran no sucumbir en la derrota. Porque si no tenemos un propósito, ¿ hacia donde nos moveriamos? y si lo logramos determinar, como lo alcanzariamos sin trabajo. Y opor último si no agaradecemos, este trabajo sera en vano. Gracias por tu post.

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True points. If you dont purpose in your life, you dont live in the earth. People birth, live And die. In this time need to meaningful thinks. For example work, for example wife, child. These Are meaningful think in your life.

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I would like to comment on a great foundation of life, love. We need to devote love to work to help us stick with our work for life. We need to have love for our family members that will help us to overcome difficult times, and we need to have love for this life, which helps us to have a Happy life and a meaningful life.

como hago para estar en la lista de tu comunidad , y para el chat , me encantan estos temas , soy psicologa

Mostly here in philippines they did not know the purpose of they think of their own happiness only

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Loved this post! Success is a self-determined process and varies from person to person! If you love your job you won't work a day in your life!

Thanks for your article, it is very enriching.
The purpose is that engine that moves us to follow our course, sometimes it is difficult for us to identify the one that really makes us grow as people, so I recommend an exercise called "When was the last time I did something for the first time? , it is something deep but it is worth analyzing to start a wind that makes us expand and find that purpose of life or a circumstantial purpose, I say it this way because in life we ​​have many goals and every time we reach one it does not end our way, rather we should look for a new one with more challenges in which we can compete with ourselves to improve ourselves and be better people.

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