There is Something That is Keeping You All from Achieving Success…! - Maybe You're Making These Mistakes! Think About!...

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Hi, Steemians!

The vagueness of the title may rub you the wrong way, but there is a tendency in all of us that is keeping us from achieving success or anything of value in this life.

Our ego feeds our inevitable doom. The more you are in control of that ego, the more power you will have over your destiny. Ego is a destructive force in all its forms and potencies.

This ego sometimes gets in the way of your communication with other people and the way you interact with them.

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Let me tell you a quick story. A friend of mine once talked to me about their relative who had created this company and turned it into a profitable business.

He said that the line of work was the same as his major in university, which was mechanical engineering.

‘Well, why haven’t you contacted him and asked him for his help?’

I asked him eagerly, knowing that he had been struggling with finding a job.

‘I mean… I don’t know…’ He nodded and sank deep into his thoughts.

‘I mean, what if he rejects me?’

And at that moment, a thought occurred to me: People are wound up on so many ridiculous ideas that they hardly try or risk anything nowadays.

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A lot of people do not ask for help or request somebody’s assistance because they fear rejection.

Some of them fear that the other person might look down on them or be generally disrespectful.

Well, for those people, I have a simple question: What do you lose by that?

What if they don’t reject you?

What if they are not disrespectful?

What if they welcome your idea and embrace your qualities and skills?

What if this is your chance at success and you throw it away out of fear and egotism?

Ask people for their help. Do not shy away from that. Do not be afraid of that. Do not let your ego stand in the way of that request for help or assistance.

If you really think about it, the whole of human society is built on this idea:

People ask each other’s help and they provide and exchange services. Think of everything you could gain if you were to simply do what’s always been on your mind.

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People who are afraid of asking other people for their help are those who fundamentally shy away from having normal and healthy interactions with people who may be able to help them with their breakthrough.

Do not be someone who is afraid to speak their mind.

Do not be someone who is afraid of talking to other people or asking them for their help.

You might not be surprised to hear this, but your success may very well depend on how you contact other people and interact with them.

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It's kind of funny how we talk ourselves out of doing something, for instance based on a fear of rejection (as you suggested in your post). We essentially fail before trying because we are afraid to fail. The result is essentially the same just a different way of getting there.

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Sometimes there is no alternative but to ask for help, but it becomes difficult, mainly because of fear of rejection. And sometimes when we decide to ask for help we do not know how, insecurity consumes us. I've lived it and I still struggle with that.
A veces no queda otra alternativa mas que pedir ayuda, pero se hace difícil, principalmente por miedo al rechazo. Y a veces cuando decidimos pedir ayuda no sabemos como, la inseguridad nos consume. Lo he vivido y aun lucho con eso.

No one has achieved greater success without help of others. by one or another way, everyone of us are indebted of help of someone closer to us (friends or family). if that is so, as you said fear/egotism is one of the the reason why people afraid of asking others for help.
additionally, I believe in order to receive from others you need to build positive and cooperative interaction. people mostly see or consider your previous track records to support you. if you are a kind of person who don't feel the pain of others, on one can even listen your deep shit. remember what goes round is comes round. therefore, give to others to receive when you are in demand. give your time, give your money, give your ideal. give what you have as much as you can. don't be receiving conscious rather programmed yourself as giving concious. the more you give the more you will receive.
As a principle assist others, you will get more people by your side when help is needed.

Thanks bro

I can relate with those that have these challenges of asking for helps support since I am an introvert and it has been tough asking others for assistance in my career. However, it got to a point where I need to ensure I was delegate and seeking guidance to ensure the team and collaboration was aligned with strategic plans to deliver results.

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Greetings @chbartist

Communication is the key to success

It is true that a proposal will not always give the expected result, but if it is not tried, the result will never be known

Trust plays an important role in this situation, we must trust our capabilities

Life is a path that must be traveled, if a door does not open; or a door is closed, we must follow the path, later many doors will open. that's what life is about

People are afraid of being turned down and they're not comfortable with facing their own fears. Hence why they don't push themselves to achieve more and become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It's so important to rely on other people in life, there are so many things people can't do on their own. Simply relying on yourself and locking yourself up in a bubble and doing easy things in life won't get you far. It's okay to ask questions and ask someone else for help when you're stuck, it's not a weakness but strength because you admit you're not all-knowing but you're willing to learn and grow daily.

Thank you @chbartist for your articles, they're so inspiring and informative. I may not always comment on every one of your posts but I read all of them.

"People are wound up on so many ridiculous ideas that they hardly try or risk anything nowadays."

Best thing I read so far this week. Thank you @chbartist!

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Great post as always from you. I have always believed been opened and talking to people will be one of the path way for me to succeed. I am not afraid of rejection because i believe yes, there are still people who are waiting to accept me

I like this review. Is very important this type of informations!
Thanks you for sharing!

@chbartist, Ego will feed to our Phase Of Failure effectively that's why at first place we have to move away from the path of Ego so that we can grow in life and in the process will become more mature.

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People now tend to sabotage themselves. Maybe because they are scared of rejection, scared of reality or maybe scared of their own limitations. I can relate to the last one. I enjoyed this post, people need to know that opportunities are out there, but we have to go and ask for them.

sure. if people are not good to others they become afraid of asking help.

Maybe this the time I change my style I'm a shy person I don't talk to other people I realy love stay inside my room

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Definitivamente es tan importante que aumentemos la confianza en nosotros mismos y nos despojemos de tantas creencias absurdas y limitantes que lo único que hacen es llenarnos de inseguridades. ¡Es momento de ponernos de nuestro lado si realmente queremos vivir de victoria en victoria! Gracias chbartist por deleitarnos con este contenido tan enriquecedor. ¡Un fuerte abrazo !

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, people must interact with each other in order to succeed. There is nothing bad and shameful to ask people for help, because the next time you can also help in this and there is a great power of interaction and mutual income that will help all of us to fulfill our dreams!

Saludos @chbartist un punto de vista evidente, pero casi inapreciable, hay que aprender a alejar ese temor que nos impide solicitar lo que realmente necesitamos y que posiblemente hayan quienes simplemente quieren dártelo.

Got Successful life copretive each other without ego great tendency.
Wound Releshainship frinkly ask for supporting a great idea.

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The thing we often don't take into consideration is that, when the positions are reversed, most of us are more than willing to be helpful to those who need it. Sometimes it is pride, but more often it is just insecurity that keeps us from tapping into the resources that we have in our networks. We need each other, and there is no shame in acknowledging that!

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Nuestros pensamientos sabotean nuestras acciones, es allí donde aparece el miedo a arriesgarse, debemos apoyarnos que nuestras acciones sean retroalimentadas, el secreto esta en la confianza de cada uno de nosotros . Saludos

Excellent observation 👍🏽

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What is that voice inside our head that talks us out of doing great things? It is so frustrating. I will read and research, come up with some great idea, and then immediately my mind starts coming up with reasons the idea "won't work" or is "doomed to fail" or is "a waste of time." This voice is so self-defeating. Sometimes this is the actual voice of others but usually, it is an internal voice that quietly, yet effectively, keeps me from taking action. This post was a great reminder of the importance of talking with others as yet another way of eliminating my own negative voice.

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