Try to Set an Example by Being and Not Preaching...

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Hi, Steemians!

Some people with aspiring outlooks can see a lot of things that are wrong with the world today.

This can bother them to the point of becoming irritable and hard to please.

These people have a very different time adjusting to the reality of things and are constantly looking for ways with which they can change the situation of things or people in their place of living or work.

How can you actually approach change when you know that something is wrong?

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If you successfully avoid the trap of tyranny and the urge to impose your will unto others, then you will have two options to approach change.

The first one is to be an example of something better, and the second is to talk to others and convince them of your so-called better way.

But there are some things to consider before you start your pursuit of change in the madness of an uncontrollable world.

It has been often said and widely debated that preaching has a reverse psychological effect on the people who are exposed to it.

And that is to some degree, understandable.

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First of all, you should understand that we all have our inner voice of reason.

That is to say that we are already capable of logically assessing every situation without needing pep-talks or other words of advice.

That is why people get irritated when you start preaching to them.

The person who is telling them the words of wisdom is exactly like their inner voice that they wish to ignore, out of being overly sentimental.

The other important aspect of preaching is that the world is full of people who always have something to say.

There is also much deceit and treachery in the nature of words.

That is not to say you may be perceived as a liar or someone unreliable, but to indicate that words have lost their value and meaning in the modern world.

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But setting an example by being something or achieving a vision of value is still effective.

In a world with people who tend to look down on others, your words of wisdom may be seen as something other than purely honest or beneficial.

But showing other people another path by committing to it can do wonders. If you want to see actual change, commit to your ideas and be the change you wish to see in society.

Otherwise, you should know that everyone is able to talk.

Everyone can talk about being a hero, but few people are heroes.

Anyone can talk about success, but few people are actually successful.

Everyone can speak of goodwill and fantastic characteristics, but few people have those qualities.

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Pointing fingers can never solve anything. If you want change, be the first one to attempt it.

If you want to show other people a different path, do not preach to them.

Show them the path by walking down that path and proving your point.

This is the only effective way to change society on a large scale!





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pointing with fingers on someone doesn't change anything.
For example when I invite someone to join Steemit, I show them my action, what I post, how I interact and which people I follow.
New starters on Steemit often don't believe they can earn some money here, so I always show them my first cash outs, how I exchanged them to other coins and send them with blocktrades to my local bitcoin exchange, changed to fiat and send it on my bank account.
Of course I introduce them #Partiko now as well.
I show them my own actions on Steemit, and it works.
Have a beautiful Sunday

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The influence I have been able to gain in my professional career has been through “leading by example.” It has been a great experience to often participate in groups where planning is well thought but execution depends on the leadership to demonstrate the needs to reach success. It is bery fulfilling when achieve as many grow and continue to lead other projects with that example.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Greetings @newageinv.

Every project planned and directed with leadership reaches an excellent term.

The more people who participate in this type of activity, the more they will learn the benefits of working organized and following the right leaders.

For big fish in Steemit, keep working, since there will be many small fish following them.

Those SJWs that plagues the internet nowadays need to read this.

I’m a great believer that parents should follow this advice, great post mate. Today’s kids will not stand to be preached at and will say to their parents “but you do that!” and the old fashioned answer to this is to say “Do as I say and not as I do”. This does not work in a modern world so parents need to be vigilant about setting an example for their children and they will naturally follow. This should also work in society because perople will follow the ways of those they love and respect just as kids do. Great inspiration post 🙏

Every body want to change but real facts fath and way decided decision a right way is most important.
Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

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Saludos @chbartist

excelente publicación.

Muchos pensamos que conocemos la verdad, que por las experiencias que hemos vivido han generado el conocimiento necesario para cambiar el mundo. Pero en el mundo no estamos solos, el mundo lo compartimos con muchas otras personas, y debemos unificar criterios con las demás personas si queremos implementar nuestros criterios.

Para poder generar y concretar una iniciativa, primero debemos ser lideres, ganar la confianza de los demás a través de los hechos, y luego construir el colectivo de personas que, trabajando en equipo, lograra cumplir lo planteado

Los seres humanos tendemos a vivir en tribu, y en toda tribu debe haber un líder. Queremos ser lideres, preparemos nuestra actitud y aptitud para afrontar el reto.

Because of my nature as a person with gifts for teaching, I used to live advising all those people who acted contrary to what I considered right. I did this until I understood that each person must live their own experience and I do not have the absolute truth. Now I only give advice to those who somehow ask for it.


Greetings @yahe

We are energy, and if we give up a lot of energy we exhaust ourselves

In order to maintain a personal balance we must develop our activities in an environment that promotes the growth of all members; An example would be an ecosystem where everyone gives and receives in the most balanced way, where there are no parasites that make the life of the ecosystem sick.

We must build relationships that promote the growth of all those involved, being leaders and following excellent leaders.

В наше время вообще сложно быть спокойным. Ведь ненависть, зависимость, вражда, недоверия. Все это окружает нас и не избавится от этого. Как бы мы не хотели и это печально. Ведь было бы лучше если бы люди жили с природой в одной стороне. И никогда никто не ругался. Только многие забыли про действительно важные качества. Ведь сейчас все смотрят на деньги и за ними гонятся и совсем пофиг на людей.

So is. We must be the example of what we speak, actions say more than mere words. With the mouth you can do everything, The words leave with the wind, but the actions do remain, they are the best sample of what we preach. If you say that you love, prove it, if you say you want to help, prove it, if you say that you are going to leave a vice, prove it ... otherwise they will be just words ...

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Very true! When working with a group of people I find leading by example shows much more success than preaching why we need to do things a certain way!

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Right...Very beautiful wrote. I like your every post. Thank you for writing important things....Have a great day💜

Yes! I’m a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words”. Someone can tell you hundreds of times they’re sorry and I love you. But, when they are consistently not showing up when you need them, saying hurtful things, and not doing things that will lead to a change in behavior, are they actually trying to change?

Watching ones actions help to weed out the lies in the world that shout so loudly. We can even find this in sales. So many marketers are screaming for your attention, but the trusted brands that people go to, are trusted for a reason. Over time, their actions have shown that they truly do have quality products.

Damn true, I completely agree on your point of view that 'world is full of people who always have something to say.'
Keep inspiring us.

It is good to be selfless and help others in reaching where you are at the point fo time.
Include me in the list @alphids

Greetings @chbartist..... Thank you for your great message!

Some kinda saying, "actions speak louder than words".
And silence is golden.

If we could not say good to others, its better to not to say at all.

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hola quiero unirme a tu comunidad y aparecer en tu lista ya que siento afinidad con estos temas

Walk the walk and stop the talk hey ? Great post !

Very right with this post. I know some people love to change but some circumstances around them will not allow them even some parents as well.

Please. Include me in the list and follow me. Thanks. @chbartist

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Good one buddy. Applicable to a lot of people here on steem that's for sure. Subscribed to your YouTube, didn't know you had one.

Hello friend I think that changing l9s bad habits for good habits can be very positive to start a serious change in the life of anyone with a lot of discipline can not miss is essential greetings congratulations for your post

It is very simple, but then again, most of the greatest, most profound wisdom and important life truths are. What it all comes down to is ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS.

Hi @chbartist

Pointing fingers can never solve anything. If you want change, be the first one to attempt it.

I completely agree with this mind-set you shared in this post. To solve the problem we have to take the step first.

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If you successfully avoid the trap of tyranny and the urge to impose your will unto others, then you will have two options to approach change.

It called my attention that you would make this clarification before giving your wise reflections.

That is to say, to fulfill part or all of what you propose we should recognize this point of inflection. People from certain countries of South America apparently did not have the ability to identify it. Now they find themselves immersed in a world dominated by an ideology that does not allow them to exercise their own criteria.

Contempt is present among brothers just for not sharing the same point of view.

The same can be happening anywhere in the world.

It will be too late for them? Can they still take control of their lives and set out on a path of tolerance?

All best, Piotr.

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True. Most of us are not examples yet good preachers but without character. Hence no impact

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@chbartist people with sick mentality only shouts on others but without doing some thing good for others. In the opposite people doing a lot of things and good deeds. Only few people knows what had this happened and then start praising those people to tell tge whole world.

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Actions speak louder than words. It may be an old adage, but it works.

People are always scared of change because it's the unknown. Is grass really greener on the other side?

I always show them my first cash outs, how I exchanged them to other coins and send them with blocktrades to my local bitcoin exchange, changed to fiat and send it on my bank account.

Everyone needs others to have polite attitude, warmness, regards for him but persons who are only takers are not ready to embrace these characteristics towards other, they only to preach but not be the change themselves and setting by example & then his every word will have positive impact on others .
Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Everyone thinks that they are talented, so few people listen to the teachings from others. This leads to them never being able to grow, they will be submerged in their own weakness.

Congratulations @chbartist!
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