Why Do People Seem to Hate Schedules So Much?

in mindset •  2 months ago

Hi, dear friends!

Having plans and making schedules is an undeniable contributor to achievement or success.

If you want to realize your dreams, you will need at least a bit of principle.

But a lot of people seem to hate the idea of scheduling so much or planning everything to the minutest detail. It is not in our nature to hate patterns or principle, perhaps it is something that we even aspire to have, so why do people tend to hate schedules so much?

In today’s blog post, I intend to answer that question from a psychological standpoint.

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The process of making the effort to achieve your goals is actually rather simple, whilst maintaining a certain degree of difficulty when it manifests in the real world.

This simplicity is the idea of actually doing the work, as opposed to merely visualizing it on a daily basis.

The process is as follows:

You have a goal and you are determined to do it.

You have a certain timeframe; for instance, a goal might take weeks, months, or even years to achieve.

So, you have a goal and you have a timeframe.

You plan to take steps in the time that is given to you to realize those goals.

This is as simple as that, but many people get it wrong and that is why they procrastinate.

After months of procrastination, they find that they have only wasted time and achieved nothing in return.

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There is a simple reason for that: We tend to hate schedules.

Why? Because the first mistake we make when we are confronted with the idea of having a schedule is that we think this timetable is a like prison to us.

It is not a prison!!!

The schedule is not going to limit your efforts or creativity, it is merely budgeting your time in accordance to your needs and eliminating the possibility of you wasting precious time that you can never regain.

What do people do instead?

Well, they have a couple of tasks, and they think to themselves, ‘I have to do this, this, and that!’ and they get on with doing it, but they are not thinking of time as an important resource!

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We hate schedule because we do not see it as a flexible structure that is only there to help us. What do most people think schedules are? Aren’t they just a tool that can help us?

When it comes to making schedules, people tend to be harsh on themselves for no reason whatsoever, and then they put the blame on the idea of having schedules for your week days.

Make a habit of scheduling your days and you will see that each day will be experienced in a way that brings you closer to realizing your vision of success in life!

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I most of the time prefer to do things the way it comes, or the way i feel it is the right time

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, the schedule is very important for us if we want to achieve the goal. Nowadays, many people are indifferent to the schedule, but only the schedule of actions and plans for the future will help us reach our dream faster and more efficiently!

Laziness a big problem reason disturb daily schedule and time table mostly people lazy habit and not follow their schedule time table in work this is a big reason.

Sir great suggestion you are providing us here in this blog post nice I appreciate.

Posted using Partiko Android

I see what you are saying regarding the general mindset towards schedules. I never really thought of that but it makes sense. I personally like having a schedule. It helps me stay productive.

Posted using Partiko Android

I now see my agenda and to do list as a vital part of executinf both short and long term goals. Not only do they organize our time and ensure we are accountable for it but it also allows us to celebrate milestones and motivate us forward.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Agree with you to set a timetable and set goals and start building the future through diligence in order to reach the result and realize the dream of life

@chbartist freedom is just like wondering in vast skies where boundries have no concept. And everyone want the same thing. Unboundable and unpredictable moods of people really shock them. Plans an shedules have their regularities and rules which being obeyed by their own creators. Man set the rules but with mire proficiency want to break them.

Posted using Partiko Android

This is super good advice! As a freelancer working from home, I am guilty of this. :P Though every so often when I actually set a schedule for something, I find I stress out about it much less.

@chbartist, excelente publicacción, muy buena explicación.
Hace mas de un mes vengo hablando del tema de metas, lo que estoy escribiendo está basado en algunos libros que he leído y me han cambiado la vida.
Creo fervientemente que hacer un buen uso del tiempo que disponemos nos llevará sin dudas a lograr nuestras metas.
Tenemos en cuenta que en TODO el planeta los seres humanos contamos con el mismo tiempo, pero la diferencia es en la planificación que cada uno hace sobre SU tiempo.

Gracias por compartir tus excelentes contenidos.


@chbartist, excellent publication, very good explanation.
More than a month ago I have been talking about the topic of goals, what I am writing is based on some books that I have read and have changed my life.
I believe fervently that making good use of the time we have will undoubtedly lead us to achieve our goals.
We take into account that in ALL the planet we humans have the same time, but the difference is in the planning that each one does on HIS time.

Thanks for sharing your excellent content.

I haven't made a schedule in a while. Maybe I should take 10 mins a day to plan my day. Perhaps, success will become a little easier. Thanks for the interesting post!

Interesting post @chbartist, I personally agree that "Currently" it is very important to have a specific order in our lives, administer our Time with wisdom to achieve our goals and effectively. We have to bear in mind that today's world requires us to have an "order" in our activities because we must prioritize our daily tasks so as not to waste something that is not renewable, our precious time.

i prefer working on schedule most of the time but mine not others'....


I prefer working
On schedule most of the time
But mine not others'....

                 - naomi614

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Schedules are what keep us in line, so we do not neglect important stuff but they can also get so full that there is little time for family and fun. Nowadays I get little time with family due to my busy schedule and travelling distances between us. Life just gets fuller and fuller requiring careful scheduling. Those people who need to take heed to your post due to disorganised lives will benefit I’m sure from your words.🙏

People hate to be accountable

Posted using Partiko Android

@chbartist, True, we need discipline, consistency and should face the challenges because in this way we will going to stand on the top and what comes easy goes easy and what comes hard with lot of efforts and groundwork will stay for long. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

@chbartist beautifully portrayed we actually need to stick to our schedule to climb the ladder of success!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for this topic. On personal experience, I became convinced of the importance of planning my affairs. Schedule organizes the day and keeps in shape. With good planning, there is even free time to devote to a hobby or family.

In-depth review. You must have done a lot of research for writing this blog. I Appreciate your effort.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great suggestion you are providing us here in this blog post , thanks for share

It is possible that the pattern is generated through the system we use to educate ourselves.

I always schedule my days. and that would be good if you be interactive in comment section sharing your thoughts to steemians's coments.

I also used to hate. But now after reading this I will not.

Posted using Partiko Android

Scheduling your days, sets you intention for the day.

The conscious and sib-conscious is now geared to drive much more clearer for the goals you have for the day ahead.

Therefore, guess what? You are more likely to achieve your dreams and aspirations..

The age old saying, make time to prepare, or prepare to fail.

Hola @ chbartist la mayoría de las personas les es más fácil enfocarse en las metas de otros y percibir un sueldo, y no es que sea nuestra propia naturaleza, posiblemente es por el patrón generado a través del sistema que usaron para educarnos.

It's difficult to create your own schedule, you yourself are the only one who can up hold it, it's much easier to betray yourself then others.

it's not about schedules, people tend to hate every thing that comes hard at them, this is why most people don't succeed.

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Thank for sharing bro.

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