Why is it Important to Not Worry Yourself Excessively About the Future?

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Hello, dear Steemians!

One of the most devastating weapons of thought that can slow us down or make our lives a living hell is anxiety and worry.

A manifestation of such anxiety is the thought of future and what it will bring.

Many people succumb to the darkness of an ambiguous future that has no answers for them, only more and more questions.

When they realize that they cannot answer these questions, they get nervous and anxious about almost everything that is going to happen to them.

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Fearing the future and what it is going to bring is a legitimate cause of suffering. But the main reason behind this is the general ignorance of people about how future comes to pass.

We do not know what the future is going to bring.

Nobody is even in a position to predict the consequence of events that are going to befall you in the future. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it!

Most people who are anxious about future events are those who think that bad things are going to happen, but the reverse is equally true; good things are also likely to happen.

These are two sides that are always struggling in your mind… you are the one who decides which one is worthy of recognition!

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But fearing the future is not just about its outcomes. Some people are afraid of the concept of the future, because they think of all the things that they are going to have to do.

They think about all the things, good or bad, that are going to happen to them.

This might be overwhelming to a lot of people, but I heard a quote the other day that has effectively occupied most of my thought about my role in this world and what the future is going to bring.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

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I think that is a very brilliant concept. We should not get worked up around the concept of the future and everything that is yet ahead of us. What we should instead focus on is tomorrow.

The future is going to come at you one day at a time. So, if you want to succeed in life and have something to say for yourself, you need to focus on what you have to do for tomorrow.

Two months from now, five years from now, a decade from now, and any other relevant time in your life is not important now. What is important is tomorrow.

Think about what you are going to have to do for tomorrow to make the future.

That is the only thing you need to focus on.

Remember; the entirety of your struggles and what will ultimately determine your fate can be summed up with what you do with your tomorrow!

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In regards to worry, here’s an absolute must-read book... It can be life-changing.

‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’ by Dale Carnegie. The audiobook version is excellent.

As far as anxiety goes, that’s a completely different story. One can suffer from both worry and anxiety for completely unrelated reasons, or, suffer from one and not the other. Worry is easy to kick with the proper tools, it’s mental. Anxiety is usually more physical, and while changes in mentality can help greatly (as can meditation and exercise), it’s a hell of a burden.

As always inspiring, thank you for shared <3

worrying changes nothing, it's just wasted time, it only brings dark thoughts, the food for our demons.
Always stay positive even when bad things are crossing your life. Bad things are our challenges in life as well as the good things are.
Walk with a brave and honest heart through your life in good and in bad times.
Have a wonderful week

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We have only Now, this precious moment called now

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Hi @chbartist, we only have control of the here and now. This is where we do our best work letting our energy flow easily and happily without fear. The future comes soon enough. Thank you for your thoughts, good ones for contemplation.


Agree. 👍

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@chbartist all the human beings come up in this world with a fix destiny. At the start of life, I mean on your first day of birth, every thing relating to you had been setteled for over life. So if you are comorehensively worried about your upcoming days this mean that you are living between certainity and uncertanity that causes a lot of flaws in your life. So be happy with your precious life and fully enjoy your time with any tension about your future. 🔮

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Thank you very much @chbartist for your inspiring articles. It's a great joy to read them. I myself try to establish a steemit blog which deals with the topics "mindset, psychology and philosophy". Would be great if you can add me to the list. If you like, have a look at my latest post. I also dealt with the questions, what to hope for and what to fear in future:

Worrying about future always makes us miss the beautiful present.
Live life in present than putting all your time worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow is never going to come. It's today, just today

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Our lives is an always zebra-like. After the black one always goes the white stage. Live your lives an optimistic way!

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How much time in my life I wasted, more precisely, being in a bad mood, worrying about the future. This was for me a strong motivation to unlearn the experience in advance. I am sure that each of us can draw very useful lessons from our own experience.

Starting today I start thinking tommorow I want to earn $1 000 000

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Thank you for this article. It really help me. I have being struggling with worries. At least this article opened up my mind.

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I am inspired reading this great article. Of-course we have to focus on Tomorrow, but what about today? I see many people are ignoring today as well. What are your words for them? Thanks for nice article.

Great post @chbartist, thank you 🙏

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Do everything better with a good and conference with out any susspence a cluer thought in mind for future.

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Very inspiring. Add me too in the list.

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That's good, I am not satisfied because every things done before when you born. God decided your life, future, food, and everything that you may able to deserve. But the other things, If you do work hard, your can change your life.

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This is a great concept to think about as we often get anxious of seeing progress from work being done. We must recognize that setting a path and walking it will always be positive despite the timing. Rome was not built in a day as great things take time to implement and develop!

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I think having strong faith in oneself and god, is an amazing way to stop worrying about stuff.

Having a lot of hobbies and creating your passion out of them helps with anxiety as it really helps keep your mind off of a lot of distractions.

Figure out what is within your control and what isn't. It helps a lot

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Too much worry about the future and too much repent about past , in both cases your not living in the present. Give your best and live the live fullest in the present. Who knows tommorow will be there or not? Worrying about the future nothing going to bring for you except disappoint depression etc. This will cripple you more and even a simple work you will not able to complete. High expectations from the life is create worries. If you make a habit of calm and mindfulness and whatever you do give your fullest. Definitely we will be happy and no place for repent. Live life without expectations, so that every day will be a miracle, everything will blessing and you'll be joyfully in nature. Be child in nature.

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Hi friend thank you so much for writing a nice post.
Thinking more about future take out the focus on the present. We should live in the present instead of thinking about future.

Future is based on the thing we do on the present. So whatever will happen is based on the present work and decision.


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Nowadays I know that when I was younger without family - children, I never was really worried about what the future brings to me. But know I'm worried about my children health, her future and others stuff. I know it's useless because I don't have any power the predict how our life will go or what will happen during an ordinary day. I always try to find a positive side on everything so I hope it will help me to silence my demons.

I believe it is sometimes referred to as ‘future shock’ a feeling of impending doom about the future. Young parents often feel this after the birth of their first child brought on by the massive responsibility of bringing a child into the world. It usually passes. I agree with the sunrise that worrying about the future is not productive. However when one is clearly not doing things right in life, and then the worry leads to positive change. Some people are just worriers, they will always find something to worry about even when life is going just fine. It is in their nature and they need to recognise it and bring about change in their thinking patterns to not include worry, especially about the things we can’t change like whether the world might end tomorrow. 🙏

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Chbartist an other best issuse dicussed for thinking abot future nice one more way for future for us thanks.

I have always believe that i should not worry about tommorrow as the future will worry about itself

Any body don't know about future and many people from us did not under stand that all the things In the hand GOD we need to be worried thinking about future. ALLAH create creating a new passes when we fail on first step He will create better for us we should not worried thinking abot future.

I am not really active in steemit, but when I was scrolling on it today, I found this article very helpful for those people who are ruining their present worrying for future. Thanks for this post.

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Probably modern world made us like this. Basically all of our decisions are made based on the idea of a better future. If this wasn't like this, no parent would make their children go to school and college. But in the meanwhile we forget to live, to experience things and to appreciate the moments that will never come back.

Building a future is an everyday task, but when it comes to living life, every little second counts. Planning is good, and take your decisions seriously is important. However, I think we have forgotten that we are supposed to help each other today, and do good today so we can have a better world tomorrow.

The future is our responsibility, and the present is our right. Both can (and should) coexist in our lives.

remeber to breathe deep focus on the bright side

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we should not worry about the future, because every day brings its own eagerness, we must live the present to have a better future.

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Live your life one day at a time. Today is more important. Tomorrow is yet to come. So, just be happy for today and think of good things and not bad things.

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This happen to me lot. As a head of the family, I get worried all the time. Worried about what am I going to give for my family. Having said, worrying about tomorrow is splitting the future into bits, but whatever it is, its part of the future. I know its futile to worry but I could not help myself if your children is waiting for you to fill their tummy. Its hard when you know you have nothing to give.

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What a great inspirational post, thanks for sharing. I will like to be part of this great community.

Your posts are really inspiring and insightful, keep on with the good work.

Absolutely! Right, prioritizing and doing the work needed for near future and not a decade long future is only healthy practice.
Keep inspiring us.

Me encanto muchas gracias por escribirlo es in muy buen articulo suerte y éxito

Hey @chbartist!

I completely agree with you on this post. Time and anxiety is completely linked and why should we worry about something you have no control of!

I even wrote something that complements this on a blog you can find here: https://steemit.com/mindset/@marlucco/what-you-do-for-a-living-and-other-language-traps

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