🎥🏆OSCARS 2018: Vote and Win 20 SBDs!🏆🎥 - LAST CALL! 💰💰💰

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📩OSCARS 2018: Vote and Win 20 SBDs!📩


Hi guys! This is my third and last call for the Oscars contest I organize. The Oscars are only a few days away and NOW IS THE TIME TO VOTE. I will give away 20 SBDs between the Steemit users who guess the most right answers of the winners of the Oscars 2018 (I'll decide how to break that amount depending on the results). So far, here are all the people who have been entered:

@themovieplace, @drishitmitra, @geoffreydemars, @lazynugu, @taliakerch, @danielawistela, @safat, @zija2022, @aneninen, @shinyguy, @anna89, @andyblack, @Mittymartz , @nikossa1908, @surfermarly, @timos, @chrisgr, @Kendalljk, @godflesh , @svarozich , @robhimself1h.

If your name is in that list, congratulations: you have nothing else to do ! 👍☑

I have a couple of people who identified themselves as @johnny171 and @surfacepro but there is no one registered as such on Steemit. If you are them or know them, please add a comment to put the record straight or I will not take your votes into account!

So, who wants to win? Do you have what it takes? If you do, just do what it says below:


Find below a link towards a Google Form survey which I have just created for that purpose:


What you need to do once you are on the page:

  1. Enter your email (optional - but necessary if you want to receive a list of your answers).
  2. Select - in each category - the movie which is going to win.
  3. Enter your Steemit username in the last question (imperative to know who is who).
  4. Click SUBMIT at the end. Be careful: you cannot change your answers past this point.
  5. You will receive a copy of your answers at the address email provided in step 1.
  6. Upvote, re-esteem and comment this post :-)

IMPORTANT: Some people might feel uncomfortable to give their email addresses. I have no intention to use it for any other purpose than the contest anyway. If you don't want to provide it, just make up a fake one. You will just not get the list of your answers - so better have a good memory!


The 90th Oscars®, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018, at the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live on the ABC Television Network at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. The Oscars also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

Here you can find the nominations:


Please bear in mind that my google form doest not list ALL the categories. Some of them are very obscure and no one really sees for exemple the short-feature films. So, they have been "forgotten" by design. Here are the categories which will be taken into consideration:



You can upvote and re-esteem this post as you wish! Since there is still one month to go, I will publish it at least 2 more times in order to reach the maximum people.

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Saw it today and it was pretty good... Moving. Lacked a proper budget for the war scenes maybe.

I just submitted the form with my votes. This will make viewing of oscars 2018 even more fun and exciting. Excellent idea and nicely done!


Glad to count you in! Good luck :)


Go daddy @thebigmile !:)


I keep my fingers crossed for Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri as the best movie

Great challenge, I'm happy to be part of it!
Looking forward to watching the show :-)

Unfulfilled Love called by name and Sixpack in shape of water will in any case win something ;)

I joined and am pleased for this contest since its a reward for watching as much film as I had to vote.😂😂Thanks man
See you march 5
Upvoted and resteemed


Good luck! :)
PS: I can see the upvote, but not the re-esteem ;)


I did... You can check it well


Now i see it :-) I don't know why it didn't appear before!

I will participate :-D I just found this contest, so I need to do the 5 steps (in the next hour), the 6th is done :-D


A million thanks, @mystic-creature, and good luck to you! :-) I forgot to precise the deadline for the vote: Sunday 4th of March at 8pm (GMT).


Thank you. :) I did it just now. :D Can't wait to see the results. :D

I joined


Thanks and Good luck :-)

Thanks for the opportunity to also vote for the oscars award,I have filled the form,up-voted and re-esteemed.


Good luck! :)

Aún me faltan algunas películas, pero seguro que participo. Genial iniciativa!

I'm done! Capture.PNG

Done! upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks! Good luck to you :)

I hope I will win this contest. Thankyou! NICE IDEA!

it is a great idea!


Glad that you joined!


Thank you very much 😀

I've just seen this contest, i participated. May the good one win :)


Good luck :)

I joined!


Excellent! 👏👏👏 Good luck!

Resteemed and waiting for the results!!!


Cross your fingers! ^^


I will stay with my fingers crossed until the results hahaha!

I joined your competition. :)


Good luck! And since you are from Zagreb, that may interest you:

Hi, your post has been very nice. I am ready to vote and comment on all of them and hope you vote and comment.My steem id link https://steemit.com/@zarzish

I FINALLY did it :)))


woohoo :) exactly what i wanted to hear!

Hi there, friends! Yes, you:

@bacinilat @alexandraioana26 @soufianechakrouf @mnallica @loveisintheair @katarinazaja @hanen @davekavanagh @mariaesperanzai @zilye @artizm @miyata1987 @aril.hatake

I noticed that you upvoted and/or re-esteemed my Oscars 2018 post and I'm very grateful... But still no sign of your vote in my Google Form! 😱😨 I would hate if you missed the deadline by mistake, so, this is a friendly reminder that the form is still open till sunday evening (9PM GMT).

Good luck!


Done 😂 even that i know i wouldn't win

Upvote done and resteemed


Thanks! Good luck!


Thank you :)

Top moderator

Great contest..I am going to take part..@herverisson


Excellent! Good luck to you!

Thank you for hosting, this is fun!


You are welcome! Good luck! 👏👏👏


By the way, if that article reaches at least the 15$ bar, i'll throw in 10 more SBDs in the prize pool ^^

Just done ^_^


👏👏👏 Good luck @silviabeneforti!

I just submitted my entry. Hope my bets will win. Thanks for this contest.

Thanks for the last call reminder! Just entered my Oscars picks... Looking forward to seeing all the winners. Let's just hope that there's not another Warren Beatty/Faye Dunaway "surprise" this year - this time, I'm watching to the final, final, final end...


hahaha there is one surprise every year now... Maybe it's marketed that way? :) Anyway, thanks for taking part and good luck!

good idea. count on me


Good luck! :-)

New kind of contests but nice.
I like this idea.
Just completed the form and wish to win :-)

Thanks. Just thirty minutes ago I reviewed the form, but I want to watch more films. When is the deadline?
Btw: You can upvote and re-esteem this post as you wish! Since there is still one month to go, I will publish it at least 2 more times in order to reach the maximum people. I think it's from the previous post, we have less than a week now...
am I right @herverisson?


Hello! Yes, the Oscars ceremony is sunday night.
So, I'll close the Google Form by Sunday March 4th at 8pm (GMT) :-)
Thanks for reminding me about the deadline :)

Oh well....I guess I’m too late 😋


😢sorry @mammasitta!