OCD-witness updates and reward distribution

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Hey everyone! Over a month ago we announced @ocd-witness, if you missed it you can read more info about it here in the post.

Ever since then we've made it up the ranks on the witness list and are currently located at a solid #57 which you can see here. During this time our witness account has managed to mine over 400 SP which will be used towards future curation by delegating to the @ocd account.

We recently also had some major updates in the project which I wrote about here.

This post is to inform everyone of our new server that we have up and running with the specs listed in the image below and how we plan on distributing the rewards the witness earns. We will continue to have a backup server of 32gb running in the background in case issues appear with the new one at any time to make sure our witness remains stable and doesn't miss any more blocks.

The rewards of the witness account will be distributed as follows:

50% will go towards all of the curators depending on stakes they have earned within the project that also holds their SP into the @ocd account. The curators can withdraw these stakes at certain periods and/or if they leave the project or are removed due to inactivity/other.

20% of the rewards will go towards @anomadsoul who has been very active with the project since the very start and has gotten more and more involved in it. He is also sharing the costs of the servers with me on a monthly basis.

20% of the rewards will go to myself as the creator of the project and in the future will be delegating more of my own SP towards it for continuous curation of newcomers of quality content which @ocd is about.

10% of the rewards will go towards the person handling and maintaining or witness.

We believe that communal witness accounts like these were rewards are used for certain projects like curation should not be in the top 20 witness list. There are however plenty of inactive and barely contributing witnesses still in the top 50. The top 20 is of huge importance and it should be held by owners who can contribute with code and are active in the development of the blockchain.

With that being said, we are hoping to maintain a healthy rank to allow the project to grow continuously with curators and posts we curate but we want to make it public that we are not striving to go for top 20 in witness ranks.

Our curators work hard on finding undervalued posts by newcomers or authors that haven't seen the rewards they deserve. We have curated over 1000 unique authors since we have begun the project and currently have over 35 curators in the team. We expect all stats to be growing exponentially at the same pace as the platform.

Here is an analysis post made by @miniature-tiger explaining how manual curators can earn more curation rewards as the main curators in the @ocd project let others front-run them for rewards. We encourage all new and old curators to vote on the nominations in posts and re-steems as they all go towards vetted and new authors that deserve the rewards and recognition. He also went through some retention stats that were looking very good considering the analysis was done before the big jump up in price of Steem and cryptocurrencies in general.

An analysis of user retention shows that over 80% of users who have been featured by OCD are still active on Steem (73% have posted within the last 14 days, 84% voted within the same time period). This is a huge percentage in comparison to the 10% user retention seen overall.

The effects of curation groups are very important for the platform and it's activity.

If you like what we are doing and want to help out, you can go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and throw us a witness vote under the username: @ocd-witness
Bear in mind that this action requires your private active key.

If you are an inactive user that doesn't curate much but would like to spend his voting power to help out the retention rate of the platform, you can delegate to @ocd either by using the desktop wallet Vessel created by @jesta, or follow this delegation tutorial through steemconnect created by @timcliff.

If you want to delegate bigger amounts but would be interested to receive a share of the curation rewards of @ocd, feel free to contact me on discord: Acidyo #8038 or on steemit.chat under @acidyo and I will try to respond to you as fast as I can.

We are also planning on setting up a curation trail soon which you can follow the @ocd account instead to do part of or all of the daily voting for you on @ocd posts and nominations.

Thanks for reading and your consideration of a witness vote, every vote counts!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here in the comments or in messages in the chats listed above.

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As a promoter of steem, i feel bad when new users i introduced to the platform give up because they are not being recognized. You and your team are doing a wonderful job recognizing these users. And I would love to be part of your team.


Yes, @nmalove I quite agree with you, I was once giving up too on this platform when I heard that its a platform to make quick bucks and it wasn't coming.

But then I just had to re-orientate myself, bond with people wey sabi road. Lol. @nmalove, I have you and a few others to thank.

@acidyo, @ocd, is it possible for someone to have a high steem power and still not be very active in curation?

@ocd, thanks for your support. To the community and to members, it means a lot



I joined steem not too long, December last year but became active In January. I think it all depends on what is driving a new user. Some its earning immediately and not building interaction with real people and dishing out helpful contents.

Easily they get defeated. And back out.

I haven't even earn 20 dollars here but I wake up daily with a great drive to cut it out here. providing value and benefits is first and i'm sure the money will follow.

In the last few days i have brough more than 20 people to steemit.

So, thanks to people like @acidyo. I'm sure with you, these users will find it easier


Sir, you and your team's are doing a great job. Please introduce new and sophisticated updates so that it goes free from bugs and work smoothly.


The Factors that Decide the Intelligence


I have always had our members from @steemitfamilyph vote OCD as one of our witnesses because of what it does to the community in recognising good posts and rewarding underappreciated individuals.

I had my first taste of an OCD nomination 3 months ago and it spurred me to go on and create even better articles because it was such a great feeling.

As we continue to grow rest assured that OCD will always be one of the first witnesses we always add.

Really happy to be one of the original curators and appreciate how much good the project has done for minnows on the platform. I am even happier to see the user retention of featured authors. That is awesome and a testament to this project's community value.

What @acidyo is doing through curation programs and upvote help for quality posts of newly active Steemit users helps to keep their spirit and rhythm produce quality posts. I have twice the opportunity to be upvote by @ocd from @acidyo. Thank you

With that being said, we are hoping to maintain a healthy rank to allow the project to grow continuously with curators and posts we curate but we want to make it public that we are not striving to go for top 20 in witness ranks.

I am quite certain you guys will maintain the rank because of the kinds of effort you have put into the functionality of this ocd project.

a product with better distribution will always win over a superior product with poor distribution or customer access. its no fair its not right but its reality.....
great work keep it up and stay blessed

I am glad that we have movers and shakers that know what they are doing and care about the health and wellbeing of the platform while getting rewarded for their hard work. I frequently get confused about how the off shoots, platforms and applications on Steemit all work. So please keep breaking down your progress for us average bears!

This is my favorite project on Steemit! As the community continues to grow it is going to become more important to keep our authors around! What OCD is doing is exactly this!

P.S. I apologize for not voting you as a witness earlier! It has been done as of just a few minutes ago!!


No worries, as you can tell by how seldom we make posts about it we haven't been to much in a hurry with the ocd-witness, it's been more important to have everything stable before rising in ranks. :)


You're right about that! I don't think you will have a problem rising in the ranks with it! You'll be in the top 50 and then the top 20 before long! :D

This is great support for us. Just have done my witness vote for @ocd-witness


Thank you! :)

Nice post.. I did witness in it that was really amazing, i had got 30 vote but i didn't used all only some the people i liked now i will on @ocd for sure ,Thanks for the update..@acidyo

I never new about @ocd-witness, I must have missed that part, but thanks to this post, i will update my witness and @ocd-witness sure gonna be there.

Personally I have really seen the impart of OCD on steemit and how minnow have been supported by this project.

Good one sir, keep it up.

Is the amount of SP mined determined or affected by the amount of votes a witness has?

This a great idea to help people who want to take part in it and it seem very fair and useful for everyone out here...The project is profitable to everyone...Thanks for sharing wonderful project and idea @aciydo


quiero participar y aprender mas sobre el proyecto.

This is incredible help for us. Simply have done my witness vote in favor of @ocd-witness

What @acidyo is doing through curation programs and upvote help for quality posts of recently dynamic Steemit clients keeps their soul and beat create quality posts. I have double the chance to be upvote by @ocd from @acidyo.

Great post..That is amazing i did vote in that ocd i only got 30 votes the people who i like i voted them..But there are many thing that i didn't understand about this post now would do some research and Can you tell something more in easy way as i love to know about it..That is amazing update..Thanks for sharing..@acidyo

Nice post sir... You are a greate... I always follow you... Your all post is really awesome.. I like your all post sir... Thank you for update news sir.. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

I don’t know much about this ocd project but want know and want to participate on it.its look like it is good for new steemitian..

Thank you for the renewal of his sounding very good indeed. But I want to say this here, where in the last few months got a very difficult award. I am still confused how it says unique and interesting post while their rewards can be 0.01 .. Is there anything wrong with this. I have followed you. so is the witness .. I am talking to you and this represents a small account as your project vision for the future.

I didn't understand totally but it seems like very helpful and beneficial to people on steemit...Thanks for sharing your kind project with us @acidyo

Very helpful act..I hope this project will help people like us...Thanks keepon doing great work @acidyo

This is my most loved venture on Steemit! As the group keeps on developing it will turn out to be more imperative to keep our creators around! What OCD is doing is precisely this.

I don’t totally get what’s happening or going on tbh so i am going to look further in it and about the ocd so thanks for sharing. I’ll look into it .

Oh!! Great post sir.... You are a really great... you share update news always.... Sir i really like your all post and akways waiting for your update news..i try to always fst upvote and comment bt i can't because my country network is very slow....This is my bad luck.... By the way best of luck and i waiting your next update post sir

We are not aware of many things in the WITNESS. Through many posts we can learn about this. You have provided very good information @acidyo

Thank you for sharing :)

Is there any one that will have sensibly high SP and still be dormant in curation? I cherish the work the @ocd group is doing. Awesome employment @acidyo

Is there any one that will have reasonably high SP and still be inactive in curation? I love the work the @ocd community is doing. Great job @acidyo

Wow that’s a great project
This will help the steemit community alot
Hope this projects succeed
Thanks for sharing @acidyo

Excelente proyecto estoy seguro que no perderán nigun bloque mas, es un gran esfuerzo departe de ustedes gracias por la info y compartirlo @acidyo.
acabo de hacer el voto para @ocd-witness

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

Great works you guys are doing. ocd-witness upvoted. Well-done

its amazing thanks for sharing man💜💜

hmmmmm.......@acidyo i hope i win one day

The distribution of wealth is just as important as its creation..
stay blessed thanks for sharing the post:):):)


True. I don't think OCD should be top 20 either. It should probably be top 10. Let's be real here, if an increase in technology or access to technology had much to do with leveling the playing field then the world would be a very... different place. Instead we see the opposite, where technological advantages means competitive advantages, and capital pursues technology and the latter helps the former grow by productivity gains or wins on the battlefield or marketplace. But we can't really crush the competition by being the coin with the highest ROI due to its tech being better, because if you siphon off the wealth of the world and only a few people are helped then what's the fun in that?

Thank's for share it

I appreciate your work, you are involved in so many projects. It's great that you help newcomers or authors that haven't seen the rewards they deserve.

Best wishes!

a good news for progress. thanks for the imfo promotor of sistem @acidyo
Thanks for sharing @acidyo
Happy valentine day for you #acidyo
Love full

Wauw over 400SP! That is really great congrats!! Really intresting to read all this and to see how you Guys set all this up, respect! I keep following this subject!

As much i do understand ...this is pretty good to help beginners .....50% is alot...it will really make minnows to grow alot.....guess it is just the beginning who know what OCD is going to be in future.....it is really a pretty impressive concept....

Hope to see many more community projects in the top 50.
You guys certainly have my vote :)

Brilliant post..That is an amazing way to put it i would to participate in it but can you help how could i participate or witness or vote..@acidyo

I am new to steemit. I feels a bit absurd all alone. But the curators are keeping us attached. U r all doing a great job. U should be rewarded for such a greatful job.
Keep it up guys

Congratulations for what you achieved until now. Hope you make this platform even better.

It has been already 1 month that @ocd-witness was announced?

Oh damn, "time flies" - that is actually true!

Well done and thanks you and your team for helping out newbies and also trying as much as possible to come down so low in helping.

More strength for you @acidyo

Thank you @acidyo...resteemed so everyone can see.

Good one

Thanks. Been trying to figure out what a Witness is on Steemit? This helps some. I'll add you to my list.

OCD Is a great project. It can help creators to boost their confidence that their content is interesting enough to be upvoted. So they will keep working hard building their fan base.

I was once here back in 2016, and i wished something like this had been in existence then before life caught up with me. Now that i am back with a new account, what topics could i write about under OCD pls? And i just followed you and voted OCD-Witness as witness

Thanks for your updates and reward distribution ... Its really great and so amazing

good post friends

I'm a new user in steemit, I have not really understood the way of witnes formation. because this is the first time I read clearly explanation about witnes.

I am very grateful for the information @acidyo
I want to try to join your team, because after reading your post reviews, I became interested to join your team immediately.
I will support your team morally and morally, and I will do as much as I can what your team needs.

best regards from me @elparsie

What would you do, if the witness would enter T20 rank?
Because most community witnesses will enter this sooner or later:(

Congratulations on your new rank #57 on the witness list. Sharing the reward is a kind gesture. We appreciate the work you are doing for the Steemit Community. I hope you make the first 50 list and move upward.

Steem on!!

Ah I need to read more on this curating thing or curation trails.. Still haven't wrapped my head around it. 😌

you people are doing an amazing job. Thank you very much.

It has been a while since I left a comment on one of your posts. It has been crazy but I still stop by as often as I can. You are one of the people who I see that actually care and try to help the whole ecosystem of steemit, the minnows, the dolphins, everyone who has something good to offer.

I am throwing another ''thanks'' your way, I see what you and your team of curators do and I know it encourages a lot of newcomers to continue on. It sure encouraged me when I started. Sending all the love in the world to the hard-working elves working in Acidyo workshop and providing Christmas to everyone around!

@acidyo Thanks a lot for the updates~

wow this is great . I support for us .

You do a great job of giving people hope to be seen. This is a great incentive to make high-quality projects on the platform. I'm happy to vote for you as the best witness.

much appreciation for your work and to help new slow learning users like me , I'm still learning a lot every day on steam and it's fun to be a part of the evolution and to know which direction that Steemit will go in the future.

please voteback..

Congratulations @acidyo!
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thanks for the awesome post. i think i can help you to find out great facts about your related industry or catagory @sumaanraina

I love the whole idea of you guys really pushing this forward. I have my shares of trying to keep the people I bring in to stay here. I have my own contest to make sure of that. More importantly I am so pleased that you guys are doing this for everyone. More power!

I've just started to find out about witnesses here on steemit. I don't fully understand the whole thing yet but I think @ocd-witness is my number one now.