The Looming Existential Crisis for PayPal

in paypal •  9 months ago

Cryptocurrency might not be taking over the world. One thing it is doing is bringing in a new age of cheaper payments.

The digital world long has favored high transaction costs. The biggest of this is PayPal. This multi-billion dollar entity makes a fortune taking a little bit on each transaction. It also charges merchants a fee to have the service. Hence, PayPal collects on transactions, both large and small.

This could be coming to an end. Not only did Bitcoin present a new, low-fee system, others are following suit. This could spell doom for PayPal which is trading near an all-time high.


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crypto will take over

When will crypto take over?

I think it's the natural progression. Tech companies always need to move with the time, or they get left behind. Paypal will be one of those.


Yes and PayPal has been acting like a dick lately so they deserve some punishment from the market.

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i beleive that time for pay pal is over now with Crypto currency coming in power and existence.

Not only this, but with eBay discontinuing their partnership with Paypal in the near future means trouble for them indeed.


nothing last forever..

Well ebay have already decided to ditch PayPal...their fault for not getting aboard the blockchain train

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good information tenor.gif

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The blockchain has the capability to upset so many tech industries in the future and return much of the 'power' back to the users. Paypal is one of many companies that may become obsolete when/if crypto is adopted on a large scale. Personally, I want to see social media giants go first and return our 'data' to us (which is why I love steemit). #steemitforever!


I can't wait for that! Oh yea!


These companies are doing emense research on the blockchain technology. With their already massive capital, they can easily transit their system or build a blockchain like system. Keep in mind that JP Morgan and some other big banks have designed the hyperledger CORDA (Consortium R3) which they will use to settle debts and other important bank to bank settlements.

What will have in the future is more competition, which is good for business and favorable for customers.

En mi opinion , paypal tiene que evolucionar, no colocar tantas trabas para sus clientes, y actualizarse a la nueva era, EN LA EVOLUCION esta el cambio para mejor o peor, pero hay que seguir el ritmo del tiempo, si no mueres...

Very well said mate
btw did you saw this kucoin anniversary? there are lots of event happening right now lmao
check this out

Si no se ajusta a la nueva era tendrá que darle paso a la nueva evolución tecnológica, de eso podemos estar seguros.

This is very good information !!!!

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espero que así sea...

This is great news, since PayPal nickel and dimes us like other financial corporations do. Thanks for this information/article.

Peace Love & Steeeem!

paypal may just a step before crypto, but it did well for that time too

Yes I think this is the next logical step in technology for payments. Paypal will soon become a tool of the past! I am new here and would appreciate a follow back. Thanks for your work.

unless paypal decide to join the blockchain train, it might just enough to save them.

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Just about a week ago I tried buying a booster pack from steem Monsters. Their credit card processor wasn't working. So I bought with Eth instead.

The only bad thing about crypto payments is people overcharge by about 20%. To overcome volatility. Which I think just serves to cannibalize the cryptocurrency market.

Next time I bought with my credit card, cause 2$ = 2$ and not $2.23.

Crypto merchants need to get with the program and liquidate their received crypto the same day, and stop charging 20% or more for crypto transactions.

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