Paradise Beach in Bantayan Island

in philippines •  10 months ago

We are still in paradise and we spent the morning in an aptly named Paradise Beach.


It is a 10 minute walk from the road but when you see it, you know it's worth it.


Fine, white sand, crystal clear waters and an endlessly blue sky.

We had the beach to ourselves and there are no structures there. The campsite is about 5 minutes away from the beach so it is unspoiled.

There were a lot of minnows, some starfishes and even a couple of sea urchins!

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but great memories.

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Lol funny people who are in hot countries would trade snow and those in cold countries want the sun.

what a lovely and peaceful place. perfect place to unwind and relax. :)


Indeed I don't think I know how to go back anymore hahha

Wow! Love to go there. 😍


Oh yeah it's awesome!

no specific location boss hehe, walang cebu


Err it's in Cebu


There were a lot of minnows

minnows like me? lolz...

I can see how you are enjoying the beach... feeling a little jealous

Hala! Nakakainggit nmn :(

I love the place :(

Ah, Mave ♥
I haven't been there. But I know about that place. I definitely know you're havin' a blast. ♥

Ganda naman po dyan sir :)