Paradise Found in Cebu

in philippines •  11 months ago

So finally some time to get some sun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I am in Bantayan Island in Cebu enjoying this beautiful sunrise with some pretty amazing people.

snap (2).jpg

I am not a morning person but get me a cup of coffee and an amazing view right out my door and is worth it!


I can't get dTube to work though even with strong WiFi.

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These are great photos you have here. Welcome to Cebu!


Thanks and it is so beautiful indeed!

Wow sir that is an amazing view! Absolutely stunning! I hope to visit Cebu someday. Enjoy and have a nice day ahead! 😊


I wish to visit Japan again!!!yes Cebu is an awesome place to visit.

welcome to cebu sir @maverickinvictus from cebu but i have never been to that scenic place with a lovely sunrise..hope you enjoy your stay here in the queen city of the south =)


Oh yeah it is indeed so beautiful. The beaches are just awesome and a sight to behold.

This is the first time I have heard of that Island. Looks like a wonderful one. ;)


Lol sorry I spelled it wrong hahahha

Upload to youtube, I will download and upload to DTube?
Nice pics!


I'll upload it when I get back. It might be a compression issue because I did all the necessary steps already.

Its 730am ?!! tooo early fella...I didnt know there were two 7.30s in a day lol ;-)
Looks absolutely beautiful...have a wonderful trip :-)


Lol it's amazing man. The place is just awesome and the food great.

Ohh. The bed monster is up! Cebu is really awesome. Will wait for your photos under the sea sir. Mehehe :D


Lol hardly sleeping here as there are just too many things to do!

Bag whaaat? Ngayon ko lang narinig tong Island na to! Ma search nga. Thanks for sharing! :)


I was wondering why seems that it was Autocorrected to Bagtikan hahahha

I'm in Bantayan Island in Anika Resort.


Hahahaha! Kaya nga I was wondering din kasi the place looks so familiar! I’ve been there last 2016 too! A beautiful place!!

wow! sir mavs such a beautiful place , galing din kasi ng pagkakapicture. Enjoy! @maverickinvictus 😍❤️


Lol mas magaling si God for making such a beautiful place.

Yeeey! You're here! I was going to say, "Enjoy your stay", but it looks like you already are.


Oh yeah the sights are amazing, the food is incredible and the smiles oh so friendly.

Want to go there too with my LDR :) .. taga cebu din xa <3