Promo-Steem at the London Cryptocurrency Show - UPDATE!

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And cross your fingers for the penthouse suite afterparty!


Today, we have just had a second conversation with the organisers of the London Cryptocurrency Show, being held on Saturday April 14th 2018, and have agreed the format by which the #promo-steem team will be involved.

We are already a Media Partner with the show, and this gives us some unique exposure. One of the things we spoke about with the Marketing Manager was how we can leveredge the thousands of promoters around the world to make this a huge event which can pull in serious amounts of investment capital.

But now, it appears we are going to be pretty much involved in a great deal of the days events including:

Live Question and Answer Sessions

@stephenkendal, @starkerz, @allasyummyfood and myself @anarcotech, will all be taking a turn at least once during the day to be the Compere/Moderator of a live Question and Answer session taking on a broad range of topics for people who are both new and seasoned crypto-investors. These topics include:

Investing in cryptocurrency, ICO's, Crypto Mining, Trading and Technical Analysis.

Two lots of hour long talks dedicated to STEEM/Steemit

We also have the opportunity to speak uninterrupted on one of the stages for a whole hour of the day. Twice!
At the moment, it looks like I'm going to take the first hour, to explain the STEEM blockchain and Steemit platform, including how it works and the benefits for investors.

The second hour will be @starkerz and @allasyummyfood talking about specific projects, and what they have both achieved, with Matt focussing on #promo-steem and Alla talking about her experience as the creator of a really successful microbusiness on the blockchain.

STEEM exhibition stand

We will also have an exhibition stand throughout the day, where we will be interacting with investors and visitors to the show. This really is our opportunity to bring loads of new users into the ecosystem, and with a huge number of them being investors, it's quite a big deal really.

The Aftershow party

We are also going to be running an aftershow party, hosted by Alla, and the current plan is to hire the massive penthouse suite and invite Steemians, and interested VIP's to come and have fun and continue to chat about the possibilities that the STEEM platform brings to serious investors.

Why this is such an important event

Now, let me be clear, bringing investors into the platform is extremely important, because the more new money that flows into the platform, the more demand for STEEM there is, and where demand is high, this means the price of STEEM rises....which is great for everyone who is here.

And London is the financial centre of the world. Despite the vast global reach of Wall Street, London is still pretty much regarded as the biggest financial powerhouse. It's huge. And we are going to be right in the middle of it, promoting STEEM in a massive way, at the centre of one of the biggest cryptocurrency events in the UK!

I will be speaking with the tech guys for the show, and liasing with them as to how best our community can help support this brilliant opportunity which will be mutually beneficial to all, and details to follow on that.


Tickets for the event at the moment are currently FREE for Steemians (althought it will not last long that way) and you can get a ticket here (normal ticket price £20)

The location is the Novotel London West (Hammersmith) and you can find directions here

Can you make it? We want to show the organisers how well the Steemit platform operates in the real world and ideally give a huge boost to the number of investors in the platform...and we could really pump this. Imagine if we could get @ned to the show. I would gladly give up my speaking slot for him.

If you want to come and help, maybe spend a bit of time handing out flyers/business cards or talking to investors and getting them signed up to the platform (and buying STEEM), or just to come and give us some Steemy support, we would love to see you!

More updates to follow...and if a whale decides to support this, well we might just be getting that VIP Penthouse Afterparty for investors after all!

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I am proud of the leaders of #promo-steem and thanks for telling me about how London is the biggest financial center of the world.

And London is the financial centre of the world. Despite the vast global reach of Wall Street, London is still pretty much regarded as the biggest financial powerhouse.

I really hope @ned would see this post and travel there and represent Steemit to the world Financial center.

Imagine if we could get @ned to the show. I would gladly give up my speaking slot for him.


This would be amazing! we will definitely work on this as this is a major event and it would be great to see if @ned or someone as senior could come to do a short talk.


That would be awesome,@ned, @steemitblog and @steemitdev have taken a while without posting though.

If any of them would post soon,we would swam their posts with comments about this event of yours hehehe.


Hehe ;))


Three people in a picture! Greatness in one picture. Amazing work. You are simply phenomenal.


Good luck at the show and if it is over how did it go for you.. good I hope..


The Definition of Beauty


Why thank you! I try my best. :)


a good post and simple, I really support ,, do not forget to follow @ ajaa23

@anarcotech excellent news! Look what I posted about it:
Promo-Steem - Decentralized Marketing Department of Steemit - Is Going to the London Cryptocurrency Show!

Regards, @gold84



This is great stuff! We need to get the good news of steemit to the whole world and its very sensible to start in a crypto currency show as participants would have more understanding of crypto currencies and be open to investing in steemit.

Looks to be a great time. Sure would love to be there.

It's great. So i am sure in April after this event we are going to get many new members on steemit and also investors for steem

Great news @anarcotech!! :)

Screenshot from 2018-02-13 21-25-05.png


Quick question.
Can there ever be a case where there is Steemit inter-meetup.
A case where there is a an international meet-up on the Steemit level?




That would really be awesome.

Here is the event that I have mentioned to you @mrs.steemit . It would be really appreciated if you could share the information with the @APPICS team for @starkerz and @steem-ambassador . Would be brilliant to have APPICS involved

good post @anarcotech

i am going to promote steemit and steem in bangladesh


how to promote steemit in bd?


Good move by @joy69.. i am doing that in my city here in Africa


I will promote in OZ @anarcotech


@anarcotech, you have opened my eyes to how i can contribute to my society. Its best to think of giving than taking just as that popular quote, "never ask what you country can do for you but what you can do for you country". I am going to start publicity right from my neigbhorhood until everyone knows and gets on this platform.


Thanks man. I agree wholeheartedly.


That's a good idea.

This is wonderful. It is good that you guys are out there promoting steem. As we promote it and get more people in the community, better quality content will come in, increase value and the price of steem will start a steady up climb. Power on up steem!!!

Amazing job! I love Steem and Steemit...

this indeed a great has trigger the youth more and more in helping in the promoting of this awesome platform. Thanks @anarcotech for this enlightening least our STEEMIAN are getting prepared for the great task ahead. regards from @isaachazard

i am proud of you dear but i have learn about steemit tell me how

Great stuff. Upvoted.
I'm a crypto analyst with a passion for Elliot Wave Theory. Please consider following me if you are looking for original content as my goal is to help improve the crypto community. I hope it'll add value to your crypto career through my enthusiasm and love for crypto.

I like ur post.follow me and upvote my posts

Good job friend.. I think a great opportunity.thanks for sharing ..@anarcotech

How FUN of an event this would be to attend and talk about the Steemit Platform. Cannot attend so I will equally SPREAD THE WORD to the people on my campus. Y'all have a good one

thanks for shareing

A big hearful thank to all
@stephenkendal, @starkerz, @allasyummyfood ,@anarcotech,for letting this platform for a wider guys doing extreme hard work in building this platform ,hope all your efforts will bring more steemians to join in coming days and make it a mightier platform.indeed future is ours "#BlockChain"

Keep up the good job. I love what you are doing.


Good news

the historic 2-hour conversation, which hopefully will give hope, a new spirit for steemit progress.
this is good information for all steemit users. hopefully all new breakthroughs in steemit can be a magical fertilizer to nourish all the hopes that are stuck on steemit.
steemit is a step towards success ...!

So many crypto / blockchain events these days & so little time, exciting days ahead.

Nice post

Promotion of steemit is one of my aims here .
But i think i need little much time to build a good relation here before i go out there to preach the steem gospel
Or its good i start now?

Really amazing post

Thank you for this post.

Good plan by u guys, I admire your hard work and am certainly sure posterity will forever reward u guys.
Keep on the good work!

very good job friends, hope what you have done run smoothly and success, thank you for sharing information, I will always follow @anarcotech, upvote and resteem

congratulations !!!


Nice one.

Hi my friend, i am going to promote steemit and steem in west java Indonesia on friday...wish you all the best. Regards

Wao that is awesome.

I hope. you can come to aceh while on vacation. and promote-steem. I think a great opportunity. Thank you brother.

Outstanding blog..
Your post gift us genarel knowledge incrase. Your New thinking give us new blog wrighting inspirations.

oh great to see you and @stephenkendal together best wishes for you.


Sorry for posting link on your blog
Interesting post must check.
Top 70 cryptocurrencies with buying and target points

Crypto world is growing and growing how. Great wish everybody more success and prosperity

What great news! I'm giving the 14th some serious thought now. If @ned joins I'll definitely be there.

as i am new member in this very helpful post.
plz upvote my blogs and this comment if u like

So cool to see so much work and smiles! Cheers for Promoters! & Fingers Crossed! haha


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Thank You! ⚜

We will also have an exhibition stand throughout the day, where we will be interacting with investors and visitors to the show. This really is our opportunity to bring loads of new users into the ecosystem, and with a huge number of them being investors, it's quite a big deal really. awesome:)

Have booked my ticket for the event, glad to help on the day.

This is great news for steem and steemit in general, now we are about to go bigger and we hope for many other better things ahead.

How i wish i would help if i were there.. Nice project and event!

How i wish i would help if i were there.. Nice project and event!

nice to see steem is growing and growing. greetings from Portugal

I have my tickets so it should be a blast. Looking forward to seeing all the hotshot Steemians there.

Nice show

Wow, i would say a big well done to steemit admin , for their endless effort that have changed the life of people all over the world. Hope to see more investors come in to bring your earnest effort to your desire satisfaction. Well done

Am really happy how you guys are making waves over there in UK. I believe with this we can easily get investors into the platform. I love what you guys are doing.

I also am making a big plan that will strike again in Nigeria for promo-steem.

thank you so much for the well-written article!

i hope that in the future i will be able to travel for these events, if crypto keeps growing i am sure i can make it!

this is something that will benefit everybody on the steem platform!

please voteback..

Promoting steem in Nigeria and Ghana

@anarcotech thanks for sharing this valuable info with us.You are helping steemit community by sharing you knowledge about crypto☺thanks to promo steem also

Love it

Congratulations @anarcotech!
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Wish i'd known about this as i'm nearby but i'm going on holiday now! FML!

If the #promo-steem going to Asia, hopefully you also come to Indonesia for a great promotion.

alots of Indonesia streemians are waiting for the meeting.

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@anarcotech feel free to get in touch with me next time you are making banners and digital artwork for your event guys, give me decent time to prepare them at least a 2 week period and I will give my best to present you something a little bit more professional, I am very interesting at taking the trip to London for that. Good luck.

Greatness in one picture.

Thanks for this such a great post I just followed upvoted and Resteemed

I promotion steem in my blog ..
Maybe you can give me advice be better ..
I needed .. come to my blog

I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team

Happy valentine day for you @anarcotech and steemiab all.