No you did not get kicked, you got pruned!

in pruning •  6 months ago

On SteemSpeak Discord I like to keep our users active. This time I pruned everyone who had not been active for 24 hours. So if you feel hurt, just go to and be more active.


We are now 5700+ active members of SteemSpeak, and we are stronger than ever.

Come and join us.


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Well that is one way of doing things

;) if I were your bodyguard, I would be all over the guy on the top right

I was kicked and am not going back there, some people there are not nice apologies to those that are nice though

Steempeak has a user friendly and attractive UI. I completely forgot about it for awhile. Thanks for reminding.

Is that your pruning face?

I've been banned. #UNBANPRINCESS


are you Princess?? wow


It is I who is named Princess. #UNBANPRINCESS