Booster SCORE more USERS & DELEGATORS! - Extraordinary good start of 2019

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Delegators and Customers love the REAL @BOOSTER - What is it we do that nobody else does to get more sales than our nearest colleagues in the other me2 bots?

As the very first auction based, transparent, steem-blockchain dependent upvote bot, our 24/7 crew have been monitoring this part of the industry from before d-day. There is something to be said about being the first, so let us start by welcome you to 2019, a new year for you, a new year for @booster!

  • We score more customers because we are the best at giving our customers what it is that they want.
  • We score more customers because @booster is predictable in that sense it will trigger an avalange of extra votes from between 0-1000 @frontrunner accounts. These are real steem users with blogs and a name our customers can network with later if they get along.
  • Our delegators share in the liquid earnings, gets paid every single day about the same time a day (Evening time in all of Americas)
  • Optimised systems have allowed @Booster to run and keep running at a lower cost, meaning every delegator earn volatility more than "they should" since we have no minium/maximum it is possible to buy up the majority of a single vote-window which some customers do when there is a lot of attention demand from the front-pagers/top trenders and especially during high tention and drama.
  • @Booster run a dynamic blacklist system, our own special AI. It tries to be human, realising that a culture has to be built on trial and errors there is a 40-80% chance a so called "shitposter" or "plagiarist" will successful be able to use @booster while being flagged by the community - @Booster reserve the rights to remove or not remove upvotes on said posts, as a countermeasure to "flagging accounts to oblivion". We believe that STEEM is strong enough to culturally educate each other about the unwritten laws around here.
  • Code is law - and no code has been battle-tested more than @booster. We were the first, the pioneer, the foundation of the entire steem-promotion business and sticking with us grants you access to the very top in the league of steem.

Real Support - Real People - 24/7 since... forever - How to contact @Booster support?

  • We want you to be successful and we want you to be able to find us and talk to us in Booster Inc whenever you need. And the easy and only way to do that is to get a Discord account and go to and write in the general chat or speak in the general voice room.
  • We always have people to hear you out, help you along morally and even resolve complicated situations.

Become a delegator right now!

Quick Delegation SteemPower here and become part of the passive earners of @Booster! Click the amount you want to delegate:

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Welcome to @Booster!

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Hello @booster team, Hope your honest business. Today i sent you 3 steem at wrong/inactive memo. So i can't get upvote.Please refund.

See that dead post link:

Hello @booster team. Today i sent you 20steem. and just get $7 worth vote ( Please refund me that loss amount.

@booster/@fyrstikken, i am a Delegator and i am happy to be part of Booster Family. Keep up brother and wish that it will grow with more effectivity in 2019 and coming years. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

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Really can’t argue with the results can you? At these prices a lot more users also feel comfortable bid Botting so business should be good

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Hello @booster I sent 34 steem some minutes ago
But My bid doesn't show in the bid list. So refund please.. I will send again when I will see a good ROI. Thanks...

Hello dear @booster I am not a rich man. I am so poor. Your bot have an error. Thats why who sent bid are not showing in the bid list. For your error I got a big loss. I sent 34 steem but I got 9.63$ worth vote. Please refund me that loss amount. I should get 18$ worth vote. I am feeling so sad.. Please refund........


@booster I had bid 1 STEEM to the bot and I didn't recieve the vote. PLEASE REFUND!!!! post:

Hey guys, I placed a 2 STEEM bid a few hours ago and @booster has passed 2 voting rounds since but didn't include my bid?!

Did I mess something up or did your bot just forget about me?

A refund will be much appreciated! Thanks.