[OPINION] Instagram Addiction, Is it wrong?

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Instagram is one application that allows us to share photos and videos and send them into various social networking services. In addition, Instagram also became one of the social media used by the age of today. How did it happen? Because through Instagram, we can display self-expression freely. Instagram is also installed with the display of digital filters.

It causes many people can not exclude from Instagram and the process of addiction to use. However, behind these advantages, Instagram is also one of the social media that has a bad meaning for human mental health.

The United Kingdom for Public Health where Falun 1447 young people (pages 14-25) from all over the United Kingdom, said that Instagram is a social media that can increase the level of depression, error, and negative.

Here are the negative effects on sending instagram you need to know.

1. Cyber-bullying

Not infrequently in the content instagram load things that smelled cyber-bullying. Usually cyber-bullying contains negative comments netizen to people who post photos. The comment can be a body-shout, saying harshly to insults and insults in a photo post.

This happened to a 13-year-old boy (in the Ditch the Label survey), he said he had changed his Instagram account into a privacy mode because someone he did not know suddenly had his picture and said he would put (or edit) his face on a photo naked if he did not pick up the phone. To this day, he does not know whether the person really is spreading his photograph or not.

2. Addictive look at feeds

Usually Instagram users will be diligent to check feednya. It is just to check the new post and also see the notification if anyone likes your post, check whether your follower increases or even decreases. Unconsciously there will be a lot of wasted time. Unless you make Instagram as a personal branding media or business account.

3. Will be exposed to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is a state in which individuals experience fear (phobias) if they miss the news from social media. This individual also experiences dependency with other individuals who are considered important in social media. The phenomenon of anxiety to miss information in social media can be referred to as a situation arising from the lack or bad self-regulatory and psychological satisfaction of a person.

A note about the adult millennium, aged 18-34, 70% of them admitted that they felt they were experiencing FOMO. In addition, 36% of the adult millennium admit that they experience FOMOs on a frequent or occasional level.

While 46% of the adult millennium revealed that the fear of loss that they have has been stimulated by social media, especially instagram. From this it can be concluded that individuals have a tendency to become more anxious, irritable, feel more comfortable and have feelings of inferiority after seeing social media. Surely this is only temporary.

4. Trigger Narcissism or Narsistic personality disorder

Some psychologists reveal the signs of a person suffering from narssistic personality disorder as follows:

  • Feel and think of himself as a superior individual
  • Always want to be self-center (center of attention)
  • It takes a lot of praise from others
  • Have too much confidence
  • Nice to fantasize with the things that smell of beauty, aesthetics, power, couples hinggan intelligence at once

Always envy the beauty and wealth of others. He also believes that others also envy what he has.
Psychological disorders of narcissism or excessive narcissism is a serious psychiatric disorder and instagram or other social media is very likely to be the trigger.

5. It triggers depression as well

According to the science of psychology, depression is a condition more than a keaadan sad. One of the causes of depression is instagram. Why did it happen? A survey of UK snapshots says that Instagram is the worst social media and very influential on the health of today's teenagers.

The survey involved 1,479 people aged 14-24. They were also asked about issues such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, intimidation and body image. Others, there are about 90 percent of teenagers who use social media more than any other age group so they are very vulnerable to its negative effects or impact.

A case happened to a 16-year-old teenager named Isla, who said that he had neglected his real life in terms of friendship. He was more inclined to spend all his time talking to his best friend online.

He had fallen into a depression for months and he thought depression was a terrible thing. Social media makes it worse because he constantly compares himself with people.

6. Then what to do?

Through the above explanation can be concluded that the negative effects Instagram enough if you are too intense use. Then, how can we reduce the intensity of using Instagram?


Before doing anything, we should make up our resolve first. If your goal is to reduce intensity using Instagram, you must be sure and committed definitely in the intention. You have to promise yourself not to be addicted to playing Instagram.


You should open or play Instagram for important purposes only, such as work needs or the need to communicate with a relation (distant associates). It can reduce the intensity you use Instagram because you already know the portion of time enough to play the social media.

You can set the time manually by creating a one hour rule where you can not open Instagram one hour before bedtime or an hour after waking up. You can also manage the time through other productivity applications.


The point here is when to gather with your family or friends, leave for a moment your phone and social media. Do not be too focused to play with something that is in cyberspace.


Switch your habit of playing instagram to hobbies, skills or other activities that can increase your productivity. Indirectly if you busied yourself with it, you can just reduce the intensity of using Instagram.

****The solutions above may help you in reducing the intensity of using Instagram considering the many bad effects if we are too addicted to play it. Good luck!****

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