Sndbox Challenge | Dtube video | Getting out of your comfort zone

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So here we are with my first ever Dtube video. In fact, this is my first video ever because I am extremely camera shy. I don't even like taking selfies but rather like observing people instead. So I am sorry for being nervous.

I have even written down what I was going to say but when I start filming it just goes out the window.

I almost did not try to join this week's sndbox challenge just because of the video. Yet there are so many things to lose out if I did not try to attempt so here it is.

I apologize for the wind sounds and the beach volleyball game that you will hear while I was doing this video. It did say somewhere with people and I took the opportunity to do it while there was a game in session as well as showcase the beautiful beach of Anika Island Resort in Bantayan Island in Cebu.

I have heard of sndbox around November and know it is an incubator program to fuel the growth of Steem by creating events, meet-ups and having a community that supports people who are embarking their digital experience in Steem.

I have seen sndbox-alpha and how every month it would be supporting different topics in order to kickstart projects, initiatives, and topics that people like to write about.

I usually write about my musings on Steemit lately but the majority of the topics I write about delve into motivation, newbie guides, community building and, leadership.

One thing I really like writing about is the charity organization that we have @giftinkindph We have been providing school supplies and financial assistance to impoverished children and schools for the past 11 years.

We are particularly proud of adopting Banawen Primary School in Zambales which teaches the children of an indigenous tribe called Aetas.

Last year we have our first six kids that graduated from grade school and entered high school. That is a huge journey for them and we want to be able to continue helping them out.

If you want to know more you can click on the link below.

Promoting Steem to Gift in Kind Foundation| Our first step to modern fund raising

So why do I want to be in sndbox? Simplest answer is the support that sndbox can give me is going to be lifechanging. I am currently not even counted as a minnow as I have less than 500 SP but I have received delegations from some very nice people and I also rented some delegation from @blocktrades to further increase my SP.

Last December I found my Steem calling. I shifted my focus away from me and my depression to me helping build communities. In away with @ankarlie we have created several groups that help in mentoring and giving support to new people joining Steemit.

Later on, joined @promo-mentors headed by @futurethinker who is bridging that gap between newbies and veterans and helping people stay and get mentored by the best people in Steemit.

I have found myself smiling whenever we see people flourish.

So for me to continue helping people and building communities, sndbox help in making me grow will be huge. I will be able to gain more SP, give out more votes and maybe inspire more people to stay. I want to become a minnow and into a dolphin that will further engage the communities not just with the value of my upvotes but also through my comments that will inspire them to be more.

I want to be able to support our @giftinkindph so that we can continue giving the gift of education to the young children of the Aetas. They need all the help that they can get and it is my wish someday that the people that we help graduate will take over the Steemit account of @giftinkindph and continue on the legacy that we will leave behind.

So here I am vulnerable and shy but managed to do this video. So Dtube challenge unlocked!

Here is a youtube link as well of my video.

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I watched the video and you did well. When your passionate about something, no matter what the challenge will be, you will overcome them.

Good luck on Sndbox and hope you get a spot so that you can do more good things for @giftinkindph.


Thanks Jon! Yeah hopefullyI get it so I can help build more communities and help charities similiar to @giftinkindph

Mav, you know I love ya mate but you're on a beach in Cebu...I need girls in bikinis my friend. Now go back and try again please ;-)


Lol didn't you see the guy wearing the trunks hahhaha. Unfortunately all the bikini clad babes were playing beach volleyball at the time and didn't want to be a perv and be seen taking a video of their awesome bums hahha

Hahaha! Go sir Mav! Congratulations for overcoming your shyness. Wishing you all the best for this challenge, I'm positive that you'll be selected!


Thanks Chinita! Still shy but I made it through so I'm glad I did it!

I was nervous the whole time.

wow si boss :D yey achievement unlock kelan kaya kame hahaha


Hahaha kaya mo yan!


soon po hahaha

Great job overcoming your fear of the camera. You are opening up yourself to creating a lot of new kinds of posts now.

Keep up the good work!


Hahha I don't think I would like to show my face regularly. I might scare off more people.

Although I am happy that I was able to do it.

You did it Mav! No mask even!
Awesome effort ♡


I tried it with my mask and I sounded muffled so I said "Okay! Screw it haha I'll do it without the mask!"

Awesome video! I love the setting, I miss the beach!!! And you don't look shy at all. You did really great.

Happy with the noble work you do for the Aetas. I wish you more success and for more students to graduate. :)


It was very hot and I got so tan (in reality nasunog :p)

It has always been one of my purpose to get their plight to a bigger audience and it can't be any bigger than the continuous support of sndbox.

It really took a lot of convincing on my end to show my face.

pooooggiii!! haha.. nice one bro, good luck for the quest, I am throwing my towel now. haha


Lol there are other challenges in the coming weeks! So let's do this!

You didn't look shy and awkward on camera. Congrats on overcoming your shyness. That's a start! There's more to come, right? :-)


Really I was shaking the whole time and forget a few lines. Lol I don't know if there will be others haha

wow, congrats boss Mav :) didn't see the shyness :) Goodluck and hopefully you will be selected to support @giftinkindph :)


Awww thanks Sheng! Hopefully I can :)

Just seen this now Mav! Good luck! You really deserve to be part of Sndbox!