Sndbox Quest Week 1 | Compilation of all three challenges for the Travel, Food & Homesteading

So about a week ago, I saw that @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 announced what they were going to do as challenges for the first week and the timing could not have been any worst.

I was going to have a long and much-needed vacation so I had to plan how to tackle this huge project. Although there might be other topics that might be suitable for me in the future yet I wanted to take a stab at writing a travel blog, curate a food blogger and the one that I was most dreading the Dtube video.

To gamers when you say sandbox it means a type of game that you can create your own adventure or story. Although there are certain factors preset you can choose how to act on those. Will you choose to be the hero or a bloodthirsty conqueror?


I've heard a lot of things that sndbox does last year but given I really did not know what I wanted to do with Steemit last year it was something that was good to know but not for me. It seemed so high an aspiration at that time to even consider it.

I had someone who was started at almost the same time as I did but she was crazy beautiful and talented. She always talked to me about how excited she was in trying her hand in getting in. She sang beautifully, made amazing art and wrote soulful stories of her journey of depression. She was my everything. My Broken Muse in Steemit.

Things did not end well with her. She cried when she didn't get in when she was at the final stage of selection. There were so many factors and we would never really know what happened during the selection. I have some ideas but I will keep those to myself. I never even told her those. She was so broken by the disappoint that she left Steemit. I could never mend her back and make her try again. Just like that, I lost my Broken Muse.

So aside from the fear of the showing my face in a Dtube video and speaking about why I want to be part of sndbox I had another reason. What if joining this competition shows all the insecurities and low self-esteem issues that I have. What if this contest would break me like how she was broken. What if I am swallowed by the disappointment and revert back to my depression.

So many negative what-ifs but as I was thinking if it would be sane for me to join. That tiny voice of the person that I have become in Steemit said what if they see what you can offer is good. What if they believe what you are trying to do with @giftinkindph as something good. What if they see the passion that you have in engaging the community and believe in your vision of supporting more communities and individuals to grow and be a good citizen of Steem.

I might not be the best in writing, nor in speaking to an audience via Dtube or write epic blogs but to me I love Steemit and what it can do to change communities and people. I am here for the long haul and even if I am not picked I know that I took my shot and did it.

Who doesn't love compilations!


Here it is the compilation of all the challenges that I did for this week. I started off with an analysis of a foodie. Being an HR practitioner I really like getting to know people. You look for their defining traits and their passions and likes.

Being a foodie myself it was pretty interesting to see her writing style and I even got a few pointers on how I would write my blog posts about food.

She is a very experienced blogger and her Steemit post reflects it from the choice of photos use and the words she use to describe it. One thing I really like about her writing is that you can genuinely feel the warmth. She makes it so inviting that you want to eagerly read her next series.

To know more about my analysis you can click on the link below.

Who is the @thegalavantgirl? | An analysis on a foodie


I have been meaning to write some travel posts but have never gotten to it because it might seem out of character for my persona here. I usually write about Steemit stuff and some of my personal musings in life and even my description of myself does not have travel.

Yet I took a step towards relaxing some of the boundaries I set myself. To be more open and hopefully don't alienate my audience

If you want to know more about my mountaineering adventure you can click on the link below.

The Summit - Adventure time in Mount Pico de Loro


Excuse the burnt guy as I have been spending so much time soaking up the sun and even if I literally bathe in sunblock I still get so dark that I look like a sausage called "Chorizo"

Oh man this was the hardest. Make me write a two thousand word article and I will do it but to take a video of myself talking about why I want to get into sndbox was just so hard. I had written my reason why, even rehearsed it a couple of times and when I started taking a video of myself everything went out the window.

So here is my video talking about my passions, belief and communities that I would like to support if I get into sndbox.

Sndbox Challenge | Dtube video | Getting out of your comfort zone

I am really glad to have gotten out of my comfort zone and took the time to join this challenge. I have seen some very wonderful entries as well and rooting for @raj808 and @amymya who are part of my @promo-mentors and Crypto Empire communities respectively.

When I saw that there was going to a summer camp for sndbox these were the first two people I thought that would be a great part of it.

I know that Raj will nail the travel part because of all his Scuba Scribe adventures and Amy is an awesome homesteader with an amazing rooster called Wilbur haha!

To everyone else taking this challenge let us go forth and go beyond the limitations that we set ourselves. Let us go beyond what we usually do and embrace the fact that we can do anything.

Let us inspire more people to be the best versions of themselves.

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good luck Mav you definitely deserve it =) Sending you good vibes!!!!


Thanks Eve!! I am so happy that I did the challenge!

There are so many talented people that joined even our own Raj who has amazing posts.

Awesome work and congrats on the final entry! You didn’t wear sunglasses tho throughout your entire video LOL too funny and theold men in the bikinis was hilarious. Water looked super delicious. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!


It would be nice if we can get the Empire to a private beach like that and just enjoy the weather. Although @moneyinfant might come out nekked lol!

The man in the bikini threw me off hahahha

It was such a blast doing it but I don't think my confidence can do another one haha


Would be fun! When we become mills my yacht party from
Miami to Bahamas is still my plan. All are invited. :)
Money baby in a diaper 🤣
Did you see the man while you were filming? 🤣🤣🤣


Glad you had a blast! You did great, plus you had your glasses on. You could do that again and be okay. You were very clear and scenery was great.


Hope me and Amy will pass the final round!! It would be awesome in Sndbox! Will really help me grow!


Good luck!

All I can say is good luck! You already have the means to move forward. Don't give up! You've already done lots of firsts that others haven't yet. I think that whatever happened in the past, you or the people close to you, those are the things that will make you be stronger and better. Don't stop learning.


Thanks and I appreciate the kind words. I was able to do a lot of things that I did not think was possible.

I will become better, stronger and give more. I promise to not stop learning.


You may also want to check @dobartim's contest

Good luck bud! I'm rooting for us! I'm actually feeling a little scared again, if we get in the next quests are going to be even harder! We'll rock them too I'm sure <3


Thanks Amy!! We can definitely do this! It will be bound to be harder but that will just make the prize oh so sweeter!

We can definitely go beyond our limits.

Don't doubt yourself. I am sure you will do good in the contest. I am excited to see you do a video. :)


I have the last one as a Dtube video :) Hopefully I did well enough.

Sorry about what happened to your Broken Muse. I hope she's doing fine now and maybe she'll be back and just needed time for herself.

I was also hesitant to join because of low self-esteem and other personal issues. And who am I but just a newbie here. But I fought those negative self talk and looked at the opportunity which is being presented to us. If I don't get in, I will take it as part of my growth and learning here. Yes it would hurt for sure because we have spent time and effort, but I'll be glad that I tried. I think I will really regret it if I did not try.

Good luck and you actually have strong entries here. :)


To be honest I don't know if she is ok or worst if she is still alive.
She cut off all communication and all even her her number and Facebook account has been deactivated.

I felt the same way. I'm naturally an introvert except when I do employee engagement stuff haha.
Well I don't think you are a newbie and I am now a fan of yours! I know you will do so well in this platform because you get it that Engagement matters.

I wish you luck on the succeeding challenges because this week you absolutely nailed it!

Absolutely I am glad that I tried my best as well and would have regretted now joining.


Let's hope that nothing bad happened to her. Some people just want to be away. I feel moved to share this - I have also deactivated my FB and disconnected from most people I know and it's been months now (got depressed last year). I'm just not yet ready to get in touch with them again until I'm sure I'm already okay. And I'm rebuilding my life which I found here in Steemit. I know they might be worried but I just can't talk to them yet. Who knows she may be just trying something else to heal herself.

Regarding being an introvert, we had recent seminars that the future leaders are introverts. Times have changed :)


My jaw just dropped here. Are you my female version?

Last year was the worst depression episode I had and a large part of my recovery was because of my broken muse and Steemit.
I was able to piece together my life and helped find a purpose of Community building and engagement. I am still not a 100% okay and there are still some days that I ask myself if what I am doing matters and so far most days I still believe it does.

I hope so as well :)

I agree with that recent training. We are moving away from the thinking that only extroverts succeed in inspiring people and becoming an effective leader.


Wow! Yeah I must be your female version! I have been through the same although I'm not as engaged in real life while in this state. I'm really surprised that I feel more connected and engaged here online. And somehow I see positive after-effects of this in real life.

We just gotta make the most of our okay moments and it's fine not to be okay too sometimes.