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in steem-bounty •  8 months ago

Have you been using the Vote Club recently?

If so, how do you like the service? Is it clear to you or do you have some questions about it?

Curious to hear and read your thoughts.

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This is a great concept in the long run. I think it may just need few improvements.

I signed up and sadly opted out after two transactions because of the following that I hope will be considered in the improvement initiatives.

  1. I did not know what I was voting, both the author and the content. When the first transaction happened, I checked what I upvoted and got anxious to know that it is written in a language I do not understand. It was written not in English and it actually got me scared. I do not want to upvote something that I do not understand. I just thought this can be addressed if we can define who in the Vote Club we exchange upvotes with.

  2. I lost on the second transaction. I upvoted at 0.021 value while I got 0.016 in return. That 0.005 difference is a big loss.

  3. The second transaction pulled my VP down to 78.x%. My VP prior to that was 80.x% but since I set my minimum to 80%, the vote club went on with the transaction. I think the algorithm should check the end result VP of the transaction and not before the transaction so as not to exhaust the VP below the minimum that was set.

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Yes, i like it..

but see the image, when i vote its work on 0.003 but i receive just 0.002??


The vote % seems to vary... especially as you VP gets lower.


when the SP of two accounts vary a lot there is a little bit of variation in the value. Overall this should even ought over the time though. In your particular case the difference may also not be a severe as there may be some rounding going on.

After i modify setup it work very well, in my opinion nothing should be change on it, another wonderful service from steem-bounty team...:))

I have really liked the service so far. One thing I would like to see would be the ability to see a consolidated sum somewhere on how much I earned through this automated service in last 1 day, in last 1 week and if possible, since the time of enrolment.
Right now it either show the average vote in last 7 days or a breakdown version of it. But I feel people like me would be more curious and attracted to see a bigger single figure showing how much in total this platform generated for me.

I haven't used it as I am active with giving out upvotes but there will likely be a time when I will use it. I am curious to read the responses as well.


How do I upload a pic in this reply?


You may just copy and paste it or drag-drop, just like you do while writing a post.

It works great for me... Serves as a good log for incoming and outgoing votes as well. This is a nice service as it supports many Steemians.

voting club ?? I did not know it existed. I'm going to try it, because it's an option to help us.

The steem bounty family continues to grow. Sensational!