Put a bounty on it: Earn your part of 100 STEEM

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There is a new steem-bounty promotion going on by @jmhb85, which he announced two days ago. It will be running for seven days.

Steem bounty wants you to ask interesting question

The promotion is all about asking a question and adding a bounty to it.

The idea is that this will help minnows earn bounty rewards and also create interesting content on the steem blockchain.

Two ways to earn

Of course you can earn money by winning some of the promotional money. To do that you will need to create a bounty and spend at least $2.

However you can also earn rewards by simply answering some of the bounty questions. Head over to the https://steem-bounty.com website. There you will find all the bounties that are active and it will be easy to find some bounties which you may be able to win.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 7.18.01 PM.png

Make sure to submit your question

Also if you create a bounty, make sure to submit it as solution in the original announcement post .

Else you cannot win your share of the 100 Steem.

We hope this is fun

Hopefully this will be an easy and fun way to interact with some of the bounties. We wish everyone good luck earning some of the rewards

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Great, I give witness vote to @steem-bounty!


Much appreciated!


Hi my friend, i hope you will join into family too, good people like you are very welcome!

thank you so much.


hi @knircky i love your work plz help me.

Dear @knircky, what a great promotion for our steem-bounty family!
I hope who just commented my post saying i am whining to come there and give a truly contribution at the best service in Steemit!


Wow,this is great...but bounty..how do we submit our question


You are welcome in our family!


Nice project :)

Hey Knircky. You are all about it! "It" means being total Steemit team player. Amazing how you meet people on here. As you may have noticed the note I wrote on your bitpay post directed to @hedge-x. I don't follow many, but I'm now following you. I'll be around. From Odessa Ukraine- Dan "World Travel Pro!"


Thx man i try!

nice project you have here

congratulation awesome !! <3

Excelente proyecto.

Awesome project


Thank you my friend!


You are welcome

thank you so much.

Bounty still open, hello all follow me I will follow back you


Siguemeee!! :v

interesante proyecto, éxitos infinitos!

congratulations friend that fits you well in your project

This looks like a fun experiment,
one that I'd be willing to try out!

Answer for a bounty of 2.000 STEEM!

Is This Demonic Possession,
Disease, or Mind Control?


Make sure to submit it in the original post (to win the bounty)


Thank you, didn't realize it was a repost!

100 SBD Bounty sounds amazing! Really?
I have to read that article instantly. I don't want to miss the bus, lol!
Thank you much for reporting this, mate.
Hugs, Diana


Good luck!

https://www.steem-bounty.com/ .. This site doesnt work due to security issues!!!!
Your connection is not secure

The owner of www.steem-bounty.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Learn more…

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This is about to be my favorite new tool!!

Is it possible to get this working for Smoke.io ??

Very good !!!! :)

A fun way to interact and be part of the solution--minnow wins!

Alguien que explique que hay que hacer para ganar 100 steems? Gracias!

this is what makes me interested in being in Steem because of a gift, my eyes remain open 😏

Espero que sea asi de facil

bounty is good way to earn , however creating bounty is something new learning experience


let us know if u have any questions. Check out the steem-bounty.com site it should help.


Is steemconnect is safe to put privacy key ?

it's owesome man !


hey follow me i will follow you back

soy nuevo y estoy intentando entender esto XD

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Amazed on how it works!steemit rock.

coungratulations keep it up

interesante proyecto, éxitos infinitos!

Hi @knircky I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Awesome Work and keep it up :) :) @knircky

Great, thanks!

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I like the project :) :) :)

I find this fascinating but how does this actually work? I mean what should I be doing to earn?


Read the original post, if you still have questions let us know.

Also u can earn bounties as well. Thats probably the easiest way to start.

i hope you will earn much doller and you will help me.

awesome dude congratulation god bless you.

Que bueno me parece excelente¡ @knircky

I have just join Steemit yesterday and Actually I don’t know what type of questions this ?


Welcome!! It is just a promo you can take advantage of.

Congratulations @knircky!
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This is awesome! Thanks


excelente informacion mi Hermano sigue asi ....!

Is That real or fake? Please Give More Informations


Thanks for sharing this information. It's a great opportunity.

This is amazing!

Excellent, I'm delighted with your publication

Ohh!!! Pero No tengo tanto steem para responder... oohhh, snif, snif... greetings from Venezuela

Me encantan este tipo de blogs, hacen que cada vez te intereses mas en una pagina la cual muy poca confianza le tienes. Buen articulo.

please ! show me way earn money ! :V

Es una propuesta interesante.👍😮

Thanks for this information

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really really nice platform in steem bounty


Thx, we try

awesome post. you are the boss. 👌👌👌


The one who are commenting "awesome project " most of them don't even have money to create bounty....and i am one of them😏🤣🤣

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You can start by earning bounties :-)

We have made this service so guys like you can earn on steem even if they dont have any SP yet.

Interesante proyecto, se podría seguir

Interesante proyecto, se podría seguir

Interesante proyecto para poder seguir y buscar un extra

Awesome .. thanks for the heads up. I just entered with the below question.

Mana vs Steem Power - What name do you prefer ?

Excellent project. Congratulations and follow the successes.

your lucky post man

Excelente, el problema de los que comienzan son... los 2$, pero manito arriba... Up...

It's awesome but what can i do to suscribe or participate? thanks


You do not have to subscribe. You can go to steem-bounty.com and earn some bounties


the question is, why is the bounty promotion running for only seven days..?

Aye y'all... am new on steemit, am a noob I need help
Anyone? :(

Here's my entry:

I've put bounty really easy but interesting question. Hope so everyone would like to participate in my post. Cheers!!!


This is not where you submit the bounty. Make sure to read the instructions

Awesome project. Keep it up!

excellent iniciative