Let me be your Proxy for Witness Voting (24k Followers Special).

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Today i have finally crossed 24 000 followers up here.

I dont understand the song but its about 24 000 so on topic.

Witness Voting

So let me remind You guys of how STEEM works since many can be new here from this glorious number.

There are two types of votes - for posts/content and for witnesses.

Witnesses are the guys who make STEEM going. The host nodes, move transactions and secure the network.

While each person chooses what posts to vote on, there is a built in option to let someone else (ie more experienced) to vote for witnesses for you - called a proxy.

If you trust i know what I'm doing let me be your proxy for witness voting. It costs you nothing, it has nothing to do with using your SteemPower or posts. Its other type of vote.

Im already a proxy for a few people - if you follow me, consider to add me as proxy - its very simple.

Add kingscrown as a proxy in few easy steps:

Remember use PROXY not direct witness voting

If you use steemconnect by @busy.org team then you can just click here - https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-proxy?proxy=kingscrown&approve=1

Passing me the proxy vote will not change your money or vote power in any way.

Follow, Resteem and VOTE UP @kingscrown creator of http://fuk.io blog for 0day cryptocurrency news and tips!

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Few additional notes about voting for witnesses or setting up a voting proxy:

Voting for witnesses is very important on the Steem platform. Witnesses provide security and reliability of the platform.
Chose them wisely.

You can either chose to vote yourself for up to 30 witnesses or - as in this case - chose someone (not necessarily a witness!) to be your proxy for such voting.
That means whoever he or she approves as a witness will also be your witness.
Voting for witnesses or setting up witness voting proxy might be done here (it needs active key):

(Sorry for hijacking your post, I'm wandering around here and trying to fix some misconceptions around witness voting / setting up a proxy, because as far as I can see a lot of people are doing it wrong despite their good intent... So I will be replaying here and there to comments, as a witness case is very important.).


all good you surely can help them setting up the proxy :)


Yeah... but I wasn't expecting it to be that hard ;-)

Congratulations @kingscrown. 24k followers is a milestone and a great achievement. As for considering as a proxy for witness, will be good if you list the witnesses you vote for here also.
Steemit is becoming one hell of a crapy difficult place. Witnesses dont have minnow interest at heart. Am not impressed voting for them. But if I see your list, I may fill you for proxy.

Hey Kingscrown, witness voted for you :)


He hasn't asked to be voted as a witness. He asked to be chosen as a proxy for witness voting.

Hi KC, You've got my vote as a Witness... MOSTLY because we need better, level-headed leadership of Steemit.

Am really glad that You've decided to become a Witness...

Cheers !!


To clarify: No, he hasn't. Mostly because he's not a witness and he was not asking for a witness vote, but to be a witness proxy. Fortunately, you are already voting for a number of witnesses, so all is good :-)

It looks great!

24,000 followers is some feat!!!
Can you kindly throw more light on the benefits of voting witness.
I really dont think the explanation is indepth.

Thank you

Congrats again


I'm new here and I am grateful that many people here are so helpful in spreading knowledge. Thanks for the links.


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 7.33.28 AM.png

Nice man! congrats
you deserve it you are very committed and engage with your followers!!

How bout a 24% upvote to celebrate? haha or more don't be shy hahaha heres my upvote congrats again!

Let me choose you @kingscrown

I hope you don't forget us small witnesses

Very nice. blockchain post this post to you for thank you very much and post like I post vote and comments and post share and follow-I, so that as this post all see and this post to everyone can vote

I'm follow, resteem and vote up @kingscrown

Thanks for showing use how to do this because I was wondering about it. It just kills me how theres only 3 comments and 26 views for this post but 185 upvotes already in 9 minutes people need to actually read the post and learn how to upvote. Besides all that steem on my brother great information for us newbies

Thank you for this educational post i have learnt somthing out of it


And what is that exactly? ;-) Because you are not voting for witnesses and you don't have a proxy set.

Yes, it's hard to guess how Steem works, Although we do not understand the meaning, but many people who understand and love it, 24,000 followers is something extraordinary.
Congratulations to you good luck.

all hail to the @kingscrown

I believe that with your efforts, I have also voted for you as a witness. Good luck


No you haven't. He hasn't asked to be voted as a witness. He asked to be chosen as a proxy for witness voting.


Oops I'm sorry, I wrote it with one word missing "Proxy". Thank you for justifying it

Omg,, congratulation for you
Please upvote my post,,,
Follow back,,
Thankyou so much

good post


There is your vote =) you earned it.

Am confused, help a brother @pdelawe from @accra

Congrats brother it's such a big number...
Keep glowing..

@kingscrown Way to go! I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to get there. I’m just learning about proxy and witness voting.


Good for you, voting consciously is very important for the platform.


@gtg Thank you, I couldn't agree more.

Congratulations for reaching the number.

Thanks @kingscrown for this great info. Although I've been in this platform for a while and I do know who Steemit witnesses are and the need to vote for them, but I was too reluctant to decide upon who and who not to vote for.

But considering the good works you've been doing here in steemit, I will freely entrust my vote to you, by adding adding you as my proxy. Thanks again keep Steeming ♨️.

This post has received a 9.52 % upvote from @boomerang.

Congratulations dear


For less than 15 minutes, so it is kind of true ;-)

Great job!

I believe that with your efforts, I have also voted for you as a witness. Good [email protected]


No, you haven't. Also, he wasn't asking you for that. He was asking to be a witness voting proxy.


Hey can u please help me to find out how to make money on steem it because I don't how to use it properly will u plz help me ...


Best way (I guess) is through creating and curating high quality, original content.


How to start curating can u plz tell me


General advice is: if you are new, write less and read a lot more.
For most questions you are going to ask, there are already proper answers somewhere around. Have a patience read and learn.


Thanks for helping me can u chek my profile and see how I m going


Can u chek my profile n tell me how I m going

sir,awesome your video

The song is about 24000 kisses lolol... Italian.

It's my first day here, heard you were great, so you are officially my first proxy :)


And the only. You can chose up to 30 witnesses, but if you chose to use a proxy for witness voting then you chose one and only one account that will decide on which witnesses you will be supporting.
Of course witness proxy can be changed at any time (as well as individual witness votes)


That's fine by me. I definitely will be happy to support you ^_^

How you can help new steemit account holders.........

Who are you voting for?


Here you can check his current votes for witnesses:
(just under the @kingscrown votes for:)

sometimes it makes no sense for me as a starter, as a fighter so fast speed, a new post appeared on the screen of my phone, only 3 minutes was 180 over the upvote. this is amazing, i want to try like you. thank you

wow!!, can my user be like yours :D. many people following you :)

I like u post.
join me into the father's community.

Excuse me if I'm wrong...

You haven't exactly said why you should be allowed to proxy our votes. I understand you've got a large following, but surely you should be "selling" this a bit better?

Adriano Celentano (in the video) is singing what he will do with 24,000 kisses.
That song brings me back to my childhood, LOL... thanks for posting it!

Hey King! I've always appreciated your posts, and want to share a cryptocurrency based rap song I bet you'll love https://d.tube/#!/v/avatarawakening/0ulkcejg

Congratulations for this great achievement.

You want to be a Proxy ; okay and you want vote ; okay, you explained us ,voting you doesn't effect our vote power, okay, but the most important you forgot to explain why we vote for you...

Unbelievably good work @kinhscrown

Wow! Congratulations on your 24K followers. keeping soaring.

I have set you up as my witness and yes of course, I do trust you!

congratulations on your success.

i have voted for you..but was adding you to my proxy and it said i have exceeded my limits..have no idea why

Done ;) Greetings

So a witness is different from Witness Proxy? i guess i have been doing some of this witness voting all wrong...Thanks for the orientation.

Nice post, nice to meet you @kingscrown

Ok I'm going to try you out. I've not done this before, seems like good a time as any! I've also enjoyed your posts and they have value to me. Thanks!

I'm in!!!



Must Earn Your Trust
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Nice Post! 👌👌👌

Actually if we do not choose the witness it's okay, but the problem, with not choose a good witness, then in fear the evil witness who became the top, and it is very dangerous for steem stability,
Thank you very much

So a witness is different from Witness Proxy? i guess i have been doing some of this witness voting all wrong...Thanks for the orientation.

congratulations kingscrown!

a high achievment is very good. As a new beginner I need your guide. And I am happy because steemians are kindheart. Sharen knowledge and experience to guide our steps in this platform
Once again CONGRATULAT...Selamat (in Indonesian)

Congratulations @kingscrown!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

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24k followers ?!! Omg......
Already voted for witness by the way.

didn't realize their was a proxy option, thanks for the info, does that mean you decide all of my 30 votes if I make you my proxy?


Yes, it does--any voting you may have already done for witnesses will be overwritten by your proxy's (in this case, KingsCrown's) votes.