First week of #steemedhams, and @cryplectibles is first to land 200SP for the rest of 2019.

in steemedhams •  3 months ago

Who's next?
Happily you won't need to compete against our inaugural winner, his delegation stays in place for the rest of the year and each account can only win one, so the field is swept clear for a new contender to claim the crown in the next 7 days.

This was just fantastic.

Full OP here.

Coming in strong, early. Congratulations, great to have you onboard.

Honourable mention to @o07 for his SBI giveaway posts.

I'll be dropping another 200 SP delegation this time next week, and every week for the rest of 2019; Details here.

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So awesome! Was motivated by genuine love for Simpsons and Steemit (and both @ned and @dan), just glad the post got seen at all lol. Now entering year three of using Steemit I had been reading up on what the hell delegation even is recently. Already paying it forward a bit by delegating out 20sp to @steembasicincome this morning and had delegated out @steemcryptosicko last week already.

@o07 kills it with daily giveaways that I see so often I purposely don't enter every one because I start to feel like we are taking away his car payments or something. Never forget another #SteemedHams post here before the hashtag existed






I do not understand this post. I want it written in the records, I am upvoting and commenting to support because the author is a nice person. That is it....

Simpsons and memes, made worse by references to Steem and Ned. 😒

EDIT: Let me tag @doomsdaychassis, maybe this is up his alley!

EDIT some more....oops, I was absorbed in trying to get the memes, I didn’t realize this was a contest win. Ignore me. I’m bad with memes, and extremely uninterested in the topic of Ned,


Thanks for the tag. I will look into it in a bit. I am always down fro meme contests. :)


Wth...? How did my shit comment get to the top? I’m embarrassed I whined as I did...

Fix it, doomy! But yeah, figured you’d get these meme things, they may as well be written in a foreign language.

Why are you even reading it @masterthematrix? Aren’t you too busy just playing and winning SM?

The comment below me guys...


lol, yeah I'm too busy playing those monsters but in between the battles I have spare time to read funny comments like yours. So why bother? Enjoy what you are doing or leave it!
I'll go back to my !monster


Let me try casting a !monster again. Hope it’s not that cute lightbringer summoner. My husband got a gold foil of her. I think I might have spied you won another. I’ll spy on your battles next time I logon, most likely with my hubby’s account since we’re going to merge decks. You wait masterthematrix, I will master the matrix too for SM....when I stop complaining about it. Until then, PoE. 😉

At least you’re posting now, if only to let us know you keep winning! lol


Malric Inferno
GIF created by @monsterwhale

Excellent, I'm going to participate, I like simpsons

Holy Mackerel! Has there ever been a stronger start to a contest ever?

hehehe that was amazing.

can't believe how late I am checking in on this! A very belated congrats to @cryplectibles.

I enjoy trying to create some little Simpsons entries for @o07's contests. Unfortunately, I hit a block after the first three. Didn't want to create any that might offend! Lol

PS: what happened to the tag? This is the only thing in it, just as I finally have some time to have a look through!


It'll only show posts from the previous 7 days, and we haven't had any since I declared last week's winner.
Wouldn't take much to win this week ;)

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I like this contest hope I join

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That is quite hilarious.