Becoming a digital homesteader when Steem is at less than $2

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So there I was sitting on the beach enjoying a perfectly good sunrise while drinking a hot cup of coffee and contemplating if I had the guts to be a digital homesteader. I can't be a nomad because apparently, my wanderlust has been cured and I am more content sitting on my couch reading a book rather than traveling these days.


Most people that I know who has become digital nomads are usually involved in website and software development, SEO and Online Marketing or doing home-based work like transcription or email/chat support.

So if I was going to be a digital homesteader what are the things that I can offer? What are the skillsets that I can offer to be able to work from home.

Now don't get me wrong I love what I do as an HR personnel who handles both Employee Relations (I hire and fire people) and Employee Engagement (I keep employees happy and answer their concerns) My office is about 30 minutes away from my house so the commute is not that bad.

I have skills!



I have been a production assistant in film outfit, a baker in a cake and bread shop, operated at one point my own restaurant and events company. I have worked in a call center, as both an agent and a manager and eventually moved to HR. I also had prior experience as a logistics officer for a importation company bringing in everything from mobile devices to cars.

I have some experience in running Corporate Social Responsibility and Outreach programs for companies as part of my HR duties.

I also had some experience in Social Media Marketing and Branding initiatives using online sources.

I recently had some work done in Upwork in content creation of 1k-2k word articles on various topics which I would need to research and create original articles.

Unfortunately, in the Philippines, there are not a lot of options for HR to do home-based. There are consultancy works but the competition is very fierce as even some tenured ones who are employed do that as a side job.



Is Steemit the answer to this then? A lot of people are worried lately though with Steem and SBD dropping like a rock. It is down by almost 80% from its high points last December when BTC was also at its highest.

People were talking about Steem Lambos and moving to tropical islands. Yet here we are at this point with Steem at below $2 now. Are this what other naysayers last January saying that it was time to power down and move on and those left will be left holding the bag. Are we going to give in to the FUD?

I think that this is the best time to power up and increase your Steem Power. This is that moment that we should be transforming some of those tuck away airdrop tokens, altcoins and maybe even some of your BTC and buy Steem!

Get yourself graduated from a Red fish to a Minnow holding at least 500 SP. Use some of what you have traded to be that next Dolphin or even power up to a Whale The time is now!

If you don't have the capability then keep on Steeming. Keep on writing posts, help build communities. create value within the Gift Economy.

Which brings me to another option.



This is the latest condenser developed for Steem. Like Busy,org which a lot of people like me use as the front end application to connect to the Steem Blockchain. You can also log in using Steemconnect.

Looking at Steemgigs its interface is more similar to When you click Create on the upper right side of the screen. You will be taken to this interface that will have several tabs that will guide you on making your gig.

It will have:

  • Overview - which has the preset #STEEMGIGS: I will help then you can add what you are offering. This also has the tags that you will be using.
  • Description - Think of it as your pitch, your selling point or your resume
  • Pricing - You set the price for the service or skill that you want to offer
  • Requirements - these are what you would need from your client in order to do the task
  • Portfolio - You need to be able to provide some measure of reference of your skill or service
  • Publish - You publish your post


Once published you can then wait and check for clients to message you. It is very important that you use the proper tags because the interface of Steemgigs will filter according to the tags.

So how is using the Steemgigs condenser any different from using the regular interface of Steem? Well, for one thing the services or skills you will offer will be in the Steemgigs interface thus making it easier for potential clients of yours to connect and find you.

2nd the interface will help you in creating your content because it will have the different tabs which will be a step by step procedure of explaining your service or skill.

3rd is having a ready community to accept and help you. If you are not aware yet Steemgigs has its own discord server with moderators and different channels. If you are interested to join just click on the link below.

Steemgigs Discord Server

Who made Steemgigs?

Well, it is none other than our boy Terry Ajayi or better known as @surpassinggoogle. He hatched this awesome initiative of creating an interface that will enable people to create gigs for themselves that will make it possible for them to earn money using Steem as the way to offer their service or skills.

This is in line with his motto that "Everyone has something to offer" He aims to help people have the financial freedom to be able to have a life not bound by poverty or limited options.

In the landing page of the very first image that shows is a question asking if you want to build your dream?

So will we take the chance now and believe in the power of Steem and of the possibilities of Steemgigs? Are we ready to embrace the future?

To go to the website just go to and I recommend using Steemconnect to log in.

Honestly, I am afraid. Ever since high school I have been working for the family, to various companies that I joined and shared their vision and have only taken a break for about 1 month before I started working again. So the concept of becoming a homesteader is a frightening idea to me because I have never done it.

I want to think about it more but I will start by creating my Steemgigs post of my skills. What do you think should I offer? Are any of my skills of any use?

Let me know your thoughts.

SFL logo.png

I support @steemfreelancers

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Struggling with the same thought and problems here.. my education is not something you can earn from doing online and while I've been a nomad for quite a while, if I want to earn real money I have to stay here where I am. I'm looking more and more at #steemgigs and what I have to offer from my particular skills, but it's so hard to sit down and put labels and prices on yourself outside your familiar professional arena.

I know someone else somewhere mentioned you can be a content writer and you went out there saying you wouldn't be good enough for that, but you definitely have a talent for catching people. A little practice and I'm sure you'll be where you claim not to be (I have the same talk with @iwanderela all the time, maybe it's a Filipino thing to refuse to realise own potential?) ;)


I have the same problem where a lot of my skillsets cannot be placed on certain niches that can be used for online work.

It is not much of a Filipino thing but more of low self esteem issues haha I'm a realist in terms of my skills and if I am capable.

Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

So if I was going to be a digital homesteader what are the things that I can offer? What are the skillsets that I can offer to be able to work from home

OMGosh! This would make a great what-if post!
I mean, what is the definition of a digital homesteader? Who are they/we? hmmm, interesting!


Ohhh that is indeed an interesting post! I have always been talking to @amymya and watch her videos and often wondered if I am capable of doing that.

Oh to be able to retire and just Steem all day.


wow very good work. you explain it so easy. thank you @maverickinvictus, thank you our sir @surpassinggoogle thank you @steemgigs


lots of thanks to you. i learning now so many thing about @steemgigs.

THANK YOU @ surpassinggoogle


Seeing a lot of steemgigs-related stuff lately, some are good and some are just pieces of s#*+. I dont know whats wrong with them, I just hope @surpassinggoogle would be able to take everything into consideration and choose on who to support because majority of these people are just after the upvote.

Since steem is grasping for air now, I was able to check on my backlogs hehehe. You can offer Coaching/Mentoring sessions since you're damn good at it ;)


I think it was a few days ago that it was launched and there are a lot of articles about it indeed. Well I have been thinking if I want to just stay at home and see what my options are and finally took a look at Steemgigs.

There are still a lot of things to work on but it looks promising.

I don't think I am equipped to do coaching and mentoring here in Steemit hahha the only skill I have here is Engagement and community building.

You're very capable if you just put your mind to it, which you've proven throughout all your projects. ♥ I believe you can my friend! ♥


I was waiting for the Aja!!! Aren'y you supposed to be on vacation!!! go offline hahha


Aja! Vacation is still next month! :)

I was a digital homesteader for 7 years sir, and TBH, I was earning better before than my stable job now. I still accept project based jobs now from previous clients, whenever I have extra time. So it really is possible.

In your case, you can offer services such as content writing, social media marketing, or even web development. Im guessing steemgigs is not just limited to steemit works, right? Believe that you can coz u have an amazing skill set! :)


I don't think I am a good content writer haha. I'm not as good as some of the content writers here. I am more of an emotional type writer.

Maybe I will try social media marketing. I did that and branding for another company before.

Lol I have other skill sets that are not safe here lol.

Ohhhh new picture very pretty <3


Magaling ka oie, feeling mo lang hindi. Try mo lang muna sir. Hahaha

Thank u 😁😁😁

My lambo dreams has turned into a cup of instant noodles..


I still kinda dream that if I put my mind to it I can get a lot. However, it's really hard to get enough to live from here, even if I were earning five times what I earn now. But I'll keep trying. It's the only pleasurable money-earning activity I've found in a long time.


Well Sharon now is a good time to keep getting a lot!

We are all waiting for that period that the coins will recover!


Me too bro it has become stale bread :(

I bet you'd be a good editor. Not just for grammar and syntax, I mean a content editor. Maybe you've a lot of experience reading wonderful as well as crappy articles and books... if you can articulate what makes an article/book/blog post somewhat "off" and list specific suggestions on how to make it better that'd be a skill worth being paid for, wouldn't it?


That's not a bad idea at all! I do tend to read a lot and even finish crappy books. I think I can critique what makes something written as somewhat off and make suggestions.

Thank you so much for your insight.

no worry about that,

  • This is indeed the right tie to power up and hoard more steem power,

IMO steem will go even $1 each, but will bounce back also


Yeah I agree I have powered up an account and this is the best time to invest and be the next dolphin in the community!

Some are saying it might even drop below a dollar before bouncing back.

I am a freelance home-based English tutor @ maverickinvictus. Hehe! If you like tutoring, you should try.


I don't think I have the patience to be an English tutor. I got kicked out of training in HR because I have a short temper on repeating things hahaha


That's too bad. Well, I think you can do a mentoring homestead job. You are good at it.


Lol I am a terrible mentor hahaha

I always have to google FUD, since it is not part of my vocabulary.

Steemgigs looks good but is there a secret reason no one ever really links to it directly?


Hahha thanks man for pointing that out!!! Fixed that.

I haven't looked into Steemgigs yet. Sounds like it could be a great concept. Thanks for the info :)


I have been busy getting back to the groove of things so took me awhile to check it but the interface is clean and intuitive. There are still some bugs but those are being reported and fixed as soon as they can.

It may be a good way to add further to Steem by making it a viable way of earning aside from posts.


Yeah, much agreed. First thought that came to mind was my wife's financial accounting skillset (she's at home atm) but I'll have to delve into it a little more to see what is in demand :) Cheers!

Oooooo, I wonder how this Steemgigs works compared to other freelancing websites. Is it easier to find tasks there? Hmm.


Well It is still new and limited to Steemians but its another option for us who want to take the digital nomad/homesteader way haha

digital homesteader

I like that term. I will need to see if I can think of more to say. So when it comes to homesteading, there are a lot of different kinds. Maybe I will try Joat digital homesteading, but I don't fit the "all" part. No crypto experience. Organic digital homesteading, but I have delegated steem so I might not fit that either. so so many styles, still a fun thing to be thinking about.


Yeah it is a very interesting thought and with the change in technology it seems more possible now than compared 5 years ago.

I really want to do it and looking for opportunities that can make it that I can earn as much as I am getting while holding my current job.

The way that it is if I do it with the current market I might get eaten out of the house by my dogs hahaha

Fantastic post maverickinvictus. You have got a diverse portfolio of skills there! I had never heard of Steemgigs, thanks for sharing your knowledge and making me aware. Gonna have a look at it and consider how I could monetize some of my skills in proofreading etc for the freelancing plans :-)


Oh definitely you can offer your services for proofreading and content creation! You are one of the most talented writers that I have seen in this platform and maybe even monetized being a mentor hahha.

I LOVE the digital homesteader description.! For me I was looking towards the same kinds of ideas as in: Oke i love to travel, but in the end I like having a place to call home, where ever in the world that me be.

I like working with clients (patients in my case), but I get annoyed how it sets boundaries in my life. As like you I love sitting on my porch, overlooking the sea and enjoying just being there.

I honestly think you could make a good life out of living on Steem. Especially where you live in the Phillipines where the cost of living is not super high this should work. Only thing you should consider is having a serious buffer for when the price drops like now, and in the end if you would not miss your hr contacts (as in talking to people every day)


Having a good home to return to is also important as traveling and experiencing life.

It might not be as expensive as first world countries but it is still expensive especially food. For an agrarian country fruits and vegetables are expensive here and often it makes more sense to just eat meat or processed food which is not healthy.

Then indeed when the prices drop like it is write now then that is another problem if I would be embracing a digital homesteader lifestyle.

Thank you for the great comment !

Here's a thought: create a class specifically for HR professional with the purpose of them excelling at ______. You can teach this class because you have a super ninja-like knack for _________ in the HR industry.

See where I'm going with this?

Use content marketing, social media stuff as your freelance work, or lesser priced products that you offer.

Use the class you teach and maybe put up on Udemy(?) as a medium to higher priced ticket item that you also sell and promote the snot out of.

Find one higher priced ticket item that you an promote (affiliate marketing).

Having three tiers of products to offer to your returning fans will bring in more than one source of income. Loyal fans, customers will eventually buy those larger priced items from you.


This is a great comment!!! Being able to integrate my skill set in HR as the main one but also offer the other skills and as other means and by establishing myself and creating a network I can then offer the higher tier services.

This is such a great idea.

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Thank you so much for the feature.

Thanks alot for this article..
I really love and appreciate it...
And I know you would Excel if you put your mind to will be successful..


Hopefully it does work.


Great post.

Now is the time to steem hard, especially if you’re blogging to power up.

I’m happy to be back to reading and writing.


Time to Steem hard and keep increasing SP indeed! Great for you to be back to steeming as well.

Absolutely there is an opportunity to be a digital homesteader. At some point, hopefully in the near future, I will be there also.

There are many opportunities developing, not only with STEEM but other cryptocurrencies. I believe as more utility tokens are introduced, people will be earning a lot more crypto....even to the point of outpacing their fiat pay.

How long until that happens? I would say within the next year we will see progress on that front.


Indeed I collect all sorts of bounties and airdrops and if any of those turn out to be another bitcoin then that would go to my retirement fund.

I am a believer in Steem and Steemit itself and with Steemgigs it would be able to further monetized our services and earn from it.

I am also playing the long game and will just increase my holding and increase that SP. More curation rewards means more compounding wealth for everyone active or invested in Steem.

Thanks for letting me know about Steemgigs. I will check it out. As a freelancer, I am always interested in finding new ways to make money online. Great post!


Thank you! I am happy to have helped you find Steemgig. I hope it will further help you as a freelancer.

There are so many new platforms emerging on the Steem blockchain just now, it's dizzying. I think Steemit is actually becoming a replacement for the world wide web!
Thanks for this lucid intro to Steemgigs, which I had never heard of before. Sounds like something I should look into. Maybe you could offer guided tours of beauty spots in the Philippines?


Indeed! Almost everyweek I hear a new condenser is being developed for the Steem Blockchain!
Yeah most definitely have a looksee

Oh well I don't really like traveling nowadays and prefer staying home.

Does steemgigs have personal motivators up for hire? can i hire you? hehe


I'm already yours pretty Amy haha

I wish I could wake up every morning seeing this gorgeous sunset and working on my lappy at the beach like this! Lucky you :-)


That is the dream my friend together with watching gorgeous bikini clad muses to fuel your creativity hahha

Steemgigs looks interesting. A community I helping run is looking for a someone to help design a logo for us. Is it possible to post jobs on Steemgigs?


Yeah you can set it that you are looking for someone to do it for you and your community and someone can see the gig anf offer their services.

It is a great condenser to use


Thanks, I will check it out!

I have long been thinking about working from home full time, but it's not an easy decision in a country like India. I need to acquire a lot of skills before I can take a leap. Thanks ks for sharing the steemgigs interface, I didn't know about it.


No problem BC! Yeah in the Philippines too. I want to make the transition though e nnif I may have to get a pay cut. The idea of fully working at home is calling me.

A digital homesteader, just earning from home. I'd love that!
I'm sure with that wide skillset of yours chief, you'll have no problem offering awesome services! Maybe management services will be your product!

Now I'm wondering what I can offer.
If only steemgigs was called steemgiggles, maybe making silly comics / memes and jokes would be valid services. Hahaha!


Lol your comics are hilarious!!! You can make memes and jokes!!

Hmmm managing services. I would like to manage pretty ladies instead hahha