Recent Development Update For - Teardrops Wallet Added, The BroPro Page, The 'Certified' Algorithm & More.

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Brief History - A revolutionary steem-based freelance services marketplace & dream-building ecosystem, with its own knowledge-base, community and 'an untalented paradigm'

All aspects of the code is open-source:

This post announces some of our recent 'development' activities, to keep us abreast with our progress. In the past weeks, we have worked on core aspects of SteemGigs, that further establishes the framework of our vision. Our aim during our 'alpha-stage of development' is to give users, contributing-developers and potential-investors insight into the expanse of our vision via our user-interface. Below are some of the major additions to SteemGigs in the past weeks:


We have now built a basic framework for 'a core aspect of SteemGigs' called 'BROPRO'. This page currently displays a number of certified users who are willing to offer expert consultancy services in exchange for the teardrops tokens as seen below:

While the current BROPRO catalog is hard-coded, in the near future this page will build an entire marketplace featuring only certified uloggers. (Recall that certified uloggers will have access to 'all exclusive UI-perks across, and') 

We hope to use the BROPRO page to create/highlight some utility for the teardrops tokens even now, prior to the inception of the SMT protocol.  


A Microtasks Economy

We also began the framework that will integrate 'a microtasks economy' into SteemGigs, starting with the addition of a basic 'create a microtask' post-editor and a 'microtasks display column' on our homepage.

The microtasks economy especially helps non-experts to 'grow in their confidence and hone their skills or talents while transitioning into experts, all while being able to offer a service'. Hirers will also be able to 'pay with vote', which on its own is powerful. On SteemGigs, everyone has something to offer.


A Linkedin-like Economy

We have also began the framework for a 'linkedin-like economy'. SteemGigs as an enterprise should be capable of involving 'everyone' organically. A core aspect of our model is 'removing all barriers to entry in relation to dream-building'. Thus, we have started enhancing the SteemGigs search-engine to be able to locate 'related user-profiles' to a user's search query, where a user can't find 'an exact gig'

Looking at the screenshots below, you will notice that users now have the ability to search SteemGigs 'by user':

To this effect, we have added more fields to our 'edit your profile' portal. These new fields allows every steemian to create an in-depth steem profile. Even where such steemian hasn't offered a gig, users can search these potential SteemGiggers during their search, connecting with these ones for a potential SteemGigs experience.

In the near future...., we intend to build a search engine mechanism that is capable of scanning the entire steem blockchain for potential talents/un(dis)talents.

The Teardrops SMT

The teardrops tokens will power the ecosystem in conjunction with the 'steem currency'. The teardrops token will be an SMT in the future. This means, that among other utilities for teardrops, it will form a 'token of influence' on

We have started integrating the teardrops token into the current version of SteemGigs. This means that even now, you will be able to offer or pay for gigs using the teardrops tokens. You can also avail of services from '' using only the teardrops tokens.

To highlight even further the role of the teardrops tokens across the SteemGigs ecosystem, we have integrated a 'fully functional steem-wallet in conjunction with a teardrops-wallet'. This means that you can now transfer, power-up and pay for gigs (whether steem, SBD or teardrops), without leaving SteemGigs. 

See images:

You can get some 50 teardrops tokens here if you haven't or get some on steem-engine here!

Discord Community

SteemGigs is very community-based! To this effect, we have added a chat-area to our UI that features the SteemGigs discord community (which has some 5400 members). See image:

The 'Certified Ulogger Algorithm'

All UI-perks will be available exclusively to 'certified uloggers' and we have began implementing the algorithms to enable this. We maintain a dynamic grey-list of certified uloggers, who will also constitute 'the certified' on and these users will be the face of our ecosystem. 

Currently, we have added some UI-perks for these ones, such as 'a delegate button' and 'a certified' badge as seen on the image below:

Future iterations of 'the certified ulogger algorithm' across SteemGigs thus, can be implemented fast and easily.

Sorting And Filters

We have carried out a basic implementation of the 'sorting & filters' functionality to enhance 'search' experience for our users. Though basic, users can search SteemGigs more efficiently but also, contributing-developers can enhance this functionality more easily. 

See image:

Near Future

In our first phase of development, our aim was simply to highlight the expanse of our vision to users, contributing-developers and potential investors alike. 

SteemGigs isn't just freelancing, it is dream-building marketplace but beyond being dream-building, it uses the steem blockchain protocol. We aren't here to replay an existing tech on the steem blockchain, simply in a bid to distribute rewards. We are here to adjust the world. 

To this effect, we intend to explore fully the beauty of the steem blockchain and its community and play out fresh algorithms and this is what we will try to highlight via our UI, even in the near term.

Overall, SteemGigs is modeled to 'mine the human' (proof of tears), a slight shift away from 'proof of brain' and this is something we would like to highlight even in the near term and which we have begun to, with the integration of the teardrops wallet and the 'certified uloggers algorithm'.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will continue to solidify the existing features of SteemGigs and continue to integrate the teardrops tokens into our ecosystem, so that it begins to be usable and earn-able, even prior to the SMT functionality.

Support Us

Our witness name is 'steemgigs' to represent; "everyone has something to offer". You can vote for the 'steemgigs' witness to support us. Simply visit and upvote 'steemgigs' or click here to vote via steemconnect.

If you would like to delegate some steem power to '@steemgigs', that will be valued too. You can delegate a custom amount of steem power to @steemgigs using this tool. 

Too, if you are a developer or anyone who passionately loves the project you can take on unassigned tasks on our GitHub account.

Where you are interested in contributing code to other project under the teardrops SMT ecosystem e.g '' and '@macrohard', you can take on unassigned tasks on the Ulogs GitHub account and send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in @macrohard

Finally, if you are a potential advisor and one who can help with directions, suggestions and connections, please join in too by sending an email to [email protected] 

To conclude, an inevitable way of supporting the SteemGigs project is by using ''. It is for everyone, so kindly visit it today. 

You can get some 50 teardrops tokens here if you haven't or get some on steem-engine here!

Join The Community

See what our beautiful community is saying:

Then, here is a short talk that discussed 'the SteemGigs project' recently, which took place on Utopian's Idea Hub:

We have more than 5,500 steemians in our community. You can join us too by visiting these links:






The teardrops token will also form a token of influence on each of these three steem-based websites; '', '' and '@macrohard' etc

Besides, staking the teardrops token for influence on these interfaces, these tokens will have many other uses. We will incessantly and dynamically innovate ways for this to be the case. This will be discussed in details when the teardrops SMT colorlesspaper is published.

In the coming days, we will publish a mini 'colorless paper' for the teardrops SMT, covering 'the now'.

The teardrops token is also currently on steem-engine but only a small portion of it was issued and on the steem-engine market, to help us gain insight into the 'dynamics of the tokens on an exchange'. (Currently priced at 0.1 steem each)

Get some teardrops tokens here today. Funds raised will go towards the development of

Visit SteemGigs Today

Your boy Terry


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Hello, @surpassinggoogle!

Thank you for this detailed update. It is great to see all the development being made, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this project. You guys have been working tirelessly, and I am sure your efforts will pay off. Keep up the good work.

Everything seems to be going well for the SteemGigs project, and all new additions are fascinating. The Teardrops token will incentivize talented individuals to offer their services, and this is very important news for the entire SteemGigs community. The future looks bright.

Once again, you managed to compose a very informative blog post that includes valuable information about the recent developments. However, the post did have minor issues of proofreading, but not to the level where it hurt the reading experience.

To summarize, this is another nice contribution from you. I appreciate the effort you put into your work, and look forward to seeing more awesome content from you.

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Thank you alot bro. Yes, we will celebrate the eventual breakthrough with the teardrops token and emblem of human and breathrough token to reward proof of tears


Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

I think you've done a really good job, the platform Is well studied and having a good succes as we can see on or similars... What I don't get honestly Is why instead of implementing new options (altough those are good ideas and costs a lot of effort from you) you are not focusing on finishing those basic functions that Will really make the site operative from now on. For example the chart...
I'm just questioning this because I really enjoyed my experience in and I believe it has a good potiential.

Posted using Partiko Android


Hi bro. This will happen. There are many reasons that that hasn't been the case. For one, i have limited budget. I am practically just pushing development slowly with my steem and i have three interfaces and one token. So there will be,, and all being built. Now there is the token and one can use that to incite code contribution but we arent at that stage yet. We are trying to build something fresh and even steemgigs is exploring that. One developer has been helping so drastically lately but he has a job and his own company, so his time is limited. But just before opening it up fully and going all out in getting code contribution, we want the framework to be set. Not only will this enable code contribution and task requests to be easy and faster but it will help us not to sway from the vision. With limited resources, it is easy to sway from the vision and create a basic freelancing marketplace and steemgigs is more of a dream-building centre where everyone has something to offer with a teardrops token capability and built around 'certified uloggers'. But we are getting to that stage where development can be fast, that is why i have written this task ( with hopes of using that to raise a small budget and attract more developers. When we now get developers to contribute, it will be faster cos the UI has the framework already and what is left is the building of functionalities.

No worries bro, it is coming


Ok I thank you for taking the time to clarify all that. I hope every piece will be in the right place and wish you the best. Keep chopping the wood bro!

Posted using Partiko Android


Yes, that is what it is called 'chopping that wood'. It will get better.

ur going amazing man

@surpassinggoogle, Specially Teardrops Ecosystem will empower all the interfaces and i am really excited to see and experience this journey. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

This comment was made from

@Surpassinggoogle, when I read through such post as this, it awes me such a great platform @Steemgigs would be.

Please apply for a @fundition for @Steemgigs so we can fully bring these great innovation to bare. It is a project for everyone and will reward everyone.

I am seeing a bigger future for #teardrops being a official token for

I need more #TEARDROPS. My goal is to HODL 1000 tokens of the coin in this start. I believe in its future and will do everything to support it. Still not comfortable with transacting Teardrops on Keychain. More help.

Meanwhile, I am formulating a module of @ulogs lessons for secondary school pupils and students. You know our situation in Nigeria, Teardrops will be a succor to many and I want to see it happen.

This comment was made from


No worries. I can buy the tokens and send. You can just send the steem to @teardrops. Soon i will contact you for a call to explain the projects better. You will want to hodl more then. The road will be rough though but that is the entire essence of the teardrops token. There is alot to do and at this stage i am just growing slowly the list of certified uloggers. Which is what those calls are about. Once some tools are ready, we will begin to move slowly but together.

Yes, i will seek help soon but only after the framework is set so that the vision doesn't sway. This month and next is crucial


Thanks brother.

This comment was made from


Can i call you on skype? My username is [email protected] i believe

I just resteemed this post.


Thank you alot. Please incase you know any developer located in Manila who knows vue js and react js, i would love to contact the person or meet. So much building to carry out

This looks awesome I need to find time to check it out.


Yes please do. At the very least, fill in an indepth steem profile. After you login, click on your profile thumbnail, then from the dropdown, click on 'edit profile'.

good stuff on this site!

want some knowledge teardrops token


You can get some on

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Vote for meeee... a good venezuelan te lo agradecerá

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Outstanding blog dear @surpassinggoogle this is very interesting and informative article thanks to this kind of information also thanks to for new updates 🚀🚀🚀

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Thank you for being here