Get Paid to Play: Here's How!

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Today I bring you a very interesting article.

If you follow my blog, you'll have read by now that my community, Crypto Empire, has the first RPG Gamified Based Bot of the Blockchain.

Not only that, we're probably the fairest bot out there and the one that get get YOU the most profit.

Don't just take my word for it, I can back this up with facts:

  • We pay 95% of the income of the bot to delegators;
  • We pay 100% of ALL rewards from posts and comments to the delegators;
  • We pay special extra prizes in-game through events, actions and achievements!
  • We limit overbidding! Bot owners make a killing by allowing people to bid too much on their bots, netting the investors a loss and profit for the botowners - NOT US! You're safeguarded here!

But why are we paying so much? Are we crazy?

No, we have a unique understanding of the words "community" and "abundance mindset", as well as a pinch of trickle down economics.

If you're interested in knowing more, read below.

Why do we pay so much?

Usually, bots pay the usual commissions for your delegations.

We pay you 95% of the income, PLUS 100% of the income from posts and comments, PLUS special prizes in-game, AND we limit overbidding!


Well, my community is and always be all for cooperation, community, the abundance mindset and improving the blockchain.

We know that the blockchain ecosystem is important, and that not only quality in content promoted is vital - the part the bot plays in the community is a factor too.

That's why on top of ALL of this, we still have our game, adding even MORE value to the service.

We believe we shouldn't compete, we should cooperate, that's why the Crypto Empire has open doors to any other community and we are always eager to help each other out.

Not only this, the bankster mindset is something we aren't impressed with as it caused more harm than good.

We reject the scarcity mindset and we opt to create abundance instead.

There is no delegation minimum, and we spread out the wealth created through the bot to everyone involved in supporting our project.

The fact that you support such a project shows that you care about the blockchain and you believe in our ideals, we HAVE to reward that.

Heads up! The Game is Starting!

Monday is going to be the day the game starts, but everyone who is delegating is starting to receive their income already as payments are done daily and we're fully functional now.

If you want to join in at the same time as the first pioneers, then there's still plenty of time to delegate until Monday.

If you opt to see how it goes for the first colonists instead, you can always delegate later as well - we understand this revolutionizing concept can be a bit hard to grasp.

Want to show us your support but don't have enough SP? Well, get this post and the original bot post in front of as many eyes as possible!

Tell a friend about them, after all, where else can you support a worthy project, have a lot of fun AND earn like this in the process?

It will be a pleasure to watch the first colonists and what will happen next Monday.

I am pretty excited, are you?

Take a look at the bot post about it here:
Why is Crypto Empire the Ultimate Community Bot

Also, leave it a follow!


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Oh, so this is what that crypto empire footer is all about... think I'm going to have to delegate some later.


Crypto Empire footer is about the community, not the bot. But the bot belongs to us yeah.


Ah, the community has been around a while, and the bot is a useful tool to help fund some of these community activities. That's a good approach!

Yes, the payments have started to come... and I am perhaps the smallest delegator... I think k I will be the village idiot with the delegation I gave, lolz


We'll see monday :P

I liked your proposal max. Sent in some delegation!


Cool man, thanks for your support and see you in-game Monday :D

I'm still a bit confused but I have delegated and excited to be one of the first colonists! Looking forward to Monday.


It's getting close now, Im sure you'll like it! Heck even I'm excited!


i joined up ats well for 100 sp. lets see what this has got. I love love love games

Great news. I see that you and your whole community are developing well. (although I do not show much activity, I'm with you guys). I want to be a part of it. But I'm not sure that the delegation of my vote power will benefit. Although ... This should be discussed.
Nevertheless, this is a big step forward. Crypto Empire this is a young and developing community. Great job.


See you monday in the game man!

Ok now, I'll be using @cryptoempire bot for my posts. So how do i get to be the first settler of this land and acquire myself a prime land?


Simply delegate to the bot and you're in!

I'm excited to see the game Max. I was also excited to see the first payment hit my wallet yesterday, even though I am also quite a small DELI-gator.


Tomorrow is Sunday, and the next day is Gameday :P


Sunday is here. Just one more day to Gameday!

Great stuff. I need the game. Where is it? :D


Bot page, monday, be there or be square.

I don't have a clue what to expect, but I hope I'll have all my SP back before Monday, so I can play 😁


Thanks @simplymike for resteeming this, so I could learn about this.

I like the sound of this project, so I may consider delegating.


You’re welcome 🙃


You can enter whenever, if you delegate after monday you'll enter next monday :)


I just delegated 50sp. Wasn’t that enough for the woodworker?


I used the lumberjack as an example... sneak peek you can choose lumberjack, forager, miner or builder.


Oooh ... choices.
I’m getting more curious every minute :0)

Happy me.^^ I'm excited on what this brings.^^


Nice picture

Bot based games are spreading like a fire...!!