Reviewing the | A tool to maximize your curation and engagement

I was talking to some great people in the BuddyUp Discord Community when @caluman and @penderis was talking about their vote rank in

What is this a tool that looks at voting patterns and votes given out!

To understand my excitement over a new tool one has to understand my motivation. I like building communities and engaging people. I am very active in several groups and I really work hard in curating and engaging people. So feeling giddy I immediately took a look at mine


So the tale of the tape shows that I have recently made 372 upvotes for 212 unique accounts. That number is very important for me because I am part of Asher's @abh12345, The Curation and Engagement leagues

Using the information from Asher's league we can see the Voting and Engagement pattern of the participants. The data is gotten from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL which Asher pays out of his own wallet to have access to it.


I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Comments - outside of your own blogs (C E)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W)
  • Upvotes to others (V)
  • Upvotes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

Data shows in Steem Ocean that the Data period is from 07-03-2018 - 14-03-2018. Asher's report I would assume would be 11-03-2018 - 17-03-2018. Which means the data on these two reports inter-lap but shows a good assessment of the voting pattern of the individual.

Both show that I give out 300+-500+ votes in a week and touch on about 200+ unique accounts. My goal is to get myself to be able to get to reach 500 unique accounts and at least 500 comments combined with both comments on my own posts and comments on others. Currently, I am at around 300 total with 172 comments in other people's post. So more than half of the comments that I do are to provide engagement to the whole Steemit community.

Another part which is very important to me is the self-vote percentage. For the 5 months that I have been in Steemit I have been self-voting myself for all the posts that I make. Granting that I only post once a day may not seem much and is at 7.2% normally.

I set out a challenge to myself when the latest League report was published that I wanted to be back in the top 10 again. I peaked at being top 3 there and one of the observations I had was the very apparent absence of self-voting for those in the upper echelons of the league.

So starting Monday I have not been upvoting myself. So I have an extra 2% that I can use to upvote more people. I try to keep my Voting power at above 75% each day and although I have a lot of people in Auto vote and have 2 curation trails I follow (@thesteemengine and @promo-mentors) majority are still by manual curation.

I believe that more than the upvote, commenting and engaging someone is very vital in the community. It shows that someone cares to read their content and it will make them go back again and again to write more posts and we retain people.

This is one of the tenets we have in the Promo-mentors headed by @futurethinker who have several mentors who are part of Curie and OCD that helps bridge the gap between new Steemians and veterans. It also helps that the members are personally given feedback and mentored so that they can improve the way their write their blogs.

We accept everyone who wants to improve their craft and we have mentors who provide feedback for general topics, SteemSTEM, Poetry and Fiction as well as submissions. We even have a very vibrant Spanish speaking community.

So enough about me and the community that i help engage in. Off to the review!

What is


It is a tool created by @ura-soul to be able to provide voting insight on the whole Steem Community. This is a direct quote from the About Us of Steem Ocean.

Steam Ocean provides insights and services that help users of the Steem blockchain safely navigate the high seas of Steem! Steem is both a public blockchain technology, a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) and the foundation for many social/community websites which reward their users with payment in exchange for their posts. The original site for Steem users is, but others exist too with various styles and missions.

It has four active tabs that you can use.

1. Overview - which has the data of the whole Steem blockchain voting behavior (except bots which you can read the explaination in the About page)

Here you can see the vote value, number of accounts voted for, self-vote value and Vote rank of the top people in the blockchain. You can see that some names appear in more than one category like @hendrikdegrote, @hr1, @kpine and @good-karma. Even our boy Terry @surpassinggoogle makes an appearance.

2. Voter Rank Table - Now this is interesting and it shows the top 100 ranked voters and gives more details on what Top category they vote on, their Self-vote percentage and number of accounts that they voted for.

3. Examine a voter - This is why I am most interested in as it shows the voting behavior of a person or entity. It has a lot of good stuff like knowing how many votes you have done, the number of accounts that you voted on, self-votes that you have done and even some of accounts you have voted on and their details. That can be used to check if you are limiting your votes to some or really spreading it out which is the intention of the Gifteconomy of Steem.

4. About - This is where it explains what the page is about. It explains the Vote Ranking system and that it ignores bots and votesellers on the list.

Overall I am very satisfied with the data that it collects and gives an overview of. This adds further to the transparency of the Steem blockchain and gives us an idea what some of the higher ranked people are doing with their Steem Power.

Who is @ura-soul


So we discussed the tool but I was also wondering about @ura-soul. Mind you I am not doing this to score extra brownie points but I am genuinely interested in what the Steem Witnesses do and I saw his application to become a Steem Witness which is dated 5 months ago.

You can read it through this link @ura-soul Witness Application

Being an HR practitioner it is often in my nature to do background checks. I fully utilize my Witness Votes as I vote for those people who I feel will further the advocacy and behaviour that I support in Steem. It is our duty to be informed and vote accordingly and my witness votes reflect that.

So he has his own website which is a social network that respects privacy and promotes balance!

To quote him.

I therefore chose to treat as a ‘quality not quantity’ website, where rather than focussing on getting as many users as possible, I focused on attracting those among us who intend to create real balance and sustainable/progressive changes. After a few years online it still exists as a functional platform which I intend to continue to evolve and plan to integrate Steem’s ‘Smart Media Tokens’ (SMT) into in the near future.

I also check his feed and he writes and supports Utopian, Steem, Health, Charity and Vegans. Not suprisingly I saw he resteemed a post by a fellow Promo-mentor @evecab who is a very passionate vegan.

So will I be using this tool to monitor my progress as a human curator and engager in Steem. Yes I would it is by knowing data and analyzing our actions can we improve ourselves. I want to be a person who builds communities and support the advocacy of Engagement in the gifteconomy of Steem. I plan to make use of it to create a sustainable source of funds for one of my charities that I have been doing for the past 11 years @giftinkindph

You can read more about it here:
Promoting Steem to Gift in Kind Foundation| Our first step to modern fund raising

I made a change in my witness vote to add @ura-soul as one of my witness. Is it to win the 500 SP delegation for a month? No but because he made this kick ass tool and because he writes and supports things that I care and believe in.

I cannot stress enough how important for each Steemian to use their vote and support witnesses that will further develop the Steem Blockchain. I am a believer of this platform and as such I want to see it grow and it will only do that if we continue to be engaged, create good quality posts and support other people by leaving the scarcity mindset and embracing the abundance mode of thinking of a Steem Gifteconomy

Only then can we see how we can make this platform better and be the best version of ourselves.

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I support @steemfreelancers

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Thanks for the review. Looks great, I'll have to check it out further!

wow! what an accomplishment and generosity? the number of votes you give out is marvelous and may God bless you for such time and love you have for this community just to see some of us too coming up to the top.
keep up the good work


Well that is the only thing that I can do give upvotes and comments.

I am astonished at the number of votes you give out and to so many unique individuals. It simple is mind blowing. I can't imagine how you manage the time.


A lot of fast reading and commenting in between breaks, lunches and traffic. Oh and less time for video games lol

Thanks @maverickimvictus , can.t wait to use it and find out so many important infos!! Resteeming too so many can find out!


It is a great tool. Great for monitoring your progress on a weekly basis

I share the same. I am planning to power up all my earnings to get better voting power and help other new bloggers to get inspired and blog more. I have high hopes for this platform. :-)


That is a great plan to have as Steem is to be played for the long term so just keep getting SP and power up as much as you can


I am definite of this plan. Even though I can't get much support from my friends since they aren't active here now. Hahaha! I will still continue creating blogs.

Wow! I'm proud that you're becoming active in looking and curating for quality posts. I can see your aspirations of improving the community. Knowing your skills and knowledge, In no longer time you'll the pinnacle of success.

Keep growing man!


Thanks man you know I am always about Communities and helping out people.

Although I don't curate nearly enough hahaha and a lot of people say I am wasting my SP.

Only together do we grow.

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OMG thank you for featuring that tool! It an awesome tool to check how you are doing

This is an incredible piece of addition to the platform. I guess I would have to check it out to see for myself.

Thanks for the piece.


Thanks it's a great tool!

awesome post, galing sa stats
thanks for sharing, more power!
from @aricheta and @hitlerinski

#aricheta #hitlerinski

Dude , do you even curate :)

Dammit I dropped by 2% again, I think it is broken :)

I do think it is much more difficult maybe for someone with a lot of power to effectively spread it out unless they follow a trail of sorts even then you don't want the trail to be to specifically look at pharesim them that is just by following a lot of other people around and having the power to spread so I think depending on your power there is an upper limit as to what you can achieve as far as ranking goes.

Do not upvote this, save it for a post of someone you don't know


Lol ok then no upvote hahaha you are the first person that didn't want an upvote for an awesome comment.

I haven't moved again but will check tomorrow if I slide further. Yeah i use the trail for the promo-mentors and for Steemengine. Maybe when the buddyup creates a trail I will follow that too.

Hey @maverickinvictus - I'm hooked on the SteemOcean tool since you've brought that to my attention recently. Thank you for digging down a little deeper into who runs it.

Also, the Gift In Kind foundation is clearly doing some amazing work! How can we help more?