From Malta to Prague: What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

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What are the most travel friendly destinations for those looking at using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

There are over 13,000 places globally that accept bitcoin. It is a mark that was steadily increasing since 2013. But not everything in rosy. Many of the crypto-cards that were used for traveling were canceled in early 2018.

Here is a list of the most cryto-friendly places for travelers.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • The Caribbean
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Zug, Switzerland
  • Malta
  • San Francisco, U.S.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

To learn more read the article from Cointelegraph.



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Well I wasn’t aware that Berlin is amongst the cryptofriendly cities. As far as I know we don’t even have a machine to buy Bitcoins...:)


There was one in Room77, but it was removed voluntarily due to being in breach of regulations (unlicenced money exchange service). Same reason LocalBitcoins is officially speaking not available in Germany.

Berlin is rather friendly to cryptocurrency use, however. I have spotted a number of shops with "bitcoin accepted here" posters on display.


Well, I didn’t know that. Thank you for the information. Have to watch out for those. Have a great day. :)


Germany was one of the first countries to accept bitcoin as currency


Another fun fact of life I was not aware of :)
Thank you for the information. In other aspects they are not as progressive. Try to get your internet running in a village outside Berlin. Chances are you won’t succeed. :)


A fact that I wasn't aware of, interesting...


Well, they are some examples. Take for instance our new airport. It is still not ready. Should have been finished five years ago and is the laughing stock of the nation ;)


Isn't green energy really big in Germany? that's quite a good thing. Berlin kind of has a reputation for being a little snobby, and a bit elitist. What is it like really? They are not fond of the southern parts of Germany right?


Yes it is quite big. But sometimes quite unreasonable. Especially when you have something like facade insulation which is required by law for most of the buildings. It seems reasonable to a certain degree. But I saw a lot of examples where facades were insulated in a wrong way and then everything started to get mouldy. Or other examples where the buildings insulation is too good and you have far too high temperatures inside in summer you hardly can bear. All those requirements by law have made the renting market (a lot of people in Germany rent) and the property market for potential first home buyers far too expensive, especially in Berlin. Another example of too much of a good thing is the extensive building of wind turbines which have already killed a lot of birds. It is highly incentivized and thus whole landscapes are full with wind turbines. Do not get me wrong, I do appreciate that they do a lot for the environment, but they should have more reasonable in some points. However, the recycling efforts they make (every citizen can collect paper, plastic, organic waste, glass, etc. in his household) are quite okay.
Your point that we as Berliners are not very fond of the southern parts of Germany might be due to the fact that most of them (Bavaria especially) are very different from us with regard to their traditions and conservative values and traditionally a lot of them do not like us either ;) It is not as serious as it may sound. Bavaria is a beautiful country and their food is awesome. I was as a matter of fact not really aware that Berlin is considered to be snobby and elitist. I know that Berlin is the best city in Germany and quite cool :) But I grew up here and naturally I am fond of that city, I guess. I wonder why Berlin might have a snobby and elitist reputation? And honestly, I am unable to figure it out right now. Would be lovely to hear some more opinions :) Have a great day.

Hong Kong all good baby. 0%

what about lisboa portugal ?

also algeria accept crypto hahaha

When ETFs will approve it will boom , wo wait for few more time to gets granted ETFs


Note, whatever Crypto that will be the asset under an ETF will not be adopted as currency. So in actual fact, you may not actually care about the use and adoption. Anyway, anything could happen really..

thanks for the info. Following you and upvoted ! Now we are in contact.


yes nice info too and valuable article .. we can plan for next step...

Thanks for the share. I live in Prague and there is quite a buzz around here. I would also consider Estonia as i know a lot of tech companies are based there. , meaning there will be some crypto there!

Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link:

europe and U.S. is the biggest in the pack

How about Germany?

Estonia is not bad also :)

I do believe Malta is one of the friednliest. A lot of exchanges operate from here if i can recall correctly?. Overall we wont see much roll out untill regulations are put in place. We have to realisit with our views, in no situtaion will crypto be freely accepted on mass untill both buyer and seller can be protected, similar to the banking structure.

There are many places to now which are expecting crypto currency now and it's should be spreaded all around the world and crypto currency should be accepted world wide, thanks for the information..

Good post ...
As looking into map it seems that Europe and United State are most crypto friendly.

There are plenty of tools available over internet like which can help you to locate a bitcoin ATM based on location while your journey.

In can not find Bitcoin ATM , you can also use plenty online services which accept bitcoin in the form of Payment have written a post on it.

Bitcoin have ultimate potential to replace fiat currency as method in future..we will see more bitcoin ATM and merchant that will accept Bitcoin as payment.

Malta is so down in is going to organize Blockchain summit to attract Blockchain startup to set up business in malta.

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Unfortunately any cities in Turkey are bitcoin friendly

Now you can set up your crypto based company will chilling at malta.

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Nice sharing I live in uk

so many places are crypto-friendly in europe!

My city has quite a few crypto ATM's but is not on any lists, because it sucks

There are rejecting venues too :p

For me Tokyo japan is one of a friendly crypto country, but anyways I have a good news kucoin exchange is celebrating their 1st year anniversary and having a btc give away it's easy to join see this

i like it ur blog.

Great information, thanks!

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super information finprep with highlighting

I hope most of the countries in the world will accept crypto in the future. I have no idea where is crypto accept. I have informed from your post. Thanks for sharing.

if you are travelling to Rwanda, let me know. I'd exchange your Bitcoin/other cryptocurrencies into FIAT Rwandan francs at no extra charges.

Steemit is dead

Good that Armsterdam is on the list, one of my dream destination and to see the tulips. Here's also a they have different online activities.

Thank you very much by getting this type of information, everybody will step up some or the other steps.

You forgot New Hampshire. Home of the free state project. Stay #dashy @dashpay

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Cool information... Never even knew it could be accepted anywhere as a recognized currency

Since there are lot of investors here, just want to ask if you guys joined here? I think this is such a pretty good event!

Good post @finprep, interesting informations

One day that heat map will extend all around the globe... even Antarctica!

This is quite interesting. I do not think it would be very convenient unless there was a cryptocurrency atm nearby to just get cash, but I have never heard of those until reading this. Thanks for the info.

Prague on the first place? Wow.

When to Lisbon?

great Information , Its interesting to know that crypto is being used

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Should have called this article "Bitcoin Friendly Destinations" as it is attempting to give stats only on Bitcoin Acceptance.

Great Information Sir. Glad to read your satisfying post. Really it is a 100 ℅ helpful to all traveller who want to travel with used crypto currency. Thanks Sir.


You left some drool on his balls. Wipe it off now.

I believe that it's not about having #BTC ATMs but the adoption of multi currencies wallets with the Fiat/crypto converter for price and an (on/off) auto fiat converter for the vendor, there are some APIs but there's lot of work still to be done.

That was for sure a productive piece of information as I wasn't aware about the crypto friendly places in the world.