Vena Network ICO from Nov,5th and has quickly reached softcap within 2 hour

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Vena Network ICO

Vena Network has officially started the ICO on TOKENPLUS and Vena official website from 5th November.

The ICO price is 1 ETH = 10000 VENA, with no lockup period; in private sale, the price is 1 ETH = 15000 VENA, among which 5000 VENA has lockup period; we can see that the price setting is very favorable for public sale investors, let alone that the private sale was raised in June, at that time price of ETH was around $485, double the price of current market price. After Vena Network quickly reached its softcap within 2 hours after official launch of ICO.

Welcome to join Vena Network telegram group: vena_network to know more about Vena Network.

What is Vena Network?

Vena Network is a tokenized asset financing and exchange network. At present, Vena Network have issued its working product. After registering in Vena, users will be able to conduct OTC and collateral lending. Vena's investors include 2 exchanges Kucoin and DigiFinex. (The full list of investors is shown below)


The Value of VENA Token

  • To establish a verified Vena node, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation.

  • To become a Vena juror, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation.

  • VENA Token holders can enjoy investment opportunities with annual return of 20%.

  • Paying OTC trade service charges in VENA Tokens can enjoy discount.

  • Users borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral can enjoy discount, and obtain higher loan-to-value ratio and lower liquidation limit.

  • The order of borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral shall be highlighted.

The ICObench rating


Vena Network will provide investment services soon on 10th, November, 2018, please stay tuned.

Contact us



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ICO project is really good, I will go ahead with this project

This is a good project I want to know more about this since a long ago.. thanking for guidance

This seems like a good idea this project is something I'm definitely going to look at very closely ......I do love to invest in cool projects

Good thing to know about VENA .. Good project during ICO.. Well I might say CV is also a perfect example of real ICO. Cause projects released are very promising just like this newly app which we users can benefit as we used it in daily lives. Do you know what is it? Check this out and be amazed of what CV and IOTA done..

Good explanation, I wanna be a part of this project.

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